The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Lessons with Snape

Lessons. George thought at dinner. What kind of lessons would she be going to so late? He looked down the dining table at her, she was sitting with Neville, Harry, and Ron. Lyra Stone sure knew how to keep a mystery about her.

After dinner, Lyra started down towards the dungeons. Unknown to her a certain redhead followed. She knocked on Snape's office and then slipped in after hearing him answer. As always Professor Snape was sitting at his desk waiting for her. She slid down in the seat across from him.

"Are you ready to begin?" He asked. But Lyra knew he already knew the answer. She had learned to begin to shut off her mind before even entering the room. He smiled wickedly "Good. Let us begin then." He flicked his wand and everything went white.

Lyra felt like someone was trying to rip her brain from her head but she held steady. Imagining a large castle door between her and Snape. She would not let him get through it. This was all he was allowed to see. She held up her wand to attack, but before she could the scene changed.

George was kneeling in front of her. A crowd pulsed around her but it was okay because she was with him. So all she could feel was him. Then it switched to her mom. She was whistling while standing over a large pot in their kitchen. A little Lyra was sitting at the table, singing along to her mother's whistling. The scene changed again, to a window with a full moon shining brightly in it.

"NO," Lyra yelled and shoved Snape right out of her brain. She looked down at the desk heavily breathing. Tears picking her eyes.

"Your a bit distracted today," said Snape a nasty grin curling his lips again. "But you managed to force me out before I saw anything too important. You keep that moon memory heavily guarded. What happens in it?"

"If I told you, then what would be the point of guarding it, professor?"

"Very well," he sighed and flicked his wand again. This time Lyra wasn't as ready for it. She couldn't get the door up in time and they stumbled right into another memory. It was of George again. Of the time he grabbed her wrist. Then to them practicing in an abandoned classroom. Lyra gave a hard shove again pushing Snape out of her brain.

She crumbled in her chair, looking up at a glaring Professor.

"Clearly," he said, "You are more distracted then I thought."

Lyra blushed uncomfortably. The last person she wanted to be discussing this with, was him. "I'm sorry professor." She said in a small voice.

He sighed "It can't be helped. That's all for tonight. Try to clear your mind better before the next lesson."

Lyra stood quickly. "Yes sir, have a good night." She quickly went for the door. She was almost free when he called her back.

"Oh and Lyra," he said.

She popped her head back in. "Yes, sir?"

"You may want to consider picking your friends more carefully. It would be a shame for such a good student to get distracted by some delinquents."

Lyra turned cold. "Goodnight sir."

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