The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Unraveling Secrets

George watched Lyra stumble out of Snape's office. He now understood why she looked so disgusted when he joked about her meeting up with a guy.

She leaned against the wall for a second before noticing him. He grinned at her but she looked at him with dread. She rushed over to him. Looking behind her worried.

"What are you doing here?!" She said trying to push him down the hall.

"Lyra I'm hurt! You're not happy to see me?"

"No!" She whisper-yelled. "You were supposed to wait for me in the classroom. If he sees you-"

George grabbed her shoulders suddenly and held her still. She cringed her legs almost buckling under him. She was shaking and very pale. "What's wrong?" He asked. Remembering the day of the first task when he and Fred found her.

"I'm okay, just tired."

"It looks like you've already been dueling."

She smiled "I guess you could say that."

He looked at her for a moment, trying to read her. Then snapped his fingers "c'mon" he said starting to direct her down the corridor.

"George, I'm exhausted. I don't want to practice dueling tonight," She groaned.

"We aren't," He said with a wicked grin.

"Then where are we going?"

"To the kitchens, and don't even try to object. I know your apart of Hermione's little spew organization."

She glared at him. But was too tired to object. Before she knew it she was pulled through a portrait into a brightly lit room. Over a hundred of what she assumed were house elves surrounded them. Smiling and bowing. George steered her through the crowd and sat her down on a stool.

"H-hello," Lyra said quietly "It's nice to meet you all."

"No no it is our pleasure!" Said one with a squeaky voice, "how may we help miss and her friend Mr. Weasley?"

"She's not feeling very well," George cut in before Lyra could object "I was wondering if you lot could whip up something to make her feel a bit better?"

"Yes yes!" They squeaked happily and started to bustle around the kitchen. George smiled satisfied and slipped into the chair next to her.

She glared. "You didn't have to do that."

"You can't see yourself," He retorted "you don't look good Lyra."

"You sure know how to make a girl feel special."

He grinned "Anytime! Speaking of special I wanted to ask you something-"

Lyra cut him off standing from her stool "What was that?" She asked turning away from him.

"What was what?"

"I heard a noise, it sounded like, like crying." Lyra darted down the aisle. George followed a bit bitterly. But then he heard it too and felt a bit better knowing she wasn't making it up.

They came to the end of the row to see a fireplace and a small elf weeping. Another elf, one very oddly dressed, was trying to comfort them, but it was to no avail.

Lyra walked over and knelt down. Next to them. "Hello," she said softly "is everything okay?"

The one comforting looked up eyes wide with fear. "Oh yes miss! Winky is just a bit sad. Winky misses her old master."

Lyra nodded in understanding completely oblivious that George and the other house-elves were watching her closely.

"Winky," Lyra said softly "can I see your hand for a moment?"

Winky looked up at her untrustingly. But did not object. She raised a shaky hand to Lyra with a hiccup. Lyra let her walls come down and took Winky's hand gently in her own. Intense emotions of heartbreak and sadness flowed into her. She had to bite her lip to avoid crying out. But she soon grew used to the pain, able to overcome it. She tried to send a sense of ease and peacefulness back to Winky. It seemed to work as her sniffles and hiccups silenced.

"You miss your Mr. Crouch don't you?" Lyra asked softly. Another bubble of sobs erupted from Winky and Lyra tried to amplify her outward feelings. "It's okay to be sad winky. It's okay to miss him. But you can't let it consume you." She let out another sob and Lyra soothed her. Calming her to the point that soon Winky drifted into a quiet sleep.

The other elf looked up at her with tears in his eyes. "Thank you miss," He said quietly.

Lyra smiled and went to stand, but her knees gave out and she fell onto her hands.

"Lyra!" George said rushing forward as the elves did yelling "Miss! Miss!" Clearly concerned.

"I'm fine really." She said as George helped her up. The elves brought over a stool and George practically lifted her onto it. She blushed heavily. "George I'm just a little drained."

"What was that?" He asked.

She crossed her arms over her chest and shrugged. "I was just comforting her."

"Yeah well, I think you may have been doing a little more than that. Fred and I have been in here loads of time this year and no one's ever been able to shut her up that quick."

Lyra gave him a pointed look. She didn't shut Winky up, she comforted her. "Its true miss." Said an elf sliding a tray of food in front of her. "Winky is often hard to quiet even when we have guests."

She didn't like how he said that. Making it sound like Winky was a huge bother. But she didn't speak up. "Thank you, for the food I mean."

"Our pleasure miss!"

Lyra looked back at George who was looking at her expectantly. "Later," She said.

"Fine, but you owe me."

She took a bite of food chewing and swallowing. "I think I owe you for the food anyway."

He smiled devilishly. "I guess you owe me two favors then."

"Don't count on it," She laughed.

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