The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Small Victory's

"Lyyyrrrraaaaa" George sang following Lyra and Hermione down the hallway. It was becoming increasingly harder for the two to ignore him. "When are you going to tell me your seeeccccreeetttt?"

"If you're telling him then you've got to tell me!" Said Fred matter of factly. "We are a package deal."

Will you two quit it already?" Hermione snapped turning on them "you've been at it for days!" She shot a look at Lyra as if to say how are you not going crazy?

Lyra shrugged. She had spent enough time with the twins that she was becoming immune to their tactics.

"Oh come on Hermione," said Fred slinging an arm around her shoulder. You're not the least bit curious?"

Hermione said no, but her face gave her away. Fred jumped away looking insulted. "You already know don't you?"

"Its none of your business!" she puffed and rounded on Lyra "Lyra I'll meet you at the library later," and she stormed off.

Lyra turned to the twins and glared.

"What?" They said at the same time. She kept glaring.

"It's not our fault," said Fred, "If you'd just tell us then we wouldn't follow you around asking."

Lyra sighed and adjusted the books in her arms. "I can't tell you. People aren't supposed to know."

"Hermione knows," George cut in.

"Hermione found out on accident." Lyra blushed "she caught me doing something I shouldn't have been doing. So I had to tell her."

They smiled at her wickedly. "Oh, now you have to tell us," Fred said.

"No." And with that, she turned on her heels and walked away. George grabbed her bag, this was his signature move lately. She whirled on him, "George Weasley you let go of me right now!"

He lept back in surprise. She wasn't one to raise her voice. People stopped and muttered. Lyra turned pink with all the eyes on her. She cleared her throat. "Sorry. I just don't like when you do that."

"Bloody hell," said Fred looking terrified, "for a second there, I thought I saw mum."

George didn't comment, he was looking at Lyra with an intense frown. His eyebrows scrunched together. She suddenly felt a lot more guilty about yelling.

"Lyra," he said barely above a whisper. "You can trust us. I know, I know we like to joke around a lot, and sometimes we take it to far... but we won't with this, not If it's that serious."

She looked at him and her secret had never hurt more to keep then now. "Fine." She choked out. "Tonight, before practice. If either of you are late I'll change my mind."

His stern face changed to a wide goofy grin. "Brilliant! See you then!"

She frowned. Was that all an act?

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