The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Lyra Stone

The world was too loud. It had always been this way and was the first thought Lyra could ever remember having.

Her mother had said she was born crying and didn't stop until she cried her voice away. "Heavens I was glad when you first stopped but then you went one extreme to the next and didn't utter a sound until three. I don't think a Mother missed the sound of crying more then I did."

This always made Lyra smile. She had always a bit strange, but that never stopped her parents from loving her. "Now I look back at times like that, and I kind of want to kick myself in the ass." She sighed, placing a warm hand on Lyra's cheek. "I just wish I knew what I know now back then, the truth was you always were communicating with me, I just didn't know how to listen."

Lyra nodded with a small smile, "But you know now."

"Yes, my love, I do, and don't you ever let anyone try to pressure you into communicating the way they want. The right people will accept you just the way you are."

The thing was, Lyra was an empath. This wasn't surprising because her father was one as well. The difference though was Lyra was also a witch. The magic that flowed through her veins amplified her sensitivity to the world around her. Other people were fascinating to her, but their emotions were just to damn loud.

It was a relief to her parents when an owl flew into their kitchen window one summer day. Well, the owl was a bit of a scare but the letter attached was a relief. No medical condition could explain the strange way their daughter could not only understand their complex emotions but also make them understand hers.

As soon as they had gotten the letter they written one to Dumbledore asking for a meeting. Lyra giggles to herself every time she thinks of how they placed it out on the window sill with some bird food. It wasn't until an owl came back with a list of supplies did it take the one they left.

Dumbledore had done so much for her back then. Most schools wouldn't have been so willing to accommodate a student as much as they had her. But without question he did.

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