The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Truth at Last

Lyra swung the door open to the abandoned classroom. Not to her surprise, the twins were already there. They looked up and smiled wickedly.

"Your late," said Fred.

"That'll cost you extra." Said, George.

She turned away from them, pulling out her wand and locking the door with it. Then she walked over and slid on a desk across from them.

"This doesn't leave this room." Lyra said sternly, "and you're not going to try to get me to use it for pranks."

They looked at her surprised. "Alright." Said Fred.

"I want you to swear. Swear on the joke shop you aren't going to tell anyone."

They looked at each other then back to her "we swear." Said, George.


"Bloody hell Lyra we aren't going to tell!" Fred said exasperated. "Scouts honor if that's what it takes."

"Fine. Give me your hands" She sighed. Fred looked surprised and a bit like he thought she was joking. George, on the other hand, seemed to know this was coming. He held his hand out and his twin reluctantly followed suit.

Lyra took one last deep breath before grabbing both of their hands. Fred lept back but Lyra held onto to him tightly. He wanted to know and there was no backing out. He seemed to understand this instantly and settled back in his seat.

George hasn't pulled away, but he looked surprised still. He looked down at their interlocked hands and she felt his emotions and she let the two of them go instantly. Turning a dark red.

"What the hell was that?" Fred asked.

Lyra cleared her throat, this was a lot easier to explain to Hermione. "I'm an empath."

They shared a look again "Yeah I'm still a bit confused." Said Fred.

"I can feel what other people are feeling, and sometimes I can make people feel what I am."

"Like with Winky." George cut in "you made her calm down."

Lyra nodded.

"That's bloody brilliant!" Said Fred with a wicked grin.

"It's dangerous." Said Lyra sternly "Its why I'm not supposed to tell people about it."

George smiled "I dare say you're becoming quite the rule breaker Lyra."

She pouted "Don't remind me."

"Welp," Fred said sliding off his desk. "I'll let you guys get to practicing." He winked at George and Lyra raised an eyebrow. "But we are definitely talking about this more later Lyra. This could come in handy when we are testing some of the products."

He strolled out of the classroom and George turned back to Lyra "right, let's get down to it."

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