The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Lyra's First Date

George Weasley stood leaning against the wall in the West Wing of the castle. To anyone walking by he looked cool and composed. Maybe even a little bit bored. To someone who knew him well though, like his twin or his mother, George was nervous.

He fidgeted with a small flask in his hand. He didn't notice the whispering giggling girls that passed him. He didn't even notice when Lyra entered the hall.

She spotted him first smiling and going to call out but stopping once she got close enough to really see him. Red crept up her cheeks and her voice seemed to leave her. George Weasley looked good in a suit.

As if hearing her thought he looked up and they locked eyes. George gaped almost dropping the flask. Then he grinned.

"Wow, I knew I was going with the prettiest girl in the school but still. Give us a spin," He said.

Lyra turned scarlet. Noticing others starting to stare. "D-don' t be silly George."

He looked mock insulted "I'm not! Come on Lyra" he said walking toward her holding out his hand. She looked at it like it was a blast ended scroot. But took it anyway. He held it up pulling her into a twirl.

The world flew by as the hem of her dress rose just enough to see her shoes. He caught her and she felt herself stop but the world still spun.

When it finally stopped she looked up to see a grinning Weasley. She smiled back trying to catch her breath.

"I know," he said, "I'm pretty breathtaking too."

A musical laugh left Lyra and George decided at that moment it was the most beautiful laugh that had ever existed.

"We should probably get downstairs or we'll miss the ball."

"Oh! Yeah. But first." George held up the flask "some more drought of peace for you."

She raised her eyebrow "in a flask?"

"Yup." He winked "can't go around carrying a bottle, I've got a reputation to uphold." She shook her head rolling her eyes but took the flask all the same.

They made their way downstairs and into the great hall. Lyra ooohed and ahhhed at all the decorations as George lead her over to a table with Fred and three others she didn't recognize.

"Oi Fred!" George called as they got closer. Fred turned but then stopped frozen in shock.

"L-Lyra?" He asked shocked.

George wrapped an arm around her "Hello Angela! How are you?"

Fred coughed embarrassed and turned back around to the girl sitting next to him. "Angela! This is Lyra I don't know if you two have met?"

She gave him a dirty look before turning and smiling at Lyra. "No, it's nice to meet you Lyra."

"You too," Lyra said shyly and George noticed that she seemed to move closer to him. They sat down and Lyra was introduced to Lee Jordan and his date Katie bell.

After everyone was seated the champions entered and everyone cheered. Then professor Dumbledore summoned pork chops for everyone from the kitchen. Everyone chatted at the table as they ate and Lyra was glad to just be able to listen

Occasionally George would wink at her or cross his eyes making her smile. When they both had finished he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"You see the red-headed git talking to Harry," he said.

Lyra looked over and saw an older boy with similar hair to the Weasleys. His looks were the only thing that was similar to the Weasleys though. The way he carried himself and the aura around him was completely different. Maybe a distant cousin of theirs?

"Yes?" She whispered back.

"That's my brother."

Lyra looked at him shocked. "No, he's not." She said matter of factly.

George grinned. "He is. He's my older brother Percy."

Fred turned "what about our git of a brother?" Fred piped in.

Lyra looked over at him "that man is really your brother?"

"Trust me Lyra we wouldn't lie about Percy being related, usually we try to tell people the opposite." He replied.

She turned back to George fascinated "do you have any other siblings?"

"Charlie and Bill. They're both a lot cooler then Percy though."

"How come I've never met them? Are they older too?"

George nodded "yeah, Charlie works with dragons over in Egypt and Bill works for the bank."

Lyra's eyes lit up. "He works with dragons?! That's so cool! Do you... Do you think I could meet him sometime?

"Ohhh careful Georgie you may have some competition."

Lyra's eyes went wide with horror "N-no I didn't mean it like that!"

The twins shared a look and then burst out laughing. George put a hand on Lyra's shoulder.

"Don't worry Lyra, he's joking. I know you just really like dragons."

"Yeah" Fred laughed, "You were practically drooling over the ones at the first task."

Lyra blushed deeply and she glared at the two of them. That was mean.

"Jesus you two," said Angela shaking her head. "Don't listen to either of them Lyra, they don't have a whole-brain even put together."

The twins were about to retort but were interrupted by Dumbledore. He asked everyone to stand and then cleared away tables for a dance floor.

A slow melody started and the champions made their way into the dance floor. Harry practically being dragged by his dance partner.

Lyra leaned towards George. "Whos that dancing with Harry?"

"I don't know if that counts as dancing. It seems more like a hostage situation." Fred piped in.

" It does doesn't it?" George said in what a shame kind of way. " To answer your question that's Parvati Patil, I think she's in your year."

Lyra shrugged, she wouldn't really know.

"Wait a second. Is that Hermione dancing with Krum?"

Fred, Angela, Katie, and Lee all stopped mid-conversation to look.

"Can't be," said Fred, "Ron said she was making up having a date."

Lyras' mood turned sour. It hit George like a shock of electricity.

"Thats because Ron is a git." She spat.

"You know," Fred said waving his finger at her and George "she's really starting to grow on me, Georgie."

George grinned wrapping an arm around her. To his delight, her bad mood changed the instant he touched her.

People started to join the champions on the dance floor and George seized his chance.

"C'mon Lyra lets dance."

Her eyes went wide "dance? Are you sure?"

"That is kind of the point of a ball, you sure you're the smart one?"

"No I know, I just thought you wouldn't want too... because it's not very cool."

He grabbed her hand smirking "Lyra, to have a date this pretty and not ask her to dance would be very uncool."

"You can always dance with me" Fred piped in "I'm better looking anyway."

Angela elbowed him in the ribs "if you're going to ask any girl to dance it should be me." She said

Fred looked at her insulted "my lady, I was talking to George." She rolled her eyes but wasn't able to keep the smile off her lips.

"C'mon," she said and they both took to the dance floor.

George raised an eyebrow and Lyra sighed standing up. He grinned and lead her to the dancefloor.

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