The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

George's Woes

George Weasley sat slumped in a chair in the common room. Fred and Lee sat in the chairs next to him cheerily chatting. They were determined to ignore his foul mood.

This was proving quite difficult especially since his grumbling grew louder and louder. After the tenth loud grumble, Fred was at his limit. He threw a book at his brother hitting him square in the head.

"What the bloody hell was that for?!" He yelled jumping up.

Fred stood up as well "For being a bloody git. Sulking about grumbling all because your girlfriend won't see you. If it bothers you that much tell her."

George frowned and flopped back in his seat. "I don't know what you're talking about." He grumbled.

Lee laughed shaking his head "You've been unbearable mate. Just go talk to her."

George didn't reply sinking further in his seat. Clearly, she didn't want to see him or she wouldn't be trying so hard to avoid him he thought.

Fred sighed running his hand through his hair. Then he grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair and started for the door.

"Where are you going?!" George and Lee yelled.

"To do what you won't." He yelled back.

He walked out of the common room and started down towards the library. It was when he was almost there that he realized how late it was. She probably wasn't even there at this hour. He was already on his way though, so he might as well check.

He thought he was out of luck when he first walked in. It wasn't until he took a thorough look that he found her.

Lyra was passed out head down on a scroll, drooling slightly. Her hair looked unkempt and her skin pale. Piles of books stacked the table around her, a large pile of scrolls completely filled out sat next to her.

Fred shook his head, she must have had more writing here than he'd write in a year. So much for talking to her, he thought.

"Your friend is a very hard worker yes?"

Fred jumped grabbing his chest. Viktor Krum sat a few seats down from Lyra, with his own small stack of books.

" Bloody hell." Fred whisper yelled, "when did you get there?!"

"Don't wake her." He said sternly "I do not think she is well."

Fred pulled out the seat across from him. "Sorry, but now that you mention it, she doesn't look very well."

Viktor nodded "She works too hard. You are her boyfriend yes?"

Fred smiled "No, but she went to yule ball with my twin brother. Why, are you interested?"

Victor shook his head "No, but we are friends. I'm sorry I thought you were him."

A grin split Fred's face "don't be sorry mate, our own mother can't tell us apart."

Viktor nodded and closed his book. "It is getting late so I must be going. But you should talk to your brother. She won't listen to me."


"Taking a break." Viktor said standing "Your teacher, the short one, he mentioned to me that she is trying to graduate early. But she is working too hard."

Fred nodded "We'll talk to her."

"Good." He said firmly before slipping off his jacket and placing it over her. He nodded goodnight to Fred and then headed for the Library doors.

"Graduating early? Why didn't she tell us?" George asked defensively as they got ready for bed later that night.

Fred shrugged "who knows, maybe not to worry us? She's a weird one. But the point is she's not avoiding you, she's just stressed out. "

George sighed "well thats sort of a relief I guess."

"Right, well only one thing to do now." Said Fred standing.

"Make her goof off with us?" George asked.

"Yup," Fred replied popping the p.

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