The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Dumbledore's Meeting

Lyra sat in the office of Albus Dumbledore, her knees together and her head down looking at the floor. She didn't do good around new people, and knowing that this was the man behind the letter that was getting her sent away from home, she was blatantly terrified.

"Thank you for meeting with us on such short notice Professor. I'm sure you are a very busy man."

"Not at all Mr. Stone, I was very glad to receive your letter. It's good to know that you're so dedicated to your daughter's education. You coming to the castle does make it easier for me as well, I was planning to contact you about your daughter's unique situation."

Lyras stomach dropped, Unique Situation? She thought. So she was weird.

"You mean about Lyra being a witch?"

"No Mrs. Stone I am referring to your daughter being an empath as well as a witch. She has managed to tunnel her natural magical ability into her heightened sense of those around her." He chuckled "It's given the ministry a run for its money, but I had asked them not to approach you about it until she was of schooling age."

Lyra felt her mother's warmth turn to fire and her senses sharpened. "I don't see any problem with Lyra's ability. If anything it makes her more special, not a nuisance."

Dumbledore smiled warmly at her, his electric blue eyes twinkling. "You misunderstand me, Mrs. Stone, I do not mean that we here at Hogwarts see Lyra's abilities as a problem, in fact, they have enhanced her magic to a degree that is quite advanced for her age. This is why I fear a normal first-year schedule would hinder her education instead of helping it. With your permission, I'd like to set up a more personalized education plan. She'll still receive all the required credits, but this will give her the flexibility to learn in her own way."

Guilt surged through Lyra, even as relief and happiness filled her parents. Of course, she would need special treatment. Of course, she'd have to go to some weird witch school to receive it. Why couldn't she just be normal?

Dumbledore cleared his throat making her lookup. "May I speak with Lyra alone for a moment?"

Her parents agreed before walking out of Dumbledores office, speaking in hushed tones about the all the queer things he had, and how amazing that the paintings moved.

Dread filled Lyra again, she did not want to be alone with this man, it scared her the way she couldn't feel his emotions, she could only feel her own bouncing off of him like he was a mirror. Even though his eyes were kind and his smile warm, she did not trust anyone she could not feel.

"It's okay not to trust me," He said and she felt a cold chill run through her, "But I hope in time you do. I know your afraid Lyra, you've got this strong power surging through you constantly and no idea how to control it. That must be tiring. To always be forced to feel what the people around you are feeling."

Tears began to well in Lyra's eyes, her dread overtaking her. She nodded yes before wiping them away. It was tiring. She was sick of living in a world so loud.

He nodded in solemn understanding. "I thought as much, which is why I was very happy when I saw you were choosing to come to Hogwarts. I think we can really help you here. I'd like to start with private Legilimency lessons. This is a very advanced form of magic so it will take time to master it. But I think it will help you a lot with controlling your power. Until you have the ability to control it better I will speak with your teachers about giving you the freedom of leaving classes. I do urge you not to abuse this privilege though, as you are still responsible for your work in and out of class.

Lyra's eyes grew wide and she shook her head vigorously. "I-I won't."

Dumbledore smiled widely. "That's good to hear."

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