The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Kidnapping

It was after reading the same line for the third time that Lyra finally allowed herself a break. She stretched back in her chair cracking her back.

She had woken up extra early to get a couple of hours before breakfast. Satisfied with her work so far she decided it was time to take a break and get some grub.

The great hall was mostly empty. Other early birds just starting to file in. Lyra took her time eating, meal times were really the only times she allowed herself a break. She wasn't always going to push herself like this, it was just until she felt confident enough in her abilities. Between prepping for the owls, trying to create the perfect love potion, and practicing legitimacy she was wearing pretty thin lately. Deep down she knew it would all pay off in the end though.

Lyra didn't notice the two redheads slide beside her as she spaced out. They filled their plates and began eating.

"Good morning Stone!" Fred said in a chirpy tone. She didn't respond. "I was thinking you and I should head down to the chapel and tie the knot. Sound good?" Lyra still didn't answer. Fred gestured to her.

"I see what you mean." George replied "A total zombie."

"I sorta wish the other Ravenclaws were," Fred mumbled glancing around the table. Everyone was glaring at them.

George leaned over and waved a hand in front of Lyras's face. She jumped almost falling back. "George? Fred? I'm sorry I must have spaced, good morning."

"I'm not quite sure spacing out covers it," Fred said taking a bite of food.

George looked at Lyra worried swiping her stray hair out of her face. "Lyra you've been pushing yourself too much. You need a break."

"Which is why you're going on a mandatory Hogsmeade trip."

"I already told George I couldn't go, look I know I've been distant but it will only be for a little longer..."

"Are you deaf?" Fred said finishing his toast. "I said man-da-tory, as in, you have no choice."

Lyra rolled her eyes rising from her seat. They were always so full of themselves. "Oi! Where are you going?!"

"Back to the library! Have fun in Hogsmede!"

The twins quickly stood and glided over to her, each of them tucking an arm under one of hers. Lyra yelped as she was lifted off the ground. People turned and watched the scene unfold.

"P-Put me down you two!" Lyra tried to say firmly, but it came out more like a plea.

They just chuckled and dragged her through the giant great hall doors.

The twins refused to put Lyra down until they were out in the cool morning air. It wasn't really by choice, but more of the fact she was getting so upset it was increasingly hard to carry her.

Fred took a noticeable step back from her, but George fought the urge, staying in close proximity. Both as a source of comfort, and in case she ran for it.

Lyra leaned over her hair falling all around her creating a curtain. She focused on trying to calm down. Trying to slow her breathing and her heart. Pulling back in the waves of emotion radiating off of her. George placed a gentle hand on her back, and she could feel his sense of genuine worry. Had they gone too far?

She straightened and tried not to look angry. "I know you two are trying to help, but you don't understand. I-"

"Oh, we understand perfectly," Fred said coldly "Despite your best efforts to keep us out of the loop Lyra Stone, we are quite good at digging up the truth when need be."

Lyra's eyebrows furrowed "Out of the loop? I'm not sure I follow."

"We know you're trying to graduate early Lyra," George said meeting her gaze, "But even so you've been pushing yourself too hard."

"So consider this an intervention," Fred said, his previously cold stature melting away.

Despite her best efforts, Lyra's heart swelled and a pressure that she was not even aware of, was lifted. "An intervention?" she asked softly.

"Well," Fred said with a smirk "If I'm being completely honest it's also because George is impossible to deal with when you're ignoring him."

Lyra turned beat red and George glared at Fred.

"You Git." He grumbled and then turned back to her. "The intervention part is true, you need a break Lyra. Everyone is really worried."

That overwhelming sensation of warmth filled Lyra's heart again. So much so that she lept forward wrapping both the twins in a hug, something that was very unlike her. They both turned red and Fred started making gagging noises. But when she pulled away she could see his reddened cheeks and a wide grin.

George coughed awkwardly. "Shall we?"

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