The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw


After running back inside so Lyra could grab a coat they headed out. Though she was worried about the work piling up back at the castle, Lyra couldn't quite keep her excitement at bay. She loved Hogsmeade, and she loved the walk down to the sleepy wizarding town.

Her excitement seemed to be contiguous because the twins found themselves unreasonably excited as well. They chatted loudly with each other as Lyra walked quietly a few feet ahead of them.

She enjoyed listening to them, and the way they could light up a room. Occasionally she would turn to look back at them smiling, and her eyes would catch George's. His smile would widen into a girn sending her heart racing at an alarming rate.

Their first stop in the small village was of course zonko's joke shop. Lyra sighed heavily as she let the two eager boys drag her in. They dragged her around the shop showing her all sorts of tricks. Dung bombs, biting teacups, hiccup sweets, the list went on and on.

Although Lyra wasn't very fond of pranks or Zonkos it was hard not to fall in love with it when George and Fred had such love for it. They were like two small kids in a candy shop. She especially loved to see George so animated and excited.

Once Lyra had been thoroughly introduced to every item Zonkos had to offer, they headed out for the Three Broom Sticks. The twins had switched off of Zonkos and onto their own future joke shop.

"And if you're impressed by Zonkos, just wait until you see ours Lyra!" Fred said grinning.

"We want to open it right in Diagon Alley!" Geroge continued "floors and floors of all sorts of amazing things. Like your potions!"

His eyes lit up with a spark she could only recall seeing once before. She blushed at the memory. "I'm sure I'm going to love it. There's no doubt in my mind that it will be amazing."

George turned and shared a grin with his brother. "She's a keeper alright." He said making her blush.

Fred shook his head "I sometimes wonder if shes slipped you a love potion while I wasn't looking, George Weasley."

Lyra looked at Fred in horror, but George just grinned. "Nope." He said popping the p and then locking eyes with Lyra. "She's really just that amazing."

Fred heaved a fake sigh, shaking his head. "Well, I suppose it's alright, as long as you don't go trying to name our shop after her."

"I hate to interrupt this oh so entertaining dilemma, but is it possible I could meet you two at the three broomsticks?" Lyra asked.

"Why what's up?" George asked, not quite being able to mask his disappointment.

"You're not sneaking off to do homework are you?" Fred asked narrowing his eyes.

She giggled "No, I just have to stop at the post office."

"Why don't you just use a school owl? They are free after all." Fred retorted.

George was about to question this too when his eyes locked on someone past Lyra and his face turned grim. He shared a meaningful look with Fred that didn't go unnoticed by Lyra.

"You know what," Fred said, "why don't you two love birds go to the post office, and I'll grab us a table at the Three Broom Sticks?"

"Sounds great," George replied quickly. Before she could object he wrapped an arm around her and dragged her off towards the post office.

"I-I don't mind going on my own."

George stopped abruptly grinning at her. "Lyra Stone, are you up to something?"


"Oh, now I'm definitely coming." He said starting forward again. Lyra nervously followed.

When they reached the front of the post office she reached for his sleeve pulling him to a stop. He turned grinning again causing her stomach to tighten and she looked away.

"I-I'm okay with you coming in but you have to promise you're not going to make fun of me."

George's grin vanished. He took a step closer closing the space between them. Then he lightly placed his hand under her chin forcing her to look at him.

The world stopped as Lyra fell hopelessly into his brown eyes. Her stomach twisted and her heart raced. That spark appeared in his eyes again and he leaned in, fanning her with his breath.

"Lyra," he whispered.


"I promise I won't make fun of you."


He grinned again and softly kissed her. It was only supposed to be a peck on the lips but as soon as their lips met it was like the strike of a match. He pulled her roughly against him and she willingly craned herself upward. Wrapping her arms around his neck and standing on her tippy toes.

Someone whistled. "If I had known sending a letter was code for snogging outside the post office I would have let you two be."

Lyra was instantly out of his arms. She moved so quickly George almost fell over. He looked up to see Fred standing there grinning ear to ear. He cleared his throat.

"What happened to grabbing us a table?"

The grin remained "The table got away so I backtracked." He looked over at Lyra "You alright Stone? You looked a bit like you were getting eaten." Fred snickered.

She glared at him, straightening the front of her robes. "I'm heading inside," was all she said before turning away and quickly marching into the post office.

George looked back over at his brother who was grinning again. "You dog." Fred said slinging an arm over his shoulder "at least buy her dinner first."

They slowly started towards the entrance. "Believe it or not, I was trying to comfort her."

"You looked like you were about to rip her robes off."

George blushed "I guess you could say I got a bit carried away..."

Fred snickered "Just a bit."

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