The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Lyra's Secret

George was about to retort but was silenced by what greeted him when they walked inside.

Around them were shelves and shelves of owls, squawking, hooting, and swooping. In the middle of that chaos, stood Lyra. Her arms lifted, her hands cupped, and several owls landing on her to help themselves to whatever was in her hands. She giggled loudly as one owl nuzzled her neck, and Georges's heart skipped a beat.

She was beautiful here, more so than ever before. With her hair tousled and tangled from the wind, her cheeks red from the cold.

"Shes bloody crazy this one," Fred said with a laugh. "Well, I suppose she'd have to be to like you."

George tried to elbow him. " shut up you git"

There was a flutter of wings and they looked up to see Lyra coming towards them. The one small owl being the only one that remained. It stepped higher on her shoulder nuzzling her neck again.

"Alright we can go now," She said.

"All you wanted to do was feed the owls?" Fred asked.

She blushed "I really like them okay? Filch won't let me up to the owlery anymore, he thinks I'm training them or something."

The twins laughed. "Yup, that sounds like Filch," Fred said.

"Next time you want to go up let us know," said George "We'll distract Filch for you."

She smiled gratefully before turning back and putting the last owl back on the shelves. "Shall we?" she asked.

The three of them headed for the three broomsticks. It was crowded much like Zonkos was, and it made Lyra realize how drained she was. She took a step closer to George and sensing her distress he lightly grabbed her hand. He reveled in the happiness that ran through her.

Once they found a table Fred dashed off to get them drinks. Lyra laid her head on George's shoulder and closed her eyes. "You alright?" he whispered to her.

she nodded "Do you want me to move?" she asked.

he wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer. "Don't even think about it."

She smiled again happy to sense his sincerity and a comfortable silence fell between them.

"Lyra." George whispered "Listen, I'm sorry if I got a bit carried away earlier..." she could feel him shift uncomfortably.

"Don't be sorry." She replied softly "It's probably more my fault than your own."

He laughed "How on earth is that your fault?"

She blushed deeply "It's not an exact science, and I wouldn't know for sure because I've never been in a situation like that before but-"

George sat up "What do you mean situation like that?" he asked and she could feel his worry.

"Well I mean, there was that time I kissed you, but besides that, I've never kissed someone before," she said her blush deepening "and with my heightened connection to emotion, it wouldn't surprise me if it was my fault that we got a bit... carried away."

George relaxed instantly, and it surprised her a bit when he chuckled. She furrowed her eyebrows, not understanding exactly what was so funny. But before she could ask Fred came back over.

He slid two butterbeers across the table at them. George caught his with ease but Lyra fumbled, splashing a bit on the table. She quickly searched for money to repay Fred.

"Quit it. You don't have to pay me back."

She looked up at him pointedly but he shook his head no.

"The way I see we'll be making big bucks with your help. So consider it as pay until we start rolling in the dough."

"You can't make money without money." She said sliding the amount across the table. "Consider it my investment."

Fred shook his head with a grin and scooped up the change. "You drive a hard deal Stone."

"Speaking of deals, what exactly were you two up to earlier. Not doing anything illegal right?"

George chocked on his butterbeer. He coughed loudly and hit his chest.

"You noticed that did you?" Fred said uninterested. She had a feeling he wasn't that concerned about hiding it.

"Really Lyra," George wheezed "its nothing to worry about."

She shook her head pressing the bridge of her nose. Of course, she noticed, a blind troll would have noticed.

"I don't see why we can't tell her," Fred said swirling around his butterbeer. "She could help us."

George's mood shifted so abruptly that it hit Lyra like a blow to the face. She subconsciously leaned away from him as he glared at his brother.

"Don't be a git Fred," He growled.

Fred couldn't believe his ears. "I'm not, I just think Lyra can make that decision for herself."

"S-so do I." she tried to say firmly, but it came out a lot quieter then she had hoped.

George looked over at her, and it was like someone had thrown a cauldron of ice water on him. She sat leaning away from him, her arms wrapped around herself. She always managed to make herself so small when she was afraid. Almost as if she could shrink out of existence. For a reason he couldn't quite understand, this frightened him terribly.

He took a deep breath, releasing his anger. "Fine," He said "If you want to tell her, we can. But I'd just like to point out that you're asking her to help, not me."

Fred glared. What was with him? George was never like this. It was never your on your own, it was them versus the world. Now that he had a girlfriend his own twin was chopped liver?

"George," Lyra said softly reaching out and touching his arm. "Please don't be that way. I care about you two immensely, and you two can always ask me for help. I won't promise that I will help, but I won't hold it against you for asking. So don't divide okay?"

Fred softened instantly, feeling guilty for turning on Lyra so quickly. George looked over at him apologetically.

"Alright," he said, "Let's tell her."

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