The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Second Task

The days were moving quickly and before anyone knew it, the second task was already upon them. If Lyra thought Harry's fears were strong during the first task, she was quickly proven wrong.

He began to eat less and less and spiral even further into panic. The worst part was, Ron and Hermione felt just as hopeless. She couldn't wait until the task was over and done with.

"You alright Lyra?" George asked.

She looked up from her breakfast "yes, I'm just worried about Harry."

He smiled "He's going to do great. Do you want to get some drought of peace before the task?"

She nodded. "After breakfast."

"Speaking of Harry, I wonder where he is, I haven't seen him or Ron since yesterday."

"I haven't been able to find Hermione either," Ginny said sitting down.

"They're probably all in the library," Lyra said.

"Oh, thats right!" Fred said grinning at her "they've managed to drive you out of your home haven't they?"

She glared at him "keep it up Weasley and I'll poison your drink."

"Oh, I look forward to it."

"Mhm," Lyra said standing.

"Where are you off too?" George asked reaching for her hand.

"Running away from a fight," Fred said.

"I'm going to go look for them."

"Do you want-"

"No," she said forcing a smile on her face "you guys head down to the second task, I'll meet you there."

She quickly turned and walked out of the great hall, hoping George wouldn't be able to pick up on her fear.

She checked the library first. The classrooms they practiced in. Then the owlry. She even broke into the Gryffindor common room. As time ticked on worry filled her more and more.

She stopped in a hallway, closing her eyes and searching, trying to feel for them. Her chest heaved, her heart pounded. Where the hell were they?!

"Stone!" a gruff voice shouted. She jumped out of her skin. Professor Moody was quickly walking down the hall to her. "Why aren't you out at the lake?"

"Somethings- wrong." She said, trying to catch her breath. "I can't find them, they're missing."

"What?! Who?"

"Hermione, Ron, and Harry."

"Oh." He waved his hand "they're not in danger Stone."

A cold chill ran through her, and she eyed Moody. She had never really trusted him. There was a lot of darkness and deceit that emitted off of him. She tried to ignore it, figuring it came from years of being an aura. But at this moment, she couldn't be sure.

Moody grinned at her reaction. "Granger and Weasley were asked to participate in the second task."

Lyra didn't budge, her hand subconsciously wrapping around her wand.

"The contestants each have to rescue someone important to them from the bottom of the lake." He continued "But it's all a setup, they aren't really in any danger."

"Professor Moody, Mrs. Stone, is everything alright?"

Moody turned to look at Professor McGonagall, his magical eye staying fixed on Lyra.

"Yes Minerva, Stone noticed her two friends Granger and Weasley missing. I was just explaining to her she didn't have to worry."

"Certainly not, Mrs. Stone. Let me assure you they are perfectly safe. I suggest you head down to the lake now, before anyone worries about you missing." She said with what Lyra could have sworn was a smile.

"Yes, Professor." She replied quietly, letting go of her wand and turning to walk away.

"Oh and Stone!" Professor Moody yelled. She turned to look back at him "Glad to see you aren't letting your guard down."

She nodded, her face hardened and not revealing any emotion. Then she quickly turned and walked away.

The crowd was surprisingly quiet when she got down to the lake. The air was buzzing with anticipation but the lake and crowd were still.

She stayed close to the edge of the stands not feeling up to go and find George and Fred. She looked at the icy depths and shivered.

Even when the champions started to rise out of the water. First Cedric, then Viktor, then Fleur, and finally Harry. Her fear did not quite settle.

The crowd cheered and pulsed as Harry emerged from the water with Ron and a little girl.

"Lyra!" Someone called but she did not turn away from the water. "Hey!" They called once they got close to her. "Are you okay?"

She turned to see Neville standing there. His hair was tousled, his cheeks red, and he was slightly out of breath. She tried to smile "yeah I'm fine, its just the crowds."

"Oh," he said, "well if you want I can wait with you here until everyone heads back up to the castle."

She smiled at him again, Neville was a good friend. "If you'd like too, but don't feel like you have too if you have some-"

"I don't" he cut in abruptly, turning red as he realized what he did, "I mean, I don't really have anything to do after this so I'd be happy to wait with you."

"Thank you, Neville." She said, and she meant it too.

They sat tucked under the stands watching the crowds of people walk by. Mostly everyone was gone, even the champions, when they heard someone calling out her name. As before, she didn't lookup. Too far in her own mind to even hear them.

Neville looked over at her, realized she wasn't going to answer and decided he would have too. "We're over here!" He yelled.

A red-headed freckled face peered around the stand. "Lyra? Neville? What the hell are you two up too?"

Lyra again did not answer so Neville answered for her. "Well, she said she didn't like the crowds so I told her I'd wait with her until she was ready to go back up to the castle."

"Gotcha." Fred said "You alright Stone?" She did not answer.

"I'm not sure she is..." Neville said quietly.

"I can see that on my own, thanks," Fred said sarcastically. He turned ducking his head out again. "Oi! George, I found her! Shes spaced out again."

There was running and then George came whipping around the corner sliding to a stop in the sand and running forward. He scooped her up in his arms and she wrapped herself around him.

"Hi, George." She said softly breathing him in.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly. Feeling her worry and fear. But she shook her head.

"It was just the crowds." She said but he could feel that this was a lie. He pulled her tighter to him and looked at his brother meaningfully.

"Let's get you back up to the castle. Okay?"

She breathed him in again, her own safe haven. "Okay," she exhaled and prepared for George to let her go, but instead he began to walk away with her still scooped up in his arms.

"Umm G-George I can walk."

"I'm sure you can."

She wiggled but he just kept walking. Fred and Neville got smaller and smaller in the distance. "C-could I please walk?"

"If you tell me what's really going on, I'll consider it."

She groaned "Freds not going to interrogate poor Neville is he?"

"If you tell me then he won't have too."

"He's not going to get anything out of him, Neville was just being a good friend and making sure I wasn't alone... he doesn't know."

"Ahah! So you did lie."

She sighed slumping in his arms becoming complete dead weight. Not expecting this he fumbled with her a bit but regained his balance.

"I- I'll feel crazy saying it out loud, and I don't want you to think I'm crazy."

"Too late, say it anyway." She hit him "ow!" He said with a grin.

"If you let me walk on my own I'll tell you. For heaven's sake, they're going to think I'm ill or something."

He sighed but complied. Placing Lyra softly on her feet and holding onto her until she had her footing. She was surprised at how weak she felt, despite not using any magic today.

"Well?" He said impatiently.

She wrapped her arms around herself shrinking inwards. "This is going to sound crazy but when I realized that Harry, Hermione, and Ron were missing I went to find them. When I couldn't I sort of panicked."

"That doesn't sound crazy," he said. "Especially with their record."

"It's not that. It was just weird. My first thoughts when I couldn't find them weren't whats happened, it was it's happening. Like somehow I knew something bad was going to happen all along. But I hadn't realized I'd known."

She took a shaky breath fighting back the tears welling in her eyes. George waited patiently for her to finish. Sensing she was not done.

"The worst part of it all is I still feel it." She clutched her chest. "Even when I saw with my own eyes that they were safe-"

George grabbed her roughly pulling her backward into a hug. Her knees gave and she let out a cry, her fear bubbling over. He hushed her, turning her into him. He could feel her pain, the pain caused by something that hadn't even happened yet.

"Somethings coming," she whispered.

"It doesn't matter."

she looked up at him surprised and a bit hurt. How could he say it didn't matter? To her horror, he was smiling at her. It was forced, and she could tell he felt what she did, but he forced a smile anyway. "It doesn't matter if somethings coming, or if everything is about to change because we'll face it together okay?"

she forced a small smile too, the fear ebbing "O-okay." she sniffled.

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