The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Third Task

As the year came closer and closer to an end Lyra became more and more busy. Burying herself in her studies trying to prepare for her o.w.l's. She even went as far as to allow herself to duel the boys. It was a lot easier with Fred as he seemed to know just how to push her buttons.

Despite their complaints about being bored and their teasing about her being what they called a mini Hermione. The twins were actually quite supportive of Lyra. Checking in on her, helping her when she needed it, forcing her to take breaks. even going as far as to break into Ravenclaw tower to put her to bed.

There was something else keeping Lyra busy though. Something the twins didn't even know about. Lyra had also been keeping a close eye on Moody. Not being able to shake that bad feeling about him, she needed to know why. If she just spent some more time with him, she was sure she could figure it out.

Nothing turned up though, and after a while, with everything going on, she gave up on her side mission.

One really positive thing was the fact Harry seemed a lot more confident about the final task. His nerves where nothing compared to the last two, even on the day of the task.

Lyra hadn't seen him for most of the day, having her last exams kept her pretty busy. It wasn't until dinner that she ran into him.

She was walking with George, Fred, and Ginny when she noticed two new people sitting at the Gryffindor table.

One was an older plump woman with bright red hair and the other a much younger man with long Fiery red hair. She knew the hair immediately.

They sat down the twins and Ginny both surprised. Mrs. Weasley noticed Lyra immediately. First thinking she was Ginny's friend but second-guessing herself when Lyra say between the twins.

"And who's this?" She asked, "I don't believe we've met dear."

To all of the Gryffindor's suprise, Lyra cleared her throat and answered. "I'm Lyra Stone, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mrs. Weasley."

"Lyra's Georges girlfriend." Ginny cut in. Making several people choke on their lunch in surprise and making Lyra turn a deep red.

George looked at Ginny horrified. But Mrs. Weasley's face lit up with understanding.

"Oh! How nice, and of course it would be just like him not to write his parents letting us know he's met such a lovely girl." She said glaring at George. "Wait until Arthur hears about this. You'll have to come and visit this summer dear."

"Mom, " George groaned and the two began to bicker. As they bickered Ginny introduced Lyra to Bill and the group chatted merrily.

It was an odd feeling being around the Weasleys. They had a way of making her feel like she was back home. Sitting with her mom in the kitchen. She could feel that she wasn't alone in this. It was the first time Lyra had ever felt Harry truly at ease.

Maybe this was the reason that the darkness hit her so hard. She had let her walls down entirely, so when Moody walked by, the evil she had only ever felt in little amounts hit her full force. It was enough to knock her over.

George and Mrs. Weasley sensed the shift in her immediately. He subconsciously reached out for her but she stood turning back to them all with a smile. "I have to ask Professor Moody something about the exam before the final task. I'll catch up with you all later okay?"

"Do you want me to go with you?" George asked immediately.

"No its alirght, spend some time with your family." She said smiling at him lovingly. She then turned towards Harry. "If I don't see you in time, good luck." A feeling of understanding and worry passed through them, and Lyra thought for a moment, maybe Harry could sense the storm too.

The halls of the school were quiet. Everyone was at the feast. Everyone but Her and Moody. She followed silently down to his office, but she had a feeling he knew she was there.

That was fine. She'd stick to the story she told George. She had questions about her exams. Maybe about becoming an auror. She'd keep him busy and stick to him until the end of the task.

Her hands shook with fear and she did not understand where her bravery came from. But as a certain freckled face redhead came to mind. Scratch that, she knew exactly where her bravery came from. She clung to the thought of him. Praying that was enough to keep her moving forward.

She waited until he had been in his office for a couple of minutes before going up and knocking on the door.

"Come in!" A gruff voice yelled.

Lyra took a deep breath and quietly opened the door and stepped in. She could tell by the two cups of tea set out that her suspicions had been correct.

"Have a seat Mrs. Stone." He growled. She sat and he handed her a cup of tea.

"You've been expecting me." It wasn't a question.

His scarred face stretched into a smile that made her skin crawl. "You're a smart girl Stone. But not that smart, you've been following me around for months."

"You say it as if you dont have a magical eye that can see through everything."

That smile again. "You know Stone when I took this job here I wasn't sure what to expect. But I definitely wasn't expecting you. You ARE very smart. A natural talent, who easily distrusts. You're not like the other students here."

She lifted the tea up to her lips but held them tightly closed and swallowed her mouth full of air. Then she set her cup down.

"You know, I have a way of seeing through things too."

"I'm being serious." He said with a crazed look in his eye. She tried hard to suppress her dread. "You could be great Lyra. You could be powerful. With the right education and a little persuasion, you would a highly regarded subject."

"Who are you?" She asked trying to sound unafraid, but she was unable to keep the fear out of her voice.

His glass eye whizzed around. "We'll have to pick this conversation up later, The task is starting soon."

"N-NO!" Lyra said standing, her wand clutched in her hand. "I, I won't let you!" She was shaking like crazy, and she knew he could feel her fear. It didn't matter though, she had to try.

"Lyra," he said as if he was talking to a small child who was throwing a tantrum. This made her anger flare. "Be reasonable, you're a smart girl." He coaxed.

She raised it threateningly but it shook in her grip. "I won't let you leave. I k-know you want to hurt Harry."

He shook his head "Been spending too much of your time with those Gryffindor's Stone. Nevermind though, nothing we can't beat out of you."

Lyra had her shield at the ready, but it was no match for him.

"Crucio!" He yelled and pain, as she had never felt before, hit her. She hit the floor shaking and squirming her body feeling as if it had been set on fire. It didn't just burn on her skin though, her insides, her brain. Shrieks of terror and pain ripped her throat to shreds.

She could feel the madness ebbing her away. She prayed for him to stop. He had to stop. There wouldn't be anything left if he kept going.

Her shrieks died down and she felt the darkness slowly ebbing its way in. He did not stop until he knew for sure she had passed out from the pain.

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