The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Man in The Chest

Lyra thought she was dead. It was only after she remembered that the dead no longer felt pain, at least the physical kind, that she knew she must be alive.

Her body throbbed and her head ached. At first, she thought she had gone blind. But her eyes soon started to adjust enough for her to see a small tiny keyhole, way above her letting light in. She must have been inside the chest.

She tried to sit up and yell. But all that came out of her throat was a small painful whimper. For some reason, this scared her more.

"Who's there?!" A small horse voice called and she noticed a very small lump a few feet away from her. It rolled over and faced her, one familiar eye blazing into hers.

She shrunk away terrified and his gaze softened immediately. He closed his eye.

"I'm sorry child, I didn't mean to frighten you anymore then you already were. Kidnapping a small girl. Filthy scum."

As Lyra's senses slowly came back to her through the pain she realized that the small malnourished man in front of her must have been the real Moody. Which meant she was correct in her hypothesis that the man upstairs was an imposter, probably using a polyjuice potion.

She tried to speak, and the man opened his eye again. She took a deep breath and tried again.

"A-re yo-u the- the re-al M-M-Mood-dy?"

He closed his eye again and nodded in response. She could feel that he was too tired and too cold to speak.

Mustering up the strength she could, she gritted her teeth and dragged herself over to him. Slowly taking off her top robes and placing them over him.

He opened his eye again glaring at her. "Foolish girl. You'll freeze." But she did not listen, and he was too weak to stop her. Lyra could feel how weak his lifeforce was, and she knew he needed it much more than she.

Once he was covered she laid down against him, having her body heat transfer to him. Her own pain becoming too great, she soon fell back into a dreamless sleep.

Lyra continued to slip in and out of consciousness. She had heard voices talking quietly at first, then one getting slowly louder and louder. Then she heard Harry's clear and distinct.

"It can't! It can't be you!" he yelled. Fear shivered through her and she wanted so bad to yell to him. To break through and save him. But she was too weak and the more she struggled the stronger her pain became. The real Moody gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hush Child. Save your strength." Before he too fell back into darkness. She fought the tiredness, the pain. Needing to know Harry was okay. Needing to know he was alive.

There was more yelling, the imposter getting more and more excited. More and more crazed.

There was a very loud shout and a crash and Lyra felt others enter the room. Then there were voices. They were exchanging conversation but she was too tired to make out what they were saying. After a while, two of the presences left and one began to fiddle with the locks on the chest. It felt like an eternity until the person found the lock that opened the chest, so long, in fact, she thought it would never open.

But of course, it did and she and Moody were bathed in warm light. It was so bright she had to turn away, her eyes searing. Someone let out a gasp as two figures, one harry, and one Dumbledore peered down into the chest.

Dumbledore climbed over the edge of the trunk and into the small pit with Her and Moody. He began to examine them. Telling Harry out loud what was wrong. He asked for a jacket which he wrapped Moody in over Lyras robes. She tried to sit up, reaching out for Dumbledore. If he gave her a hand she just may be able to stand. But instead of giving her a hand he scooped her up as if she was a small child. She winced at his touch but did not protest, as he lifted her up out of the cold dark place and into the fire-lit room.

He placed her down close by the fire, where she curled into a ball sleep once again ebbing at her. Dumbledore removed his own robe and placed it over her, smoothing out her hair sorrow filling his old soft eyes. She could feel his sorrow and its true genuineness chased the last feeling of fear and danger away. She was safe. Safe with Dumbledore.

She closed her eyes but stayed awake, listening to Dumbledore as he began to explain to Harry what had happened. She listened as the imposter changed back to his true form. Listened as Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall, and the house-elf came into the room. As the evil man began to tell his tale.

Once the tale was done, and all the questions had been answered. Orders were given. Snape, was sent away to go get help, Professor McGonagall Stayed to stand guard. Dumbledore went to leave with Harry but Lyra began to kick up such a fuss about it that he stopped.

She began to rise despite McGonagall and Dumbledore becoming cross, keeping her eyes locked with Dumbledores.

"Harry will come to no harm as long as he is with me Lyra," He said softly. "You do not have to try to protect him any longer."

"Protect me?" Harry asked in surprise.

"Yes Harry, I believe Mrs. Stone sensed something was wrong about Moody, and she tried to stop him before the third task."

Harry looked at Lyra in shock and amazement but she just kept staring down Dumbledore. He sighed. "Very well Miss Stone, but if I bring you with us you must promise me you will rest."

She nodded and allowed Dumbledore to pick her up again. They went to his office where another man was waiting. She went stiff sitting up as she saw him, but feeling no fear or worry from Harry or Dumbledore and feeling the worry and love the man had for Harry she relaxed.

He sprung on them, leading Harry over to a chair and helping him sit. Dumbledore summoned a couch and placed Lyra laying down on it. Then he turned back to Harry and the man known as Sirius Black.

Between the warmth of the room and the soft voices of the men and Harry, Lyra found sleep much harder to fight. She managed to keep up the fight until she was sure Harry was okay. A phoenix had landed on his leg and was emitting a sense of safeness and hope to him. Knowing this, she finally gave in and let the darkness overtake her once again.

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