The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Dreaded Dinner

The dining hall was loud and bustling with people. Lyra gulped stopping short at the door. Hermione turned back to look at her with pleading eyes and she let out a groan. What on earth am I getting myself into with this girl? she thought.

Hermione's face lit up with glee as Lyra continued to follow her. Everyone looked up shocked as they reached the table. She shifted nervously trying to keep her anxiousness from seeping out.

"Everyone, this is Lyra! Lyra, this is Ginny, Neville, Ron, Harry, and the twins, Fred and George."

A red-headed boy, whose mouth was already stuffed full with food said: "Hermione she's a Ravenclaw, she can't sit at our table." or he tried to say at least.

"She can sit with us if she likes Ron." Hermoine hissed and gestured for Lyra to sit.

They both sat down, Neville and Ginny smiled warmly at her and she smiled back. This wasn't so bad she thought to herself as she ate and listened to the conversations around her. No one seemed to really ask her questions, and she suspected Hermione must have told them she was shy.

Once dinner was over and everyone started to leave to go upstairs Lyra waved goodbye to Herminoes friends and then she and Hermione began to walk back to the Library.

"See!" She chirped holding onto Lyra's arm "That wasn't so bad was it?!"

She smiled and shook her head no. "They all seemed nice. Thanks for inviting me."

Hermione smiled as she could feel that Lyra was being genuine "I'm so glad! You should come and eat with us more often okay?!" They had reached the Libary doors now.

"We'll see," Lyra said breaking away from her friend, "For now, goodnight!"

As the following days passed, Lyra had a feeling Hermione must have told her friends more about her. That or maybe fate just has a funny way of bringing people together. She seemed to bump into them all the time now.

First, it had been Neville who had seen her studying in the Libary and stopped to say hi.

"A-Am I bugging you?" he asked anxiously, "Hermione said you were kinda shy so I wasn't sure if it would be okay for me to say hi"

She smiled warmly at him and gestured to the seat across from her. He took it hesitantly. Lyra turned back to her book and notes as he opened his own book and began to read. After a moment she could feel his eyes on her and she looked up to meet them.

Neville turned red. "S-sorry. I was just looking at the book you were reading. It's about tropical magical plants, right? Do you like plants or are you doing an assignment on them? I may be able to help you with it if you like."

Lyra smiled. She really liked Neville, something about him was just very calming. He did not demand her emotionally as other people did.

"It is for an assignment, but I do enjoy learning about plants. Especially ones with magical properties."

He was a bit shocked, realizing he had never heard her speak before now. "Ah, Herbology is my favorite subject!"

Lyra smiled and grabbed her bag from the floor. she dug around for a bit before pulling out a small book "Have you read this yet?" she asked handing it to him.

He took it gently as if it would come to life and bite him. "No I haven't, is it good?"

She nodded. "You can borrow it if you like."

He turned red and smiled "Thanks!"

With that, they turned back to their homework and Lyra felt content. She had made another new friend.
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