The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Twins Plan

Lyra was an odd girl. George and Fred Weasley agreed on this. Firstly she was a Ravenclaw, a Ravenclaw who would sit with the Gryffindor's to eat. Secondly, They were both sure they had never heard her speak. Thirdly Hermione and Ginny were fiercely protective of her.

Even from the first night, she ate with them, other Gryffindor's tried to protest a Ravenclaw sitting at their table and Hermione came down on them so fiercely that the twins had thought their mother had just aperated in her place.

For a long time, they just assumed her mute, and after almost a month of her around forgetting that it was even strange.

That was until tonight though. When Lyra out of nowhere looked up, cleared her throat and spoke.

She held a book out to Neville getting his attention and said "Thank you for letting me borrow this book, Neville. Your right, it was an interesting read."

Neville went scarlet red "oh! No problem Lyra, anytime! A-After all you let me barrow your books all the time."

Lee, Fred, George, and Ron all stared in shock and silence. "You can bloody talk?!" Ron yelled spewing food everywhere.

"Of course she can talk, don't be dense Ron." Hermione cut in sharply.

"No I think I'm with him on this one," Fred cut in "I don't think we've ever heard her speak before!"

Lyra turned pink and looked down at her food, pretending not to hear them.

"Maybe that's because you three are so annoying" Ginny cut in "Lyra talks to me all the time."

Neville nodded "M-me too." She sent them both a dirty look. To which Ginny responded with a smile and Neville with a look of apology.

"Why don't you ever talk when I'm around?!" Ron asked offended.

"Yeah?" The twins said at the same time.

Instead of answering Lyra simply stood up from the table turned on her heels and walked out of the great hall.

"Great going you three," Ginny grumbled.

"What did we do? She's the one being rude." Ron spat at her.

"She's just really shy." Hermione sighed "it's hard for her to warm up to people."

"But she talks to you! Does she talk to Harry too?!"

"Of course she talks to me you Git." Harry snapped at Ron. "But I made an effort to talk to her."

"You guys," Hermione cut in "please don't fight, it's nothing personal. Lyra's really sweet at heart, she's just sort of learned to keep her distance."

George thought about this for a moment and then shared a look with Fred. If all it took to get her to talk was to talk to her first, they could do that.

"Hey Hermione," Fred said

"Yes?" She asked cautiously.

"You met Lyra in the library right?"

"Yes?" She responded more cautiously.

"Thought so," George said and they both rose from their seats.

"What are you two planning?" Ginny asked accusingly.

George placed a hand over his heart in mock hurt "dear sister whatever do you mean?!"

Fred followed suit "We would never be up to anything!"

She looked unconvinced "Leave Lyra alone okay?"

George winked "We'll think about it."

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