The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Plan in Action

It wasn't out of the ordinary for strange things to happen around Hogwarts. Especially being a Ravenclaw, it was not unheard of for the occasional pursuit of knowledge to go horribly wrong.

But what happened the minute Lyra reached the great hall that morning, was an enigma she would never understand.

Once she walked through the great hall entrance two identical red-headed boys jumped up from the Gryffindor table in delight.

"Lyra!" They yelled starting towards her.

"Just the girl we've been looking for!"

Lyra stopped dead in her tracks eyes wide with dread. Without hesitation, she turned on her heels and walked straight back out of the great hall. Who needed breakfast anyway?

"Wait!" One of them yelled, "don't run away!"

They caught up with her easily, and she turned around to face them. She crossed her arms and raised her brow impatiently.

"Goodmorning!" The other one said with a wide goofy grin.

She didn't budge.

"You're not going to say good morning back?" The first asked.

In response, she pointed at her wrist to a pretend watch.

"We just wanted to catch up, have a good old chat. What else are friends for?"

She frowned, clearly they were after something. Dirt on Ginny maybe? Without answering she turned again and began walking to her first class. This, unfortunately, didn't deter them. As they began to walk on each side of her.

"That's fine." One of them said, "not that much of a morning person."

"That's right." The other continued "We've got all day."

She sincerely hoped they were kidding.

They weren't. Even when they realized she was heading towards professor Moody's office. They stayed right in tow. She knocked on the Professor's door. He cracked it open just enough for his normal eye to peer out.

"Stone!" He barked "You're late!" Even though she couldn't see it, she could feel his magic eye swirl around taking in everything through the office door. "These lessons are supposed to be private." He growled.

She looked at him pointedly. Omitting exasperation. He nodded in understanding. "Stalkers eh?" Didn't peg Weasleys as the type." His eyes swiveled up looking at the twins "though I suppose every family has its bad eggs."

"We are not stalkers!"

"Yeah, we were just making sure Lyra got to class safe and sound. Like the good friends we are."

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you boys but my appointment with Stone is private. I suggest you both find your way back to your own classes." He then opened the door just wide enough for her to slip in and slammed it in the twin's faces.

"There." He said "That should deter them. Do you know why their following you?"

Lyra plopped down in an open seat exasperated. "Information on their sister I suspect. I haven't uttered a single word to them."

"Ah miss Ginny Weasley. That would make sense. Are you ready to start?"

Taking a deep breath Lyra nodded. Truthfully she wasn't, how could anyone be ready for an unforgivable curse?

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