The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Torture Continues

By the time Moody's lesson was over Lyra was exhausted. Her exhaustion doubled when she exited his office to find two redheads waiting for her. They both jumped up at the sight of me.

"Lyra! There you are!"

"We were worried for a moment Moody had done away with you."

He pretty much did Lyra thought to herself as she turned away from them and began to walk down the hall.

"Sooooo what's next?"

She continued to ignore them. Keeping her eyes on the floor, she was too tired for this. Why wouldn't they just leave her alone?

If the twins felt the shift in the air around them they didn't show it. Even when she let all walls drop and let her emotions run rampant they didn't seem to be affected. To her dismay when she got to the library and went to her normal nook they hunkered down right with her.

"What are we doing here?"

"Yeah, don't you have classes today?"

Not looking up she began to take her schoolwork out of her bag. She had potions she had to study for. The twins watched her closely as she began to lay out her different assignments. She sorted them by classes having what was due the soonest sitting on the top of each pile.

"Bloody hell." One of them said snatching her potions homework off the top of a pile. "Looks like you've got a month's amount of work." His eyes widened as he scanned the scroll.

Annoyed Lyra leaned forward to snatch it out of his hand but he pulled it away just in time looking up at her. He handed the assignment to his brother. "That's pretty advanced stuff, I thought Hermione said you were only a fourth year?"

"She can't be, even we haven't learned about drought of living yet."

Lyra again went to swipe for the paper growing increasingly more frustrated. Instead of just moving away though, the second twin gently grabbed her wrist. She didn't see it coming and it was too late. A tsunami of emotions and memories flooded to her painfully. She cried out and they both lept apart.

Waves of anger peeled off of Lyra and she looked up at the two of them with tears in her eyes. "Don't touch me!" Her voice came out strangled from pain.

The first twin's face broke out into a goofy grin. "You got her to talk Georgie!"

George didn't share his glee though. He looked at Lyra shocked, his hand cradled against his chest.

Someone cleared their voice and all three of them looked up to see Viktor Krum standing there. He took in Lyra's shaking form before turning darkly to the twins. "You two are bothering her. I think you should leave."

The first twin scowled standing up "Oh yeah? And I suppose you're going to make us?"

Krum grew in size and took a step forward. George grabbed his twin's arm gently, not taking his eyes off of Lyra. "Fred let's just go." His voice was quiet and strained. Which caused Fred to look down at him.

He looked like he wanted to argue but taking in his twin's ashen appearance his stance changed. "Whatever, let's just go."

He walked past Krum making sure to bump shoulders with him on his way by. George quickly stood and followed.

Viktor stood in silence not taking his eyes off them until they were out of the library. Then without a word he slid in the seat George was once in and took out a book.

Lyra sat with her knees pulled to her chest just trying to calm down. Trying to dispel the energy that was just shot through her like an electric current. She didn't look up at Krum. She wanted to thank him but she was still too overwhelmed.

He seemed to know this though and didn't demand she speak to him. They stayed like this for a while, him reading and her just sitting. Lyra watched the lighting change as the sun got lower and lower in the sky.

Eventually, Krum put down his book. She looked over to him meeting his eyes. He took her in before letting out a sigh and standing up. "Stay here." He said and walked out of the library.

Lyra watched him go, her eyes falling back on her sea of homework once he was gone. She was behind now, losing so much time sitting here. Even as she thought this she couldn't bring herself to start. It was like her whole world had switched axis. She was exhausted from it. Maybe she could talk to professor Flitwick about it. He was usually pretty understanding and could help her get back on track tomorrow.

Before long Krum came back in the library with a tray of food on it. He placed it down on the table in front of her and gestured to it when she did not move. "For you," he said.

It was chicken noodle soup with a plate of sandwiches and orange juice. Where on earth did he get this?

Hesitantly she reached for the bowl of soup and began eating. Krum picked up one of the sandwiches and began to pick at it.

"Thank you," Lyra said horsly.

He nodded back. "Do you want me to grab your friend for you?"

Krum's mood shifted significantly to one of discomfort and embarrassment. Lyra raised an eyebrow. "Hermione?" A deep blush spread across his cheeks and he nodded. "No, I think I'm okay. Do you know her?"

His blush deepened and he, shook his head no. "I have seen her in the library with you but we have never talked. I don't think she likes me very much."

A musical laugh filled the air as Lyra smiled. Viktor Krum had a crush on Hermione Granger. "Hermione doesn't dislike you. She just gets annoyed with your personal stalkers. I'll introduce you sometime."

"Really? You would do that?"

"Of course."

He smiled "Thank you."

"Consider us even."

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