The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Apology

The next few days went on uneventfully. Lyra filled Hermione in on what had happened the day after, including her strange encounter with Viktor Krum. Hermione didn't believe her when she said he liked her but agreed to meet him anyway.

She was avoiding the twins, which wasn't too hard. They never approached her when she was with friends, and she didn't eat with the Gryffindors anymore, so she only had to worry about avoiding them in the halls. She switched around her schedule too so they couldn't corner her outside of Moody's office.

It was a good thing too because they definitely tried. Moody had stumbled up to his office one morning to find them sitting outside his door.

"Stone's not coming right now boys," He said, "She asked to change our meeting time. Now, why on earth would she want to do that?" His magical eye swiveled between the two of them. They both looked away guiltily. "Well, you better come on in, no use sending you back to class now."

Surprised, and a little worried they followed Moody into his office. He gestured to two seats in front of his desk and they both sat down. He then began to walk to the other side of his desk.

"I think I know a way for you two to make up whatever you did to Miss Stone. Her grades in my class have been slipping. She's great with a textbook but not with the practical things. The unforgivable curses, in particular, are hard for her."

"No offense professor, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want us as her tutor," George said.

"Yeah, she hates us now. Won't even let us near her." Fred continued. As he said this George subconsciously brought his hand to his chest. Remembering that awful feeling.

Moody stared at the two of them for a moment, his magical eye stopping on George. "What exactly happened between you two and stone?"

"Nothing!" Started Fred "We just followed her around for a bit, tried to get her to talk to us because she refused too."

George looked down at his hand "I grabbed her wrist," he traced his palm, "not hard or anything, but..." his face scrunched up in frustration and Fred looked at his twin in surprise. "I guess I shocked her, like when you run your socks on the carpet and then touch someone. It scared her pretty badly and then Viktor Krum came over and told us to leave. He thought we were trying to bully her I think."

"Bloody git," Fred mumbled under his breath. Moody's eye swiveled over to him but he spoke to George.

"I see," he said grimly, "So you don't know stone all that well." George shook his head no but he had a sinking feeling Moody wasn't telling them something. "Even so, I think if you can manage to talk to her she'll forgive you. She's a hard-working student and probably desperate to get her grade up."

It was three days before the twins managed to corner her. Fred spotted her walking ahead of them alone in the hall. He nudged his brother and nodded towards her.

"You go on ahead," George said, "I'll talk to her."

Fred grinned placing a hand on George's shoulder "It was nice knowing you brother." and then he dashed off.

"Lyra!" George yelled, "wait up!" He began to shove through the crowd. She turned, spotted him and began to walk faster.

It was no use though, he caught up easily. He went to grab her arm to stop her but froze. He decided to grab her bag instead. It brought her to an abrupt stop and she turned to glare at him. He held his hands up in mock surrender.

"Sorry I just didn't want to touch you."

Shock ran through Lyra and her glare intensified, was he serious?!

"No! Not like that! I don't mean like I don't want to touch you, I just meant like without your permission. It seemed to really bug you before."

Blush rose to Lyra's cheeks, duh, of course, that was what he meant. She nodded in understanding her gaze softening.

"Look," George said scratching the back of his head "I just wanted to say We're sorry. Fred and I, we were just trying to get you to talk to us. Then we saw the advanced potion and got a little to excited, things got out of hand." He looked her straight in the eyes with all the sincerity he could muster "My point is we never meant to make you feel uncomfortable Lyra. Will you let us make it up to you?"

She smiled feeling he meant it. "It's okay, I'm sorry for freaking out."

George grinned "You talked to me! That's twice now, Fred's gonna be jealous."

She blushed again, she wasn't used to all this attention she had been getting lately. She turned away and they began to walk down the hall together. "Don't get used to it, I don't like talking."

"Oh? Why's that?" She shrugged and they fell silent. "Anyways," he said, "Moody told us you may need a tutor in DADA. Let us tutor you as an apology?"

She shook her head "That's really not necessary. I forgave you already."

He stepped in front of her, stopping her short. "Then let us help you in exchange for help with potions?"

She looked up at him raising an eyebrow "The class?" They didn't seem the type to care.

He grinned "Not exactly, but don't worry nothing illegal. Fred and I are trying to start our own joke shop, but we've been struggling with a couple of the potions for the products. You help us make them safe, we'll help you get an O in Moody's class."

She bit her lip, "okay but tutoring only with you."

George played mock offended "madam, we are a package deal."

She smiled again and George noted how cute she was when she smiled. "I don't have anything against Fred. I just think one person is safer." George raised an eyebrow "I mean like I'll get distracted less."

He nodded in understanding but didn't quite believe what she said. "Cool, so we can start tutor lessons tomorrow. Do you want to meet with Fred and me tonight? We can get together after dinner to show what We're working on."

Lyra nodded "sounds good."

He grinned again "great."

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