Sight Of Fear || Resident Evil S.T.A.R Members


Arianna Joyce Ackles (AJ Ackles) just moved to Raccoon City to restart her life. She passed all the tests to become a S.T.A.R member.. this is just the beginning of her life

Action / Drama
MaryJo Marcotte
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Sight Of Fear: chapter 1

Being the new girl isn't really something new to me. My family moved around a lot because of my Father, he was a military man, but when it was time for me to get on with my life in a new city no less. It was just last week when I moved into raccoon city, into a new 2 bedroom apartment . I decided to look for a job, I've been a cop in my own city for 4 1/2 years and my old boss offered me a position in the S.T.A.R unit but I would have to go through some tests. I gave a call to get in. I start tests in 3 days.. kinda of nervous.

I walking into my and sat on the bed. The room had a view or raccoon city. The bedroom was mostly white and purple. Had a white desk With pink flowers, my laptop, lamp. By the door was was a small doorway by the door was a small bathroom with just a mirror and toilet. The white closet door was a medium size walk room.

"So I see everything is in order" I mumbled stepping outside of the bedroom. Maybe I would just watch tv to waste time today. I walked down stairs which was only 8 steps down this was a pretty good size apparment and it was top floor.. the other bedroom I'll fix up some other time..

3 days later

I work up 6 am and got dressed and ready for training day. It'll take a week or more to get a notification to join S.T.A.R.s i walked out of my apartment just wearing legging and a black tank top.

It was raining this morning but I only had my leather jacket out so I took that and rushed out to my car, once I got out of the elevator. It took me less than 15 mins to find the S.T.A.R training base. I walked towards the door and it open when a man with blond hair and shades walked up. He was built. He held the door open

"thank you" I said and he nodded mumbling good luck. Once I got in I saw other people ther waiting. I took off my jacket and stood nexf to the others. As I counted there were 9 other people here. It wasn't long till all of us hear a voice "HELLO, YOUNG NEW SOLDIERS. IM GENERAL ALEXANDER SHEPHERD, IF I CATCH YOU USING MY FIRST NAME FOR ANY REASON YOU WILL RESTART YOU TRAINING ALL OVER. AM I CLEAR" he asked eyeing us all. I notice there was only two girls here. Me and some other burnet.

"YES GENERAL SHEPHERD" we all said in union. "GOOD. NOW LETS HEAD TO THE BACK TO SEE WHAT YOUR ALL UP AGAINST. THE FIRST DAY WILL BE EASY, TODAY WE'LL TEST YOUR SPEED AND HOW LONG YOU CAN RUN. WHEN YOU STOP RUNNIMG YOU WILL SPEND YOUR TIME GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER. AM I CLEAR?" He said as we followed him to the doors "YES GENERAL SHEPHERD" we said once again and he open the doors. Once we got outside it was muddy but least it stopped raining.. for now.

I thought looking at the sky. there were lots of oppsticals to go by and I know we're going to be timed. But that's not till later who knows what day two will bring. When we got the order to start running everyone took off. I was in the middle with this guy in deep thought. He turns to me and winks. Nice try not shot. It wasn't till people staton running as mins went by

20 mins 2 people stopped
32 mins 4 people stopped
47 mins 2 people stopped

Now it was me and some other guy. I never felt such burn in my chest before but my legs kept running. "WELL LOOK AT THAT CADETS. WE GOT OURSELVES NONQUITERS, KEEP RUNNING MS.ACKLES. MR.ROYCE" we not heard our general call out but we kept running. I could see this Royce guy looking over at me in wonder if I would soon stop. Shit not on my watch. Just when I thought I was about to give out he stopped and groaned in pain. I smirked still running till I got to the group where general stopped me "enough Ackles" I took a deep breat holding my chest and covered in sweat.

"Good. Job" a man walked up to me. "I'm Jeremiah Cook" he handed me a bottle but my legs gave out "ugh.. I'm dying" some of the guys chuckled but I took that damn water and drank half of it as the other half went all over my face "sorry.. needed to recover. Everyone the names Arianna Joyce Ackles but I go by AJ, I was a cop before I came to raccoon city joined here because it's more action and I get to all y'all asses cause I'm girl" I winked at all them they laughed. "Sure girl, I'll like to see you kick my ass tomorrow. I'm Anthony Gardner I joined here cause what else am I going to do after 3 years college" I nodded smirking.

"I'm James Mathews, reason why I join is cause my older brother was captain once here" the guy that I beat at running with sat stood next to me "alrighty I'm Jensen Royce, I'm from Seattle, came here cause of the action and I get to carry certain weapons during different weapons" he says smirking and some guys agreed to that. Everyone else started chatting about themselves. After our general came up to our huge circle up. Telling our next task was push up and sit ups. Anthony smirked at me. Guess we're not waiting for tomorrow.

At the end of the day I felt half of my body parts dead. Okay Anthony beat me at push-ups but lost in sit ups and tomorrow we're getting separated in groups which we picked in a group of 5 today since it's equal so starting tomorrow.

Group 1
AJ Ackles
Age: 24
Jeremiah Cook
Anthony Gardner
Age: 28
Jensen Royce
Age: 26
James Mathews
Age: 25

Group 2
Audra Strong
Age: 26
Markus Saveride
Age: 27
Dontrell West
Age: 23
Jesus Sanchez
Age: 26
Trevor Kendrick
Age: 27

I got home after I stopped by to get me some Chinese food. After I ate I just wanted to shower and sleep. Didn't really take long for me to pass out. Set my alarm and hit the pillow.

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