Being With You


This is a story of friendship, respect, and love between the sniper duo of Class 3-E, Chiba Ryuunosuke and Hayami Rinka, beginning the start of the assassination classroom until their graduation in junior high.

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:


(𝟏𝐬𝐭 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡)

Before Hayami could make up an excuse to decline Fujiwara’s invitation, he had already pulled her wrist towards the gymnasium. The place was packed beyond her comfort as well as bursting with excited chatter.

Who wouldn’t though if the one playing today at the school festival were the members of the Light Music Club?

They stood on the empty space in the back. Luckily enough, they still have a full view of the stage.

“I heard that the drummer is the son of a member of a famous band called Ladies’ Men. He was even approached by agents of big-time industries because of his talent. Can you believe that?” Fujiwara babbled as he kept his eyes forward on the stage, eager to the core to finally see his senpai perform.

Hayami simply smiled since she was not familiar with rock bands and the music industry. She, then, glanced at the stage just as the band members positioned themselves, their appearances almost concealed by the smokescreen effects.

“What’s up, elites of the Kunugigaoka Junior High!” the vocalist bellowed on the microphone, causing an uproar from the audience. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

When he had strummed his guitar and the drummer had tapped the cymbals, everyone broke into excitement. All except for Hayami.

She remained watching their performance when her gaze landed on the bassist player. He has raven hair that was gelled up like a shark’s fin. Because of the fog and the colorful bright lights, she couldn’t clearly see his face. But his odd hairstyle was not the one that has made her drill holes in him. It was because he looked so full of energy playing by the side, and because of how his fingers were plucking the strings of the bass guitar so nimbly that it reminded her of the way she felt about doing jazz dance.

‘Cool,’ she thought as an impressed breath escaped her lips.

After the performance, Fujiwara once again dragged Hayami backstage to greet his drummer senpai. It was his dream to join the Light Music Club as a drummer, but due to the overwhelming academic standards of the school, he couldn’t afford to reduce his study time for his passion for music.

As soon as Chiba stepped off the stage, one of the students in charge of the backstage flinched upon seeing his face. The student sped off while avoiding eye contact.

With a sigh, he put down his hair to cover the upper half of his face. On-stage, people were too distracted with the music and the crowd to notice his intense gaze within his maroon red orbs. Off-stage, they treated him as if he were a ghost, unnerving to look at and scary to come near to.

That’s why he grew out his bangs to hide his eyes although they found his new ‘emo’ look creepy regardless.

He guessed that was better than scaring everyone off. At least his classmates have been approaching him even though it was not to befriend him but, rather, to take advantage of him by asking a dozen favors.

“Great job, everyone!” the vocalist hollered, addressing even the stage crew.

Then a boy with caramel hair swept in the back, together with a girl with tangerine-like waves resting on her shoulders. The caramel hair’s face lit up at the sight of the club’s drummer, bumping into Chiba’s arm as he passed by.

“Sorry,” the boy uttered quickly before calling out the drummer’s name.

Chiba turned to the quiet stoic-faced girl trailing behind her caramel-haired friend, who was busy adoring his drummer senpai.

Her emerald eyes, then, flitted towards him. He felt his breath hitched in his throat. Somehow, she managed to meet his gaze that was concealed beneath his fringe.

And in contrast to the usual reaction of other people, she gave him a brief nod before going to her friend’s side.

It was as if she could actually see him for who he is.

What they didn’t know was their little encounter would have a next one – a bigger one, that is, which involved assassinating their supernatural homeroom teacher.

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