Knowing true fear=sequel sight of fear


Arianna Joyce Ackles (AJ Ackles) just moved to Raccoon City to restart her life. She passed all the tests to become a S.T.A.R member.. this is just the beginning of her life

Adventure / Other
MaryJo Marcotte
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Knowing true fear chapter 1

Leon Scott Kennedy just got to Raccoon City. It's his first day in S.t.a.r.s but when he got to raccoon he was engulfed in horror of the sight of people attacking other people and eating them. And all he could think is what happen.

Leon's pov

I walked around suddenly a few undead going after a girl. I charged towards her shooting my way through. The girl turn to me confused as I was in this situation. I yelled.. well ordered her to get down and she didn't hesitate, she crouched to the ground as I fired my gun at these zombie looking people. She yelled at me to move then the next thing I know a knife when past me hitting an other zombie that staggered towards me. "Hmm.. not bad" I committed at her throwing skills at her age. "Yeah.. my brother's partner Arianna taught me how to throw a knife but I never thought what she taught me would actually work" she smiled as I went over to retrieve the knife.

Then I notice the move belonged to S.T.A.R.S.. "S.T.A.R.s... a special force issue huh?" I said as saw the the Name AJ Ackles engraved on once side of the blade. "Yeah my Brother in S.T.A.R.s with his Partner Jill and Arianna but the main reason I'm here I either gotta find Arianna or my brother Chris" she said walking towards me. I handed her knife back. "The names Claire Redfield" she introduced herself. I shook her hand "Leon Kennedy" as we looked around "So.. What's exactly happened here?" Claire asked. I sighed "I just got to raccoon city" I replied hearing her sigh "guess I can't get you to show me around" I shook my head.

I tried my radio but it was just static, damn, "no signal on here either" I groan frustrated "alright let's head over to the police station maybe there we can see what's going on" Claire nodded. "So your brother is Chris Redfield?" I asked curiously and she nodded hmm wasn't he supposed to be my captain when I arrived? ".Uhh Leon..." I looked up seeing we were being semi circled by more undead, "where the hell are they comming from?!" I looked at them as we kept shooting. I could tell Claire was scared so we had to move. "Claire follow me" I beckoned Claire to come with me.

We both ran into an ally to get away from the creatures but we met a dead end when the door to a gate wouldn't open. "Shit it won't open" I swore.. I heard Claire yell 'get away from me' I turn to see undead closing in. I grabbed her and we moved out of the alley when more undead were seen but they weren't surrounding us. "This way!" Claire looked at me with the are you sure look as we shot our way through. "Just run" I yelled. We sprinted to another alley where we were stopped by more zombies "Jesus Christ.. they're everywhere" Claire says gunning them down "stay next to me Claire" I told her. we continued to move.

But there was to many of these undead to even move, "why won't you die dammit" me and Claire turned to the voice followed my yelling in agony there was a zombie eating into the survivor. "He's being eaten alive!" Claire shouted disgusted we in seconds the survivor was dead. " I can't believe this.." Claire says in shock.. I don't blame her. Soon enough we managed to break into a gun store. There was a radio with a note by it. I read it with Claire over my shoulder

she laughed "she alive.. knew she would." I looked at her "kind of creepy how she knew we were going to be In here.. " I admitted looking around. Claire turned on the radio.

" Reports on Raccoon city disasters is scheduled to be broadcast again tonight at eight o'clock" the radio spoke.

I looked at my watch it was 7:34pm. "Let's grab what we can" I said she nodded. Seems like we're going to listen to this AJ chick, I went for a shot gun and a submachine gun along with extra bullets. Claire went for another blow gun. we looked out when more zombies approached us. "Let's get out of here " she says and we ran through the back. "picked a wrong day to become a rookie" I sighed shaking my head. "Oh god what is that smell" Claire says as we reached a sudden smell.. "maybe something is rotting?" I looked around as we walked into an alley and there was another note on the wall

I just stared at it.. how the hell? "Alright let's head back to the streets since your friend of yours knows my every move" I frown. Claire smiled as we got back on the streets heading forward "she's that good.. she was going to be placed for captain but she refused, rumors are that she left S.T.A.R.s after she gave birth a year ago" i looked at Claire.. gave birth? I smirked must be one bad ass mom then.. then out of no where the K9s came into view they growl at us.

So AJ calls them hell hounds.. I see why. "Stay away from me" I hear Claire shout at the in annoyance. The dogs whine as they fell to there death. We hear crash when I look behind us there was a horde on our ass. "We gotta go" I shouted Claire looked back and joined in with me running "why do they only attack humans?" She asked as we ran up the street. Speakers from the police station came on and an announcement came on

" everyone in this vicinity must evaluate to the raccoon city police station, immediately. An emergency evacuation has been initiated and a rescue team is on its way"

Me and Claire looked at each when we heard that. But weird part is that it got all quiet all of a sudden. "Oka-" before I was about to speak a zombie grabbed me out of no where trying to sink its teeth into my chest "Leon!" Claire shouted with a few shots. I pushed the zombie off me when Claire shot it in the head, "we gotta keep moving" we jogged the rest of the way not stopping. "Genre it is.. that's the raccoon city police station" I shouted Claire looked relieved "finally" we ran into the building till more zombie dogs appeared when we ran in.

" shot them in the head Claire" I told her as we shot everything that movies towards us. Once we finished the undead and dogs we put our guns down then walked further in. We took a break for a bit since the police station is secured. Then they notice that no one is here and it's abandoned we walked around for a bit till we saw something.. hopefully alive. "Hey, you ok?" I asked then the officer pulled out his gun " who are you?.. wait., I know you face.... your supposed to be the rookie, how's your welcome party going for you?" He chuckled,I looked at him confused

"how.." he cut me off. " oh cause AJ Ackles and Chris Redfield came here weeks ago and looked up people that would be good for S.T.A.Rs Members" I see.. I groan putting my gun away "which AJ said you were the only one that has that click.. whatever that means.." Claire smiled " smirked "she's always good at ready people just by pictures" I raised my eyebrows at her "excuse have to see this AJ chick?" I asked "yeah but she left with her daughter.. I didn't see where they went " he started holding his side.. but shook it off. Hmm.. we left the officer to himself as me and Claire movies in the police station.

We looked into an office and saw something disturbing that made Claire gasp in horror there was blood everywhere. "Deep breaths" I calmed her she nodded as we walked out seriously it looked like someone was gutted and then had a bath in the persons blood. There was drag marks. We heard a windo crack we both turn to see something jump at us causing us to both lose balance, falling to the ground. "Where did it go?!" She said panicked when I helped her back on her feet. I shook my head no knowing till I saw droplets I looked up, Claire followed my shocked gaze as we looked at huge flesh colored looked monster it's brain was showing and it had a long tongue..

we ran from it till an other fell to the ground form the air vent " we better get out of here quick" Claire says leading the way, we got out shutting the door behind us as we walked down the police station we heard a screeching sound behind us as we looked back at the long tongue monster.. where did that come from? We both pulled our guns and tried to shoot them but its movement were so fast out bullets. We heard a canon sound from behind us and a rocked flew passed us blowing the creature in pieces. We turn to our savior to see a women with dark brown hair with in military clothing and a baby maybe 1 of 2 years old by her feet holding in to her leg.

"AJ!" Claire says running towards her. They hugged each other as I walked towards them. They broke apart "look at you all grown and taking out undead.. such a future we have" she scoffed picking up her child. "But we gotta go. It's not safe here." Me and Claire didn't argue or ask questions. As we turn a corner. AJ handed me the rocket launcher and told me how to time them then shoot. When it was blown walked through the doors not knowing what to expect.

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