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Odd Confession

Odd Confession
It is after volleyball practice and Nishinoya is chasing after Asahi trying to get his attention
Nishinoya: Oh come on Asahi I need a good friend to talk to about this but urgently I'm panicking.
Asahi: Dude Noya you're my best friend and all but for fucks sake I have shit to do today, and your idea of urgent is whether Kiyoko was wearing a new pair of tights or not. Sorry Noya but not today.
Continues to run behind Asahi trying to keep up with giant's steps
Nishinoya: It really truly is urgent this time I swear on volleyball.
Asahi freezes in his tracks. Noya runs up in front of Asahi with a serious face so he can have a good look at him.
Asahi: So it really is serious huh?
Nishinoya: it's like I've been talking to a wall for the last five minutes.
Asahi: What about Tanaka? He's your best friend as well? I really have something to do today Noya...
Nishinoya: um well you see that's kinda the issue. It involves Tanaka and I don't comfortable talking to him about it.....
Asahi examined Nishinoya's expression and can see's that he is clearly genuinely being troubled by something
Asahi: Damn it Noya I'm canceling my plans just for you just so you know....
Nishinoya: woah Asahi thank you! You're so awesome!
Asahi begins to walk home and Nishinoya follows closely behind
Asahi: yeah it's ok... but this better be good.
Nishinoya giggles
Nishinoya: yeah i-it's kinda weird and I'm kind of scared to tell anyone else but um, I really trust you Asahi ok..
Asahi could feel the worry in Nishinoya's voice it was odd and very unlike him
Asahi: as you should I am your bestest friend after all.
Asahi smile's widely in an attempt to lighten the mood. They both giggle as they continue on their way to Asahi's place. Nishinoya's expression fades into a worried face
Nishinoya: yeah I just I hope that won't change.
Asahi stops in his tracks once more and looks at Nishinoya, very confused .
Nishinoya stops walking and looks down at the ground
Asahi: Hey what the fuck Noya what happen to "I trust you Asahi!" do you really think I'd walk out of your life just like that!!!
Nishinoya: ahhhh I don't know I'm sorry I'm really scared Asahi...
Asahi hugs Nishinoya tight to reassure him. Unaware that someone's watching them. Asahi releases Nishinoya and pats him on the head.
Asahi: ok calm down now let's go we'll talk at home, seems pretty serious so we wouldn't want anyone eavesdropping..
Nishinoya smiles a genuine smile and jumps on Asahi giving him another tight hug, Asahi catches Nishinoya. Noya then cups Asahi's face with his hands. To anyone watching it would seem like they were about to kiss.
Nishinoya: oh thank you! Thank you so so much Asahi I don't know what I'd do without you!
Asahi: yeah haha anytime..
Asahi puts Nishinoya down on the ground. Noya grabs Asahi's hand and runs off pulling him towards the direction of his own home. Once they arrived they were both out of breath.
Asahi: oh my gosh dude I almost ate shit so many times..
Nishinoya: oh I'm sorry! I just need to get this off my chest.
Asahi: Noya you idiot I told you to calm down. No let's go in I'll get us some water ok..
Nishinoya: ok!
They walk in and slip their shoes off. Noya runs up to Asahi's room.
Nishinoya: I'll be waiting in your room ok...
Asahi: alright be there in a minute! and don't touch anything!
Asahi grabs two cups of water and heads up towards his room. He walks in to see Noya sitting up on his being waiting patiently while looking at the ground.
Ok somethings definitely up Asahi thought.
Asahi: here drink up.
Noya looks up startled out of his own little world.
Nishinoya: OH right thank you!
Noya quickly downs the cup of water. Then takes a deep breath and yells
Asahi out of pure shock spits his water on Noya drenching him in a mixture of water and saliva. Noya sits there in shock in confusion. Asahi panics.
Asahi: omg Noya! Shit! I'm so so sorry just caught me by surprise! Go shower and give me your clothes. I'll wash them while you shower.
Noya just nods and walks off to the shower. He gives Asahi his clothes and then Asahi hands Noya a shirt of his.
Asahi: I'm sorry but it's all I've got for now..
Nishinoya: um Asahi... um what about... um.. you know
Asahi looks at Noya confused before realizing.
Asahi: Ohh right um well mine are pretty big so.. um I'll get you something from my moms...
Nishinoya: no that's weird Asahi!
Asahi: no it's ok I'll explain later and you know what I'll get you a shirt too..
Nishinoya: NO! This one is fine. Taking shorts is already weird enough!
Asahi: alright! alright!
Asahi puts Noya's clothes to wash and heads up to his mom's room to find Noya some shorts. He grabs the first ones he sees and leaves. He heads towards the bathroom and knocks on the door. Noya opens the door slightly. Asahi hands him the shorts and Noya shuts the door.
Nishinoya: really funny Asahi could you have found any smaller shorts........
Asahi: oh sorry.. I just picked the first ones I saw... I kinda didn't wanna dig in my mom's clothes you know...
Noya walks out the bathroom in the tightest shorts and a very big loose shirt tied up laying barely right above the shorts. Asahi bursts into laughter.
Asahi: wow Noya look at you!!
Noya smacks Asahi and then lays down his bed with a towel on his head.
Nishinoya: go shower hurry up I'll wait for you...
Asahi: what why?
Noya turns to Asahi and looks at his shirt. Asahi looks down and realizes he somehow managed to drench himself as well.
Asahi: oh um right.. wait for me I won't be long.
Asahi goes off to shower. Moments later Asahi's mother walks into his room.
Mom: Hey honey I'm hom- oh hi Noya didn't know you were coming over today!
Nishinoya: oh hello pardon for intruding. It was kinda a last minute thing.
Asahi's mom looks at Noya very concerned. Noya realizes.
Mom: um are those.. my um?
Noya can feel his face starting to heat up.
Nishinoya: oh um yeah... I'm so so sorry it's just Asahi we're being dumb and I kinda spit water all over us.
Mom: haha no worries keep them they look cute on you.. well I'm off to prepare dinner let Asahi know I'm here ok?
Nishinoya: ahh yes of course!
Asahi's mom leaves, seconds later Asahi steps out the bathroom.
Asahi: that was awkward hahaha
Nishinoya: wow ok!
Asahi sits on the bed besides Noya.
Asahi: ok well let's talk now..
Nishinoya: alright.. I'll dry your hair while we are at it. Sit back and move your legs.
Noya kneels right in between Asahi's legs and begins to dry his hair.
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