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here I post my wattpad book hope you enjoy it the stories are NOT mine

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Jabami Yumeko

You were a singer and you two had met when she went to your concert because she had heard of you everywhere and she didnt have anything to lose by going to see you

Hence, her falling head over heels right after the show and wishing she had gotten vip tickets to see you backstage

However, you had enrolled into Hyakkaou later and everyone was going insane over you but your eyes locked onto Yumekos and you were intrigued by her

Knowing the rules of the school, you werent shocked when she asked you to gamble but instead of ruining your lives and getting money she had proposed something else: youd have to go out with her if she won

Predictably, she had won only because you had purposely chosen a game that you could lose because going out with Yumeko didnt seem like a punishment at all.

After officially going out with her, your lives couldnt be more different; you were as busy as ever and tried to avoid the press outside of school, leading to her going everywhere with you because she had the aura of someone that said you mess with her or bother her at all, Ill ruin your life

She gambled her days away and practically bounced into your arms when she saw you each time and explained what happened in the game

Yumeko is allowed to go on your concerts because shes the only person that truly relaxes you and helps you out so shes truly a treasure

She has been interviewed and once she was asked: How does it feel to date one of the most famous singers in the world?

With her signature smile, she merely responded with her job doesnt define her, I like her for who she is behind stage and were very happy together

She has tried to get you to gamble but respects your wishes if you dont; it would bring down your reputation after all

Yumeko loves you with all her heart and shed do anything for you, she wants to make sure you feel loved because shes the one person you truly want to keep by your side no matter what


Yumeko all up on you, its heaven.

honey, this lives in my head rent free

ugh, just think about it, her hair on the side of her body, because he wants to look at your face while her fingers play with ur pussy

ur body feels so hot, her soft lips brush against the skin of ur neck making u squirm more

she lifts up her head just to look at ur face again, seeing the lewd expressions that u are doing for her

she takes her fingers out of your wetness, she says "open ur mouth", and shove her fingers in ur mouth so u can have a taste of yourself

she takes her fingers out of ur mouth and kiss u, making u share the taste of ur cunt that was in ur mouth a few seconds ago

then she decides to go down on you, playing more with ur pussy until u cum hard in her face <33
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