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Armin Arlet/First Time

Armin blushed a deep red when he looked up at you, he tried to hide his face from you but you gently pried his arms away. Dont be so shy now. You said teasing wiggling your hips in his lap, his erection pressed against you. B-b-but what if someone sees? He whispers, your eyes travel down his handsome face to his neck where you left multiple deep bite marks, his pale creamy skin now dark red and purple. You giggled throwing your head back, No one will see and if they do then who cares? Arent they always teasing you about being a prude? He raised his eyebrows looking at you, Well, yeah but this is supposed to happen between just us.

You leaned back, And it is, my cute little kitten. You said tucking a piece of blonde hair behind his ear. His breath hitched in his throat when he heard his nickname, leaning forward again Armin looked down at your breasts. You know you enjoy it. You said looking in his eyes, and truth be told he does. When you mark him like that he feels that possessiveness you radiate, a lot of people tend to pick on him and your always there for him. Sometimes youd even push Eren and Mikasa out of the way. He looked up at you and smiled, you look so beautiful sitting in his lap. The love for you overshadowed any doubt he had and thats what kept him coming back to you.

Now be a good boy and let me take care of you. You softly demanded, nodding his head he watched you slide down his body a bit, your lips attaching to his soft skin. You sucked in leaving a bruise just above his nipple, crossing his arm over his face he felt your hand palm his erection which begun to strain against his uniform, he bucked his hips up, Im sorry! He cried, sighing you straddled his lap again and pulled away his arm, Dont be embarrassed, okay? I can show you how to feel real good. Even though youve two been dating quite a while Armin never let it go past the marks you would leave on his body. Sometimes Eren and Jean would see and tease him about how he finally lost his virginity even though it hasnt happened yet, they only assumed by the marks.

Are you okay? You asked before taking another step, I trust you. He stammered, his blue eyes glazed over with the overwhelming desire he felt for you, tracing his abs with your finger you left at least a dozen love bites all over his chest, once finished you looked at your handiwork. Do I need to get naked? He asked you, It makes it easier.

While he watched you strip naked he fumbled with his button on his pants, Let me help. You leaned over him and started to unbutton his pants, he didnt know what caused him to do it but he leaned forward and grabbed your breast, pinching your nipple in the progress, you moaned at the contact which egged Armin on, his hand squeezed your breast while you got his pants down to his thighs, he kicked it off and finally he laid naked, Youre so handsome. You whispered getting back on the bed sitting between his legs, you reached down and caressed his thighs, bending down you kissed the soft skin then sunk your teeth in leaving him more marks, small whimpers left his mouth. Then you grabbed his cock and began to pump, your soft hand wrapped around it was enough to make him cum but he held it back. He murmured your name when you bent down licking the pre-cum that started to dribble down his length, he inhaled sharply then his eyes rolled in the back of his head when your mouth encased his cock, Armin started whimpering as you bobbed up and down, you pulled up with your tongue licking every inch, Angel! Armin cried out, his orgasm making him shudder, cum shot to the back of your throat.

His arm covered his face in embarrassment, Armin. He looked up to see you looking at him, your lips swollen and wet. Im so sorry, it felt so good.

Dont worry about it, did you enjoy it though? You asked sitting on your legs, Yes, it was incredible but now its my turn. He said grabbing your wrists pulling you forward, he laid you on your back, Are you sure? You asked looking at his blonde hair between your open legs, he did the same kissing and caressing your thigh before leaning down to leave his own marks, you tangled your fingers in his hair as he left more marks then his tongue darted out licking you, since this was his first time you guided his head to the right spot. He took note and pressed your clit in with his tongue, Armin, thats it. You moaned circling your hips, he used his fingers to spread you open gaining more access. For his first time hes a quick learner but that didnt surprise you, then you felt two fingers thrust inside you. Armin! You cried throwing your head back, your orgasm rolled in and you came over his face, at first Armin pulled away confused on what was happening but when he realized you were cumming he attached his mouth sucking deeper. Once you were both satisfied he pulled away looking at you with renewed hunger, you sat up and looked at him. Reaching out you grabbed his shoulders and pulled him kissing him, tasting your cum on his tongue. He moaned in your mouth, taking control you guided him back to laying down so you could straddle him.

His cock grazed your cunt making both of you shudder, rocking your hips you sat down letting him bottom out, he threw his head back. A blow job did not compare to this he thought, you leaned forward and grabbed the headboard as you ground against him, while Armin whimpered you bent down and kissed him again, rocking your hips slowly you found a torturous pace slowly building both of your orgams, Armin set his hands on your waist and helped you move, You feel so amazing. Armin praised you, rolling your head back you bounced up and down, both of you lost in pleasure. At this point Armin couldnt hold back, he came which triggered your orgasm in turn you began to milk his cock, Armin, oh God, Armin! You cried leaning forward to bury your head in the crook of his shoulder.

He cleaned the both of you up with a warm washrag then he tucked you in his arms and held you close, I love you. He whispered in your ear, I love you too.

credits to:animeobsessed203
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