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Rivalry | Taekook


A village spilt into two, the West group and the East group. Both of them being rivals making the village complete chaos, fighting and killing between the two groups being common. Despite all this two boys managed to fall for each other...but the people of course won't accept them. Will they finally get their chance to be happy? *Warnings* Top Gguk Bottom Tae Age-gap Bullying Killing Cursing Homophobia Sucidal thoughts attempts? BxB

Drama / Romance
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In the far outskirts of Seoul was a beautiful village, everything looked peaceful and heavenly. The village has the pretty flowers, beautiful greenish lands, the fresh air, everything was just so beautiful but the only thing not beautiful about the village were the people.

Nearly a hundred years ago King Sung-Hoo ruled this beautiful place and that was the last time village people had a peaceful life, after the kings death people started getting greedy, they started fighting for the throne. The young prince who was just sixteen at that time wasn't able to do anything in order to save his people.

One part of the village opposed to make the young prince as their next leader but the other part of the village accepted it. From then their rivalry started, the village was completely divided into two parts.

One group occupied the West side of the village while the other group took the East side, both having only hatred to each other. From that day no one of the opposite groups interacted in a good way.

Then there is the village head who is supposed to be truthful and not show favouritism but he did, he was part of the West group so all of his solutions benefited them. The head of the village is changed once every two years, each group select one person from their side . The two selected individuals compete in various activities and the strongest wins. This time the West group had their luck.

The opposite group members falling in love is defenitely a big no but Taehyung and Jeongguk did, what will their life be now?
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