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Strange Girl : A George Weasley fanfiction


DISCLAIMER : This story is inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies by J.K Rowling so the credit goes to her This story will not have many sexual scenes until Isabelle's 4th or 5th year Some actions might be similar to parts of other fanfictions or movies or books Isabelle Olivia Potter, is the older sister of the soon to be famous Harry Potter. She was 3 years old when her parents got killed by you-know-who. She knew your they were not normal but she was too young to understand. When she turned 11 she saw something strange at the front door. The actions might not seem that real but it's a fanfiction and I never wrote anything before so please don't hate on my writing skills. This story will go through all the Hogwarts years with different events.

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1. The Day It Happened

Isabelle was in the kitchen with her father, James, he was talking with someone on the phone while her mother, Lily, took care of her little brother, Harry. Her brother was one year old.

She heard her father saying ”Forgive me, please, for Lily!“on the phone, but she didn’t really care about what her father was saying or who he was talking to.

James was talking to the person on the phone when he heard something at the door. He told Isabelle to go hide under the stairs and stay there. She ran under the stairs and heard her father yell her mother’s name. ”LILY! HE’S HERE, HIDE!" he was screaming. Isabelle was scared, she heard her father running upstairs, he was still screaming like it was the last day of his life, the next thing Isabelle knew is that she was out from under the stairs.

She took a peek upstairs and she saw a green light and then her father’s body dropped on the floor. She was shocked, she couldn’t even scream or cry. She went up the stairs and she saw a cloaked, tall shape, that looked like a man. She picked up her father’s wand, she didn’t know exactly what it was, she just knew she saw her father using it and saying strange words. A word she remembered him using all the time started with the letter S. She was thinking to herself ”Sou-...surpri--...no...OH....STUPEFY!" Isabelle screamed, and a blue light came out of the stick she picked up from the floor.

She wasn’t powerful enough so the cloaked man flew just a little bit and Isabelle ran to her mother, Lily was shocked when she saw her and she grabbed her hand and squeezed her into a tight hug. They were crying and the cloaked shape got to the room. The next thing Isabelle knew was that the green light she saw earlier was back and her mother stopped crying. She didn’t know what happened right away but when her mother wasn’t moving and the man wasn’t there anymore. Isabelle started crying and hugged Harry.

She noticed something on her right wrist, it was a lightning shaped scar that she soon noticed was on Harry’s forehead too.

After a bit of time she heard men voices coming from downstairs. She was still in shock, she didn’t know what to do.

Soon the voices got closer and closer. She heard a man saying “Oh, James...” and then they came across the room where her mother was lying down on the floor, without moving or breathing. Isabelle raised her eyes and saw a tall man with glasses and a long white beard and a tall man with black greasy hair and a long black coat. The white bearded man sighed and looked at them saying ”Look at these poor children, Severus..." slowly moving his eyes to the greasy haired man. But the other man wasn’t paying attention. He was looking at the body that was on the floor, on the edge of crying ”Lily...she died for them, Albus.“. ”Yes, but she died like a hero, now, let’s see if Hagrid is near maybe he can escort them to the closest family they have.”

The two men left and after thirty minutes a GIANT came in the room where her and Harry were crying ”Yeh poor kids....come on let’s go home!" The giant grabbed the two of them and placed them in a motorcycle. Isabelle was still crying and she was holding Harry tight. The giant got in the motorcycle and put his helmet on. Isabelle was looking at him with tears in her eyes. The giant wiped the tears on her face and said ”It’s going to be ok!" then he started the engine and the vehicle started shaking, she was scared so she started holding Harry tighter and the motorcycle began to fly.

She looked around. The city was beautiful at night and seeing it from the sky made it even better.

She was exhausted so she thought it was just a dream and then fell asleep.

When she woke up she was in a house, on a couch, she was so relieved, it was all a dream, but then she saw a fat man with a big moustache and a tall woman with a long neck. She didn’t know who they were but she knew that it wasn’t a dream and that her parents were really gone.


Isabelle lives with her aunt and uncle at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. Her and Harry don’t get treated too nicely but at least they have a home.

She sleeps on the couch and Harry sleeps under the stairs. She wakes up everyday at 6 a.m and makes breakfast but today she slept more because it was a special day. It was july 16th, her birthday today is the day she turns 11. Obviously she didn’t think that anyone would remember since her uncle and aunt treat her like a slave.

She got out of bed and before she even got to wake up properly, aunt Petunia started yelling at Isabelle asking why she didn’t make breakfast. Isabelle was used to her family not knowing when her birthday is so she ran to the kitchen and started making breakfast.

Breakfast was on the table, eggs with bacon and waffles. Harry woke up and went to the kitchen, he ran to Isabelle and wrapped her into a warm, tight hug. ”Happy Birthday, Izzy!" Harry whispered in her ear. Hearing those words made Isabelle tear up a little and she thanked him and hugged him even tighter. They sat at the table and ate silently., not making eye contact with the Dursley family. Isabelle was done eating so she got up and went to the hall to get the mail. While she was walking to the door, something flew through the mail slot in the door.

It looked like a letter, it was a strange and looked a little bit old.

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