Lucy Bear (Not using my real first name) is in her final year at Hogwarts. For a 17 year old witch she is extremely bright, intelligent and beautiful. However things take a horny turn when Draco Malfoy invites Lucy to his house as he is having a party, where she has no idea of what awaits her there. “Ahh Mr Malfoy, what a pleasure! My name is Lucifer Morningstar!” Harry Potter but with a devilish twist 😈

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“Draco why would I come to your shitty party when we ain’t even friends.” I snicker as I try and walk away from the blonde twat.

“Lucy! How can you say that?” Draco smirks as he throws his arm around my shoulder and I shiver in disgust.

“Because your a nasty little cretin.” I smirk as I remove his arm from my shoulder.

“Your only saying that because your a scared little virgin and you won’t have sex with me.” Draco teases as he continues to follow and harass me.

I stop and turn around, crossing my arms and rolling my eyes.
“If I come to this stupid fucking party, will you leave me the fuck alone in the future?”

Draco grins. “Deal.”

Draco hands me a card and walks away, walking over to his Slytherin friends.

Why the fuck does he want me to come so desperately?

I roll my eyes and make my way down to the Quidditch pitch for practise. I am the seeker for my house which is Hufflepuff.


I smirk as I walk out of the changing rooms and approach my best friend Rebecca.

“Didn’t know if you were gonna show up.” She gives me a hug.

“Of course I would, I was just held up with some bullshit.” I put on my Quidditch robes and pick up my broom.

“Draco again?” Rebecca snickers as she eyes up my broom, “What broomstick is that?” She runs her fingers along the handle of the broom.

“Yes that filthy little cretin and it is the Nimbus 2001, a gift from my mother before she died.” I frown at the memory of my mother being murdered.

“I’m sorry.” Rebecca gives me a sad smile.

“It’s fine don’t worry.” I smile as I walk over to the pitch with Rebecca.

Rebecca is a chaser.

“Our next game is with Ravenclaw.” Our team captain, Cedric explains.
“We can not lose to them again.” Cedric runs his fingers through his hair.

“He’s so hot.” Rebecca whispers and I shake my head.

“Seen better.” I snicker.

“You all know what to do, focus and work hard and we will smash the next game.” Cedric mounts his broom and the rest of the team copy.

“Seeker, I know you won’t let us down.” Cedric smiles at me as he flys up.

“Try and beat your time, see if you can get any faster.” Rebecca suggests as we both kick off from the ground and fly up.

“Don’t worry, I plan to.” I smirk.

“Brilliant Lucy! A record time of one minute and forty five seconds!” Cedric and the team clap.

“Oh come on I can do better than that.” I roll my eyes playfully.

“Ravenclaw are going to wish they had you as their seeker.” Justin, a beater pats me on the back.

“Let’s just hope our goal keeper can actually stay on his broom this time.” I tease playfully and Charlie glares at me.

“You try being in goal, it’s scary.” He mumbles.

“Ok ok, let’s go back to the changing rooms and get changed.” Cedric walks off and we follow.

“Ravenclaw don’t stand a chance!” Rebecca starts dancing around the changing room while holding her broom and smacking the air with it.

I laugh as I button up my school shirt.

“I will smack them off their brooms one by one.” Rebecca continues to smack the air with her broomstick.

“Then we will get disqualified and then we will have to kill you.” Ruby, another chaser, smirks.

“Why so tense Ruby?” Rebecca drops her broom and starts mimicking Draco.

“Rebecca stop prancing around in your underwear or you will be late to your next class.” I laugh as I pull up my skirt and throw on my school jumper.

“Why so tense Lucy? Me and my father made a bet you see? You won’t last 5 minutes in this Quidditch match?” Rebecca struts over to me.

“Go away Draco wannabe.” I laugh as I put on my robes and grab my bag.

“She’s definitely wants to bang Malfoy.” Chloe shouts making the girls erupt with laughter.

“I do not want to bang barbie doll.” Rebecca huffs as she finally starts getting changed.

“I would bang his father though.” Ruby smirks, “Have you ever met Lucius Malfoy Lucy?”

I throw my bag over my shoulder and shake my head.

“Nope and I don’t want to, I heard he is a controlling, manipulative cunt.” I shiver in disgust at Lucius Malfoy’s name.

“I will tell him you said that.” Ruby smirks evilly and I shrug my shoulders.

“Go ahead, I couldn’t give a fuck about that nasty man.”

I walk out of the changing room and head to my next class which was potions.


The class falls silent as Professor Snape struts into the classroom.

“There will be no foolish wand waving in this class.” Professor Snape stands behind his desk and watches us intensely.

I open my potion book and flick through it.

“We will be learning about the potion Amortentia.” Snape’s monotone voice slowly drowns out as I feel myself slipping into a daydream.

“Amortentia is the world’s most powerful love potion.”

“Correct.” Snape drowns on.

“Who else can tell me the effects of the potion?”

I close my eyes.

“Miss Bear wake up!” Snape slams his hands on my desk making me jump.

“Shit sorry.” I yawn as I sit up straight.

“Fifty points from Hufflepuff for swearing and another 10 points for not paying attention.” Snape snaps as he grits his teeth angrily.

“Sorry sir.” I mumble.

“I do not care for pathetic apologies Bear.” Snape hisses.

I nod my head and look away awkwardly.

“Why don’t you tell me what effects the potion has on the drinker?” Snape continues to stare into my soul with his dark eyes.

My hazel eyes lock with his dark ones.

“I-I’m not sure.” My face reddens as I hear someone snicker.

Snape continues to stare at me.

“That’s not good enough.” Snape states calmly sending shivers up my spine.
“Maybe if you were to listen you would actually learn something, but I understand that you struggle since your IQ is lower than a troll.” Snape smirks at me before turning away from me and returning to his lesson.


Snape turns around and stares at me again.

“What!” I snap angrily.

“Another 20 points from Hufflepuff for swearing and attitude.” Snape turns back around and starts talking again.

“How you didn’t lose your shit, it’s amazing.”A Gryffindor boy smirks at me.

“Trust me, the amount of shit I have put up with is worse than some fucking greasy haired cunt.” I laugh slightly as I tie my long brown curls up into a pony tail.

The boys snickers slightly before holding his hand out, “I’m Ron Weasley.”

I shake it laughing, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Weasley, I am Lucy Bear.” Me and Ron laugh.

“Bear, do you always struggle to keep your mouth shut? And Weasley 50 points from Gryffindor.” Snape glares at the both of us and I cover my mouth with my hand.

“Blood he’ll, take all the points you want.” Ron mumbles and I snort into my hand.

Snape glares.

“You won’t mind me talking 70 points then will you Weasley?” Snape questions.

Ron remains silent and Snape snickers.

“At least you only lost 50, I lost my house 80 points in total.” I pull a weird face and Ron snorts.

“BOTH OF YOU OUT!” Snape shouts angrily as he points his wand to the door and the door opens.

Me and Ron stand up and walk outside snickering to each other.

“I can’t believe that old git has left us standing out here for the whole lesson.” Ron moans as he paces up and down the corridor as I sat down on the floor against the wall.

“Well I’m not complaining, I hate potions.” I watch as the students starting leaving the classroom.

“We don’t have much longer to wait now.” Ron mumbles as he sits down next to me.

“Both of you, stand up.”

I look up and see Snape standing by the door looking very unhappy, we both stand.

“Bear with me, Weasley, detention tonight with Flich.” Snape pulls me into the classroom and slams the door, not giving Ron a chance to reply.

Then there was silence.

“For someone who is a bright, intelligent witch Bear, you don’t act like it.” Snape struts back over to his desk and sits down behind it, staring at me.

“I’m sorry sir but I really despise potions.” I mumble as Snape narrows his eyes at me.

“I can easily fail you on all exams if you so wish?” Snape smirks as he leans back in his chair, still not breaking eye contact with me.

“Up to you, I can’t stop you.” I shrug my shoulders.

Me and Snape stare at each other.

“Detention with me tonight Bear, I expect you to be back here at exactly eight thirty tonight.” Snape finally looks away and starts grading some papers.

The party? I mean I could skip detention.

“Ok see you then.” I mumble and I leave the classroom and head back to the great hall.

“Detention with Snape!” Rebecca starts laughing as I sit down next to her.

“Well he’s the one that compared my IQ to a troll so I am not going.” I take a bite into my jam sandwich.

“He will kill you.” Ruby chuckles and I shrug my shoulders.

“What have I got to lose? Besides I’m going to Draco’s party and I would rather go to his party then be stuck with the dungeon bat.” I take a bite into my banana.

“It’s going to be so fun!” Rebecca stands up and takes something out of her bag.

“I’m going too, Cedric is my plus one.” Ruby looks over at Cedric and blows him a kiss.


“Hey Lucy!”

I turn around and see Draco approaching, I roll my eyes.

“Turns out my parents will be at home but they will stay upstairs, so your phobia of my parents shouldn’t kick in too bad.” Draco teases and Rebecca giggles.

“Firstly, Rebecca your blushing.” I turn her head so I make her look at Draco.
“Secondly you blonde twat, I do not have a phobia of your nasty parents.” I sneer and Ruby gasps and laughs slightly.

“She thinks your father is a controlling manipulative cunt.” Ruby laughs and I nod my head in agreement.

“Yep I think he is a huge asshole.” I drink some orange juice.

Draco chuckles, “Believe me I know but I will pass him that message on.” Draco smirks at Rebecca before turning around and walking away.

“Great now Lucius will hate me because I told Draco what you said but he will think I said it.” Ruby pouts and I roll my eyes.

“Why do you care so much? He’s a complete maniac.” I snicker.

“He’s hot though.” Ruby moans.

“And he doesn’t care about you, your irrelevant to him.” I grab my bag and stand up.

“Where you going?” Ruby questions.

“Back to the common room to plan out my outfit, wanna come?.” I question the two girls.

“Umm definitely.” Rebecca and Ruby grab their belongings and we all walk together back to the common room.

Tonight will be crazy.

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