Shhh! (a kagehina story)


Kageyama and Hinata are in a secret relationship. No one knows and they don't really want anyone to know. It's their own little thing, which makes it so much cuter. But soon, they start to slip up. Will they manage to keep it all to themselves, or will it all come tumbling down? I don't own any of the photos used in this fic, nor do I own haikyuu or any of the characters. I only own the fanfic itself ♡ This book MAY contain smut/lemon in future updates (i'll edit this once it happens), so if that's not your thing, you don't have to read. (I'll have little indicators so that you can skip them and still enjoy the story ! thank you for reading ! わたしは、あなたを愛しています ♡

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Chapter 1

Hinata’s POV

It's bright.
The light is so bright. I start to squirm to try to get whatever the light is to go away. I stuff my face into the oddly large body pillow underneath me. It's so warm, warmer than usual. I calm down my frenzy and start to fall back asleep. As soon as I was about to drift off, an alarm started going off like no tomorrow. I slowly feel my way across the night stand, eyes still closed, and eventually managing to shut off the blaring alarm. I'm definitely not going to fall back asleep, so I decide to get up and get ready for school. But I feel a pair of strong arms wrapping around me, preventing me from moving. That's when I opened my eyes. I realized that I wasn't in my room, and the body pillow wasn't a body pillow, it was Tobio.

I entirely forgot that I stayed over at Tobio's house the night before-


"Tobi, I forgot my volleyball shoes at you house yesterday! We have practice tomorrow what am I gonna do~"
"Stop whining, you can come over and grab them."
"But it's late and it's a school night-"
"Then just sleep over. My parents are out for a business trip this month. You can stay whenever. Just text your mom to bring over your school clothes for tomorrow."
"Thank you Tobi!"

~End of Flashback~

I lay back down on his chest and snuggle close. I was about to just fall asleep again, but I realized we
ave practice this morning.
"Tobi we have to get up, we have practice."
I said while rolling to the side and sitting up. "Don't.... wanna..."
He leaned his head into the crevice of my neck, still very drowsy. I comb my fingers through his hair and kiss him on the top of the head. "Come onnnn Tobi lets go, I don't want to be late again."
"Fine fine."
He lifted his head of my shoulder and got up. He grabbed his school clothes and towel from his closet.
"I'm gonna go shower first. Go and make breakfast 'kay?" He said kissing me on the forehead.
"Don't burn the kitchen down."
"I'm ACTUALLY a master chef Tobio you just wait and see!" I stuck my tongue out and him and made a face. "Whatever you say Sho."

I made my way to the kitchen and started to cook up some normal egg on rice. In reality, I was pretty bad at cooking. Tobio usually cooked our meals and I just helped. But he likes to give me some opportunities to cook on my own! I'm gonna make the best egg on rice ever created! I had just taken the rice out of the cooker when Tobio walked downstairs. "Egg on rice is your 'master chef' meal?"
"Be quiet! I'm bad at making anything else." I pout. He walks up to me kisses me on my nose. "I love you egg on rice. You don't even have to worry about cooking since I'm here. Go upstairs and shower really quick, we don't have much time."
" 'Kay!" I yell as I sprint upstairs and jump into the shower.

Once I'm all dressed and ready, we have a quick breakfast, and head out for morning practice. I walk hand in hand with Tobio, swinging our hands back and forth while pointing out everything I see. I skip along side him until we make our way towards the gym. We let go of each other's hands (to my disappointment) and walk inside. The third years are already there, so it's a good thing I didn't fuss when Tobio let go of my hand.
"Good Morning guys!"
"Hey Daichi-san! Kageyama and I are gonna head to the club room to change and stretch."
"Okay, but don't be to long, practice starts in 10."

We get to the club room and changed into our volleyball clothes. I was about to head out when I felt someone grab my waist. I turned around and Tobio picked me up and kissed me. We kissed for a solid minute or two then he let me down. "Let's get to practice, I don't want anyone worrying about where we are." "o-okay" I said still flushed about what we just did. He gives me a quick peck on the cheek and we walk down to practice.

Practice starts and we start off with reviving drills (sadly). I'm not all that bad at receiving, but definitely not a good as Noya-senpai or Daichi-san. Asahi stands at the other side of the net as he spikes the ball down to each of us one at a time. First is Noya-senpai, who revives it perfectly. Next is Tsukishima, then Yamagucci, and Suga. They all receive the ball fairly well, then step out of line. I was kind of nervous since it was my turn soon, so I started to tremble and tap my foot. To most people this would look normal, as I'm usually jittery. But anyone close to me would know that something was troubling me. Tobio, who I didn't even realize was standing behind me, leaned down and whispered "Calm down dumbass, you'll do fine." All my blood rushed up to my face, and anyone who looked at me could tell that I was blushing like an idiot. 'Dumbass' had become sort of a pet name between Tobio and I. We mean no harm when calling each other such names, and it was sort of our way of showing affection in public without really 'showing affection'. It was my turn to receive, so I stepped forward and got in position. Asahi spiked the ball over and I received it almost perfectly. I swear it was the best receive I've ever done in my entire life.

I jumped, turned around, and yelled "Did you see that?! Did you see that Tobi? That was amazing!" I saw Tobio's eyes blow wide then a realized what mistake I'd made. My hands flew over my mouth and I started nervously laughing.
"Tobi? Wow I didn't know you guys were on first name status, let alone a shortened version! It kinda sounds like you guys are-"
Noya-senpai was about to continue, but then I cut him off. "AH sorry Kageyama. That's the name my little sister calls you and it slipped out somehow. Sorry about that!" I said frantically, hoping everyone would believe my lie.

"It's fine whatever." Tobio said, looking unphased. After that practice continued as normal, and before I knew it we were in the club room changing back into our school uniform. It was cold that morning so I decided to wear Tobio's hoodie underneath my uniform, since my mom didn't bring mine the other night. Everyone besides Tobio and I were already changed at this point, since we were practicing a little overtime before class started. "We're leaving for class, so make sure you lock up before you leave. And don't be long because class starts soon."
"Thanks Suga, we won't be long." Tobio said as he caught the keys Suga tossed him as the rest of the team left.

We got all dressed and we were about to leave, when Tobio gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll see you after first period 'kay?"
"Okay! When's your free period?"
"Hmmm... today it would be during third period."
"Wanna skip with me? I'll wait for you in the library and we can hang out in one of the empty classrooms."
"That's fine Sho. We need to get to class, we have like 5 minutes."
"You're right! Come on!" I said grabbing his hand, dragging him along as we run into the school building.

A/N: You can find the rest of the book on wattpad! my user is @ahacrystal. I’m probably just going to publish the first chapter on here, unless I decide to entirely switch over. Until then, thanks for reading~

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