Loosing innocence {Draco Malfoy}


'River Snape. A total bookworm. Invisible to most, loving to others. Known by few. Outcasted by all the preppy wannabes of school. Or at least that's that's what everyone thought before seventh year. She had her affects on everyone though. Some more than others. Both good and bad. Possibly if she was with the Parkinson's at the start of seventh year none of this would've happened. Everything would be as it was. Everyone would be their normal selves. And they would have never found her. But that's after everything. To have your full understanding we need to go back to before. Before she gave her innocence away. Before she was mine’ Trigger warning: Sexual scenes Cheating Violence Some parts are sad. Updates every Wednesday. All characters besides Florean Warbeck, Alexander Grindelwald, Jaxxon Grindelwald and River Snape belong to Jk Rowling :/. This is the first book so don't get annoyed at any cliffhangers left in this one because all will be answered in the next.

Romance / Erotica
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River is the daughter of Severus snape, she lives with the Malfoy's though as her father normally stays at Hogwarts for endless amounts of time, you will get to know more about it as the chapters go by :) I hope you enjoy, leave feedback too it will help me for future chapters.

Oh yeah also there might possibly be more parts to this story because I have more planned that just wouldn't fit into this one.. hence the name change. Anyways thank you for the reads and votes even if it's not much, it's enough to get me more reads:)

Also this part isn't how the rest of the story is. To make it make more sense I put their thoughts in italics because then it makes it easier to understand.

Draco's POV:

River Snape. A total bookworm. Invisible to most, loving to others. Known by few. Outcasted by all the preppy wannabes of school.

Or at least that's that's what everyone thought before seventh year.

She had her affects on everyone though. Some more than others. Both good and bad.

Possibly if she was with the Parkinson's at the start of seventh year none of this would've happened. Everything would be as it was. Everyone would be their normal selves. And they would have never found her.

But that's after everything. To have your full understanding we need to go back to before.
Before she gave her innocence away.

Before she was mine...

I hated her. She was annoying. Yes she was practically invisible. That was granted but still. I hated her.

She had no rights to be in my house. She wasn't anything special, her presence just annoyed me. My mother was the whole reason she'd stay. She'd make her feel comfortable enough to want to be here.

Not that she was here very often, normally she was with the Parkinson's on first day but mother insisted that she were to stay with us this year.

I hated her relationship with my mother. Mainly because it wasn't one I had with her. Normally I'd have no one to talk to at home, hence why normally I'd stay at Hogwarts.

Her and Parkinson have been inseparable since first year. Besides from all of fifth year when Parkinson was with me because of her crush. She made it kind of obvious that she liked me.

I didn't care for her feelings though. I cared for no ones feelings but my own.

Snape and I spoke rarely. When we did it would normally be to argue or something.

Since August fifth year anyways. Before that we were acquaintance level, but after we both distanced ourselves from each other. And now... we basically hated each other.

So why did me seeing her on the first day back change me. Change my opinions of her.

Not only now did I want her. But eventually I'd have her. She would be mine. And I'd never share her with anyone.

But first I had to find a way to get her.

Rivers POV:

Before seventh year Malfoy had always hated me. I didn't care though, he hated everyone and everything with a pulse. I wasn't alone.

I was just someone he couldn't have when he wanted a quick fuck, because I had a bit more respect for myself than letting him take my virginity.

Before august in fifth year he and I were somewhat acquainted but after the events we went our separate ways. And eventually ended up hating each other.

His mother always said from our childhood years that one day he and I would end up together. For all sakes I hoped not. He was the guy who fucked every girl with a pulse who was around his age.

I was the girl who normally had her head in books. Even though I was quite, I was quite popular among the Gryffindors. Possibly because previously Fred Weasley and I had dated. But Ron Weasley and I used to be very close until third year when he and Potter became tighter friends.

Probably why Malfoy hated me so much. Because to him hanging out with people that weren't in your own house made you a 'blood traitor'.

Granted his father was Lucius Malfoy. I'd give him that, but my father was head of house and still didn't care who I hung around with as long as I was happy.

I blamed mr Malfoy for most of Draco's problems because Draco wanted to live up to his fathers standards all the time which made no sense to me.

Like why would you want to be a worse version of something that already exists? Like just be yourself and you'll be fine. Or so I always used to think.

Everything was a little more complicated than that. To have your full understanding we have to go back to the start.

After I got ready for my first day back at Hogwarts, I went downstairs to greet everyone. Malfoy was sat down looking very confident in himself.

"Oh, dear we must get you some more fitting uniform before you go back next term, I suppose that one won't fit you by then, I shall have some sent to you before the week is out" Mrs Malfoy said in a kind warm-hearted tone. I hadn't realised it before but my skirt was halfway up my thigh and my robes were the only thing that could cover it. I was a 'late bloomer' as the muggles would say, all my physique and beauty had come just over the summer. With it came more attention, good and bad.

As I went to sit down mrs Malfoy left the room and Draco decided to purposely drop his spoon from his cereal bowl. He wasn't normally like this. The sudden change was strange.

"Pick it up. Snape" he spat. Normally if he dropped something he'd pick it up or get the house elf to pick it up if he was near enough. So why then did he think that for a second I would've thought to pick his spoon up.
"No. Pick it up yourself Malfoy. I'm not your fucking house elf" I said back within an instance, the cocky look he had on faded into a smug grin. "No? You know I don't like hearing no" he spat back. "Get used to it. I'm not going to pick up a spoon that's what? A few inches away. If that." I spat back at him. "Snape pick it up now. If you have me waiting any longer I will have you lick it clean for me too" He growled. He had never acted like this around me so I was very surprised "Malfoy your a pig. I'm not picking it up when it's right by you." I said back coldly "Have it your way then Snape" he said with a smug grin on his face.

He got up which made me think he was leaving the room or something but I got scared when he walked up to me. For a while his eyes were on my body and for some reason it made me feel naked.

before I could think anymore I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and when I turned around it was Malfoy forcing me down to pick up the spoon that he had purposely dropped.

I refused to grab it. The more I didn't grab it, the lower I went. I was practicing on my knees in front of Malfoy. What made it worse was that mr Malfoy walked in. Not that I had noticed yet, I was still on my knees in front of Malfoy. Facing him.

"You could do more now your down th—" he went to say but got cut off by his father washed with a look of disgust on his face.
"Draco Lucius Malfoy. What are you doing... At my table. Your such a disgrace to my name and my family." He spat at Malfoy. "And miss Snape?... I thought better of you. I expect it from Draco as he's no better but you? I'd never think of you to be that type of girl" he said giving me a harsh look of disappointment.

Mr Malfoy neither liked nor hated me, but he'd walked in on what looked like me giving his son head. I'd be thinking the same thing if I walked in and saw that. "Whatever was going on between you two. I suggest you get your acts together. Had it been your mother Draco you and miss Snape both would be in more trouble. I won't ask again. Next time it happens I'll make sure that neither of you see the other again. Especially in my house" Mr Malfoy said taking a seat.

As I stood up he noticed how short my skirt was. I pulled my robes down to make myself look more presentable. "You look like you've came out of a brothel" mr Malfoy said to me making me raise an eyebrow. "Th. . . they're the only ones I have. I looked all over but there was nothing." I said back. "Don't stutter, you know the English language. I'd have expected you of all people to try them on to actually make sure they fit before the day of your going back miss Snape. But yet again you're giving me more options to doubt my original opinions on you" he said, I looked at him with a cold glare before deciding to stand up for myself. "I had no time, plus I was with the Parkinson's and Weasleys for half of the break." I spat back, still angered by what he had said. How dare he even think to call me a prostitute.

Draco seemed amused by what his father was saying. "Well you should've thought to buy some before the day you we're going back to school. Let's hope Parkinson has backup for you or else you will have to go through the embarrassment of looking like a s- well like that on your first day back"
"Mr Malfoy. It's been sorted already. Mrs Malfoy said she'd buy me some more and have them owl'd to me before the week is out. So really there's nothing to worry about" I said back enthusiastically "yeah and knowing you Snape you will wear the shorter ones to boost your confidence." Draco spat back. I went back to my seat and kicked him from under the table causing him to give me a harsh stare.

"I'd suggest that the pair of you go and make sure you have everything you will need. We are leaving in about an hour." Lucius said.

Both of us got up. I picked up my bowl and took it to the sink. Malfoy didn't bother moving his, he was a disgusting pig who always got everything he wanted so of course he wouldn't move his poxy bowl.

Walking up the stairs of the manor Draco was right behind me. "Did you dress like this just to impress me Snape?" He asked smugly. "You wish." I replied back. "It didn't really impress me per say but it did something." He replied. I knew what he was hinting at but I carried on walking up the stairs, trying to ignore him.

I couldn't get further than a few feet away from the stairs though because he had pushed me into the nearest wall. "Change." He said with one hand on my waist and the other on my neck. "I will not do something because you can't control yourself." I replied.

"Believe me Snape, I can control myself, but the question is will I?" He said, I could feel his warm breath against my ear and it made me arch my back.
"And if I'm right, you want this as much as I do." He replied.

I didn't say anything because if I would have it would've been mumbled words so I just looked away from him.

He pulled me into my room. "All you have to do is tell me you want me." He said. "I. . . I don't know." I replied. "Come on, everyone wants me. And you have the opportunity right now to be fucked by me, I mean you'd be a fool not to say you wanted me." He said. "Malfoy, I. . . I haven't been fucked before." I replied. "So your a virgin." He said letting me go. "Yes." I replied, knowing his rule with all of his friends.

"But you wanted it. Right?" He asked. "I did but not anymore I can't let you of all people take my virginity." I replied. "I wouldn't have taken it anyways. It's all about the chase. Plus I don't Fuck virgins, that would mean I'd have to be gentle and soft. Two things I couldn't do." He spat before leaving.

'What was that about?' I asked myself.

The journey to the platform was a bit awkward, but I decided just to keep my head in my book with my cat on my lap. I disregarded anything that Draco did because it would've been awkward to notice him after our encounters before.

We got to the platform after what felt like forever and I went to go find Pansy, Fred, Lee Jordan and George.

We were getting on the train and Fred slapped my ass. It startled me a bit but I turned around and gave him a cold stare.
"Where did all of this come from" he asked hinting at my ass. "Came over the summer. Your dick grown yet?" I asked making both George and Lee laugh. "I was only joking Snape, but if you were to give me another chance, I wouldn't think twice" he said. "Yeah well unfortunately for you Rio doesn't want you back, do you?" Pansy said looking towards me. "I don't want a relationship. End of." I said, ending the conversation.

George had left to go and find where the trolley lady was, and eventually came back with a few snacks and some gossip.
"What did you see then?" Lee asked leaning into what George was going to say.
"I saw Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy at it like pigeons, that were all like..." he stopped and showed us an impression of what they were doing. "So she was on his lap grinding and they had their tongues down each others throats and—"
"I think we got the point." I said cutting him off because of Pansy who had Liked Draco since first year. "Let him carry on, it's funny." Pansy said smiling.

"Wait Parkinson, you haven't told River have you?" Fred said. "Told me what?" I asked. "She's gay." George said. "Yeah like gay gay." Fred said. "As in gay like she only likes girls gay." George said. "Guys I know what gay means." I said. "Yeah but she's like really really gay like dick makes her gag. Pun intended." Fred said making everyone laugh.

"Thanks guys but I would've appreciated it just a bit more if I would've heard it from Pansy herself." I said. "She was scared to tell you." They both said.

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