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You Were Always Mine | Jikook


"Ahh!! What are you doing in my room?" Jimin asked in shock. He just woke up and saw a naked jungkook lying next to him. "I think you didnt realise but this is my room" Jungkook said with a smile on his face while staring at jimin with heart eyes. Jimin got shocked and looked at his surroundings. It was indeed jungkook's room. Jungkook slowly got closer to jimin. "You don't remember what happened last night? Do you?" He whispered in jimin's ear in a husky voice making jimin whimper. ~ Jungkook is the CEO of Jeon corporations and he is also the leader of Jeon Mafia which was inherited to him after his father's death. He is a type of person who wont hesitate while killing. ~ Jimin is an innocent little bean. He lives with Taehyung and his parents. He dont know anything about his real parents but he is still happy and that is nothing compared to what jimin is going to experience in his life after meeting Jungkook. ~ Jungkook met jimin coincidentally and they both fell in love....but jimin isn't who he looks like...there is a big secret which is going to change all their lives. ~ ➪︎ Contains: 》Age gap - 3 years 》Fluff 》Voilence 》Mpreg 》Smut 》Murder ~ Top Jungkook Bottom Jimin ~ Disclaimer : All credits of the pictures and gifs used in the story, are to the owners. I don't own them. ~ My 1st story, fully original and not copied by anyone ~ Started: 22 Feb 2021 Ended: ?

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 || His Brother, Jimin

It was after noon and Jungkook was sitting in his luxurious study room with a glass of red wine in his hand.

He was thinking about something when someone knocked at the door.

"Come in" He said in a husky voice. The person entered the room and stood few steps towards Jungkook.

"So, any news?" Jungkook asked while shaking his wine glass a little.

"No, not yet. He really have strong connection. That fucker...but I am sure he is still somewhere in South Korea" the other person said.

"Its okay, Taehyung. Now go, rest for some time. You did alot of work today" Jungkook said while looking at the person standing infront of him, Taehyung.

"Okay, but I won't stop until we found that fucker" Taehyung said while gritting his teeth as anger was flooding inside his eyes.

And jungkook just nodded towards him.


"Eommaaa" jimin whined while calling his mother.

"Yes honey" His mother said, softly looking in jimin's eyes.

"Eommaaa...you said that i can go to taetae when I will finish my studies. Now i have finished them and also I have become a big boy. Eommaaa pleaseee...I want to go to taetae"

"okay, I know you dont not like me and appa thats why you are trying to leave us so soon" Mrs. Kim faked a sad face, which resulted in letting a gasp out of jimin's mouth.

"No, eomma. I love you and appa too. Its just Minnie wants to see taetae, it's been a full year till I have seen taetae. Eomma pleaseeee" Jimin again whined, now showing his puppy eyes.

"Okay, you can go" His mom said as she smiled at him.

"Really?" Jimin asked with a happy face.

"Yes honey" Mrs. Kim assured him and patted his head.

Jimin stood from his bed and started jumping like a little baby.

"Yay! Yay! Thank you eomma! I love you!" Jimin said and hugged his mother.

But either way, if he showed his puppy eyes or not. His mother would still have sent him to taetae because she know jimin loves taetae so much to be kept apart.


"Taetae!!" Jimin shouted when he saw Taehyung waiting for him at the airport.

He just got off the plane and now he is clinging to his brother who don't even mind it.

Taehyung held jimin's bag and suitcase for him in one hand and other was holding jimin's hand, who was telling him stories about his high school.


They have reached Taehyung's apartment and now getting ready to see a movie while cuddling, which was jimin's idea.

Its common for them because they do it every year since they met each other. Well except the last one because Taehyung went to Seoul leaving behind jimin, who was still in Daegu.

Taehyung still remember that day, when he was leaving for seoul.


"Taetae!" Jimin said while crying as he had puffy eyes because of how much he cried last night.

Taehyung cuddled him to sleep last night but he was still sniffing in his sleep.

"Taetae *sob* why are you leaving me *sob* ?" Jimin said while wiping tears in his one eye like a little baby. They were at the airport, saying goodbye to Taehyung.

"Did I do *sob* something wrong?" He said again now looking at Taehyung who was also looking back at him, with sad eyes.

"No jiminie. I need to go there because I have to do work" Taehyung said trying to make jimin understand.

"But I don't want you to leave me *sob* *sob* Please take me with you" He said again.

"I can't jiminie-" Taehyung said but got cut by jimin.

"No! take me with you!" A crying jimin shouted.

Taehyung signed and said "Look I finished my studies, right jiminie?"

Jimin nodded, cutely.

"So I can go there, but you haven't finished your studies, right?"

Jimin nodded again.

"So you can't go there" he said to jimin, giving him a very lame excuse to make him stay.

"But there is only one year left. Can't I go now!?" Jimin said as he just had one year left to complete his studies.

"No jiminie. You have to complete your studies first then you can come with me" Taehyung said.

"If I complete my studies...then I can be with you?" Jimin asked again now stopped crying and looking at Taehyung with expectations.

"Yes" Taehyung said happily as he saw jimin smiling.

"So will you wait for me jiminie?" Taehyung said happily when jimin nodded cutely.

Taehyung ruffled jimin's hair and kissed him on cheek.

"Okay then bye...bye to you too" Taehyung said to jimin and his parents.

Jimin is just one year younger than him but the body size of jimin is so small than Taehyung, that he acnt can't help but feels like jimin is very younger than him, just like a small baby.

And then he left for the plane


Jungkook was sleeping at his mansion. He was having a certain dream that he dreamt more often.

His parent laughing...

Him playing around...

And then a loud noise...




A child crying

"Hah" Jungkook wake up panting.

He was huffing. He knew why he always dreamt this dream.

He knew that scene very well, when his parents got killed infront of him and he was there just watching them die.

He couldn't do anything for them.

But the thing was, Jungkook didn't know where he was...the person who killed his parents.

Jungkook also didn't know the person's face...and that was the one thing which he always regretted in his life.


Next day...

Jungkook wake up and got dressed to go to his company.

He went inside his office and Taehyung was not there, his assistant.

But then he remember Taehyung telling him something yesterday before he went away.


"Okay, but I won't stop till we found that fucker" Taehyung said while gritting his teeth as anger was flooding inside his eyes.

And jungkook just nodded towards him.

Taehyung was going back to his room when he stopped and turned around.

"And oh...this evening, my brother is coming from Daegu. He dont know that I live here with you and all the hyungs. So for some time I will live with him in a separate apartment and when the right time comes, I will tell him about you and we will both live here...if you don't mind...WELL! OFCOURSE YOU WONT MIND YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND AFTER ALL, RIGHT?" Taehyung said loudly, suddenly shifting his aura from 'Serious Taehyung to 'Alien Taehyung'.

"Yeah, A best friend who you don't even thought was important to tell about 'this brother of yours" Jungkook said sarcastically and stressed at the word 'this'.

Because as far as Jungkook remember...when he was small and Taehyung came to visit him.

The latter didn't had a brother at that time. Did his mother gave birth to another child...oh god no...another little taehyung??

They both looked at each other with blank faces for 2 seconds. And then Taehyung shouted.

"What! I didn't tell you about jiminie!? Oh god! How can I be this stupid" Taehyung shouted and held his head with his hands.

He turned around and started walking here and there till he calmed down.

"Okay so listen. I have a brother, his name is jimin. My parents adopted jiminie....no more like we found jiminie on a road side and he was so weak and pale that my parents took him with us and took care of him. He is with us since when he was nine years old and we all love him. He is also like a baby, a clingy one. He even insisted to come here with me a year ago but I said no. Now, he is coming her today and you know he is very sweet and cuteee-"

"Okay, okay, I got it" Jungkook said and stopped Taehyung from babbling more.

"You got it? Okay so I need to go to the apartment and make sure everything is fine. Oh!...and I also need to pick him up from the airport. Okay, I gotta go bye" Taehyung said and went out.

Meanwhile Jungkook shook in head in disbelief.

"He himself act like a child, how does he take care of his brother?" Jungkook said to himself while shaking his head.

Well thats the thing... Taehyung normally acts like a child but when it comes to jimin he can fight the whole world for him.


"Okay so I think, he is going to be late today" Jungkook said and signed while sitting on his chair.

After half an hour, Taehyung came to the company. He slowly stepped forward while looking at his surroundings like a secret agent.

"God.. please save me from Jungkook. Only this time..." Taehyung said while slowly making his way to Jungkook's office.

He know it pisses Jungkook off when he is late.

"You can never gain success if you are not deciplined at first place" Jungkook says it alot... because he has worked so hard to be where he is now.

He slowly opened the door and popped his head inside first and checked the room. Jungkook was not there. He smiled happily and stepped inside.

"Look who is here after half an hour" a husky voice startled Taehyung. He jumped and looked behind him. Jungkook was standing there, behind the door.

"Er..J-Jungk-ook...I-I am late..yes I-I told you about jiminie, right. Actually he was forcing me to not go and stay. That's why I got late..haha...Jungkook don't be like this" Taehyung said and playfully punched Jungkook on his arm. Taehyung himself was nervous while doing so because Jungkook is not a playful person.

He do smile sometimes but he never laugh, laugh like he did when his parents were alive.

"Fine. Now let's get to work" Jungkook said while walking towards his chair.

"Yes, sir" Taehyung held his hand up his forehead like a soldier and tapped leg at the floor.

He smiled and went behind Jungkook because Jungkook forgave him for being late.

Before this, everytime when he got late, Jungkook gave him punishments like to go around different coffee shops and bring him a coffee.

The coffee shops which are far away and Taehyung had to go there on his feet and bring the coffee back on time.

"What a relief this time, thanks to jiminie" Taehyung said in his mind and thanked jimin because he named the latter and Jungkook didn't punishmented him, atleast this time.


Hey guys!!! This is my first story on inkitt!! Hope you enjoy it.
By @soulmates__
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