Dumbledore and Grindelwald - The Greater Good


Dumbledore and Grindelwald - The Greater Good. The battle of Albus Dumbledore vs Gellert Grindelwald. Who will win?

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

On a calm, deserted beach the reckless sea crashed against the dark, wet rocks. Suddenly, four people appeared out of thin air and landed onto the grass. Their names were Albus Dumbledore, Aberforth Dumbledore, Ariana Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

As they slowly regained consciousness, Aberforth started coughing the sand that was in his lungs. Meanwhile, Ariana just stared up into the bright sky, that illuminated her eyes with a glint of light. Gellert stood up and looked around. Albus combed his fingers through his untidy hair.

"Where are we?" Gellert asked with a hint of confusion in his voice.

"How did you know about this place?" Albert asked Gellert threateningly, looking him up and down.

"I did not bring us here, Albus." Gellert exclaimed.

"She did." came a sudden shout from Aberforth as he looked over to Ariana who was lying on the sand. "She brought us here." He jogged over to her.

"What's so special about this place?" Gellert asked angrily.

"Be quiet, Gellert! You both have done enough." Aberforth exclaimed as he hugged Ariana.

"Look, I don't care for you or your sister. Neither of you were part of our plans to begin with!" Gellert shouted.

"Your plans are the reason she's become more unstable!" Aberforth argued back.

"Aberforth. This is between him and me." Albus said calmly.

"Then settle it. I don't want any part." Aberforth remarked to his brother.

"Fine, away with you both." Albus said curtly.

Aberforth quickly whispered something into Ariana's ear then walked up to his older brother. "Finish this so we can go home." he mumbled impatiently so only they could hear it.

Albus did a slight nod and watched Ariana and Aberforth walk away. After they had gone, Gellert looked back at Albus.

G: "I will not change our plans for your sister, Albus."

A: "She is my family, Gellert."

G: "And since when have you truly cared for your family?"

A: "You're right. Our ambitions have become distracting."

G: "And what, now you find these ambitions to be unworthy?"

A: "I no longer find the muggles to be below us as you do."

G: "But you are content to hide from them!"

A: "They would fear us, Gellert. They no longer understand our world."

G: "This, is for the greater good. We were born superior to them. We were meant to rule them."

A: "To rule over the muggles would be no different to than how the British muggles rule over India. How do they have the right to oppress anyone?"

- Once Ariana and Aberforth had got behind a big rock. -

"I'll be right over there Ari, okay?" Aberforth reassured Ariana. "I'm going to go stop their fighting."
"I want to be safe." said Ariana quietly.
"You will be safe, soon." Aberforth responded kindly. "We'll go home as soon as your brother stops fighting."
"No more fighting!" she yelled weakly.
"No more fighting." Aberforth said kindly.
"I want to see mama." she said quietly.
Aberforth gulped and was left speechless. How was he supposed to tell Ariana that she killed mama when she had an anger outburst? Instead he responded with;
Aberforth: "She's gone, darling."
Ariana: "When will I see her again?"
Aberforth: "I don't know..."
Ariana: "I want to be safe."
Aberforth: "I'll come right back."
Aberforth kisses Ariana on the head before making his way back to Albus and Gellert. As he walked, his hand - almost naturally - drifted towards his trouser pocket to check if his wand was there.

G: "Is it not because of muggles, that your sister is in the state she is now?"

A: "Her encounter with those muggles was our fault. She was young and we weren't paying attention to where-"
G: "Your incompetence is not the point, Albus! She was met with hatred and fear. And I only mean to dispel that fear by revealing our world."
Aberfoth: "You mean to control that world. You cannot succeed to that end."
Gellert: "And why not, little one?"
Albus: "Gellert."
Aberforth: "Because you know nothing of what it takes to rule. You are weak."
Albus: "That's enough, Aberforth."
Gellert: "No, go on little one."
Aberforth: "You lack the strength that only a family can provide. You know nothing of protecting those you love. You know only of dominance."
Albus: "I said, that's enough!"
Gellert: "No... He's right. I know nothing of love"
Albus: *Gay panic.* "Gellert..."
Aberforth: *Completely clueless as to what is going on.*
Gellert: "It is a fleeting distraction"
Albus: "You can't mean that."
Gellert: "You and I had a common goal, Albus. We were to find the hallows and become the masters of death. We were to suppress over the muggles and take our place as rulers of the world. I was willing to share this with you."
Albus: "Gellert, you know of love."
Gellert: "I don't. And your love has blinded you from the greater good."
Aberforth: "What does he mean by that? Albus?"
Albus: "It is clear to me now, that I was mistaken. Perhaps I was blinded, but I will no longer have part in your plans, Grindelwald. Be on your own way."
Aberforth: "We should take him. Take him down now."
Albus: "No."
Aberforth: "Albus?"
Gellert: "You would let me go? Despite my intentions?"
Albus: "Yes."
Aberforth: "Albus!"
Gellert: "You understand, that you will have to come after me eventually." *Gellert's hand drifted towards his pocket, unnoticed by the Dumbledore brothers.*
Albus: "Perhaps."
Gellert: "Then we settle this now." *He arms himself and so does Aberforth.* "Arm yourself, Dumbledore. Arm yourself, NOW!" he shouts at Albus. "Fine then." *He turns to Aberforth."
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