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Ever since that day, her father hated her, her mother abandoned her, and her sister layed six feet deep.Y/N grew up with Hitoshi, they were best friends that vowed to become heros together.After Y/N gets accepted to class 1-A leaving Hitoshi behind in 1-C. Something changes in him. How far will he go when he realizes Y/N is slowly becoming distant and has feelings for someone else? What type of mind games can he play? -I do not own Boku no Hero Academia or its characters and storyline. All credit goes to Horikoshi Kouhei -I do own this fanfic though -I also don't own the cover art WARNING This story will be very disturbing in future chapters. -Strong language -Triggering content(Abuse,drug use,self harm) -Violent scenes -Angst Warnings will be put in the beginning of chapters CREDITS -MHA Horikoshi Kouhei Cover Art is not mine. Link:https://wallpapercave.com/hitoshi-shinso-wallpapers

Thriller / Mystery
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My back slammed into the cold wooden floor, instantly knocking the breath out of my lungs.

“It’s all your fucking fault.”

A huge figure loomed over me looking down into my terrified eyes with hatred. No love....just pure hatred.

“Dad, please...I’m sorry...I di-”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” By this point, he activated his quirk. sparks were fuming from his palms as he approached my frail figure. The smell of beer intoxicated my nostrils as he lifted me up roughly by the collar to his eye level.

“You...” He sputtered, “...you watched her burn.”

My palms were trembling. They were basically begging me to pull off my gloves and kill him right here, right now. To finally end years of pain, but I already know how that will end.

“I...I-” A familiar sting spread across my cheek as he slammed his palm against my already bruised face.

“I said shut...the fuck....up.“His face contorted in disgust as he looked up and down my frail body.

Smoke began to spill from the collar of my shirt as he slowly burnt it with his tight grip.

“Pitiful.” He spat before he dropped me back onto my feet, huffing as he stumbled around the corner unbothered. I instantly slumped onto the floor sobbing.

I just want everything to stop.

Tears rolled from my puffy E/C eyes down my swollen cheeks to pool on the hardwood floor beneath me.


After what seemed like hours, I slowly pulled myself from the icy ground. My whole ten-year-old body ached from the constant beatings, but I deserve every second of it because of what I did.

The blood-curdling screams of my sister and the looks of hatred plastered on both of my parents face will be forever etched into my brain. I pulled on the hem of my black gloves as I relived that haunting day.

I made my way into the living room, staying light on my toes and praying that the devil was finally asleep.

I peeked around the corner into the dimly lit room, holding my breath in fear of any noise waking him.

There he was sitting in that same fucking chair, sleeping like he has no care in the world. It must be nice being the fucking chief of police.

Letting out a breath of relief, I swiftly made my way upstairs and into my room. The room was plain, nothing special about it. Just a bed. No toys, no tv, and no books. I fucking hate it. My room before the incident had so much color and life.

This is a prison.

Not giving it a second glance, I flicked off the light and set up my bed to look like I was sleeping.

The only way I can escape the house is through my window. If I attempted to leave through any door in the house, an alarm would sound, ultimately waking satan from his slumber.

The cold winter air stung my face as I lifted open my window and maneuvered my way onto the roof beside it. A cold breeze drifted across my shivering body as I silently shut the small window. I tried rubbing my bare arms with my gloved hands to feel even a little warmth. You would think after years of this I would realize that no matter how hard I try it won’t work.

I hate this stupid quirk.

I peered down at the icy grass a story below; inhaling sharply before dropping off of the roof and slamming into the ground below. I winced as pain shot through both my weak ankles.

This hurts but it isn’t the worse pain I’ve ever felt.

I groaned, dusting myself off before I pushed forward.

I just need to see him. He’s the only person who makes me feel like life is worth living.

I made my way to a familiar house a few blocks away. The streets were still and quiet, lit up by the glistening full moon.

Upon reaching the welcome mat, I knocked weakly hoping he would answer. I hugged myself tightly as a cool breeze drifted across my skin once again. A few seconds later I heard the clicking of the doorknob and my tired puffy E/C eyes met tired lavender eyes.

" Y/N..?” He wiped his eyes obviously tired. I weakly smiled trying to hold back the tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

“Hey Toshi,” I muttered, playing with my gloves slowly.

His facial expression instantly shifted from tired to concerned upon noticing the burn on my white shirt and newly formed bruises on my shivering body.

“Shit...did he hurt you again...I swear to god I’m going to-” I instantly burst into tears before a heavy silence fell between us.

After a few seconds filled with only my soft sobs, I was engulfed in a hug. I tensed for a second; my eyes locking with my gloved hands before I melted completely into him.

“I’m sorry Hitoshi, I..I just had to leave, I d..don't want to be a bother I..I ju-” I muttered into his chest before pulled me closer. I began to feel my body calm as the soft thudding of his heart filled my ears.

“Shh..it’s okay, you aren’t a bother Y/N, you are always welcomed here.” He whispered into my hair, reassuringly.

I felt safe in his arms like nothing could ever harm me once I was with him. At that moment nothing else mattered. Not the freezing cold we were enveloped in, not even the broken state I was currently in. Only this embrace mattered. I would imagine that this is what full-body warmth feels like.

Hitoshi walked me through the door slowly. The sound of the door clicking shut echoed through the silent home.

“Mom and dad are asleep, but I’m sure they are fine with you staying over.” He smiled rubbing the back of his neck. “You’re family.”

“Thank you, Hitoshi.” I sniffed, lowering my head while I nervously played with my gloves.

Upon arrival to his room. I sat on his bed as he went searching through his closet. I felt a slight smile tug at my lips as I watched his unruly hair bounce around chaotically as he searched.

I met Hitoshi at the arcade three years ago. He was that kid that everyone avoided due to his quirk. Every time I went, I noticed him playing Pac-Man.


I’ll never forget how his eyes lit up the day that I started a conversation with him and didn’t hesitate to answer all of his questions.

Ever since that day, we hung out together. We played pranks on each other, laughed together, and were rivals in the arcade. We only had each other because everyone was afraid of our quirks and labeled us as villains at a young age. The world is so fucked up and we are forced to deal with the stupidity and grow up faster than the other kids.

Hitoshi peered over his shoulder rubbing the back of his neck with a soft smile as he noticed I wasn’t crying anymore.

“I found you a hoodie since you decided to show up in shorts and a tank top in the middle of the winter.” He chuckled softly, nodding towards my attire.

I weakly smiled as he tossed me the black hoodie.

it doesn’t matter...

“Thank you, Toshi,” I muttered pulling the hoodie closer; the smell of fresh flowers filling my nostrils almost instantly.

“I don’t like seeing you hurt like this, I wish there was something I could do.” He sighed, leaning up against the wall.

“It’s okay,” I mumbled; tossing the black hoodie over my head. It was baggy on me, but very comfortable. It also had a small cat printed on it. At home I only receive plain white shirts, so wearing this stylized hoodie amazed me.

Noticing my awe-filled face, Hitoshi smiled. “Keep it.”

“Really?” I slightly brightened up.

“Really.” He responded, closing the closet and tidying up his room a bit.“Let’s just say it’s a gift since you probably won’t be able to come back over for a while.” He sighed with a solemn look washing over his face.

If the devil finds out I have this hoodie he won’t hesitate to burn it, I have to hide it.

I hugged myself to try and feel some warmth once again before siting up straight and smiling.

“On the bright side, when we both get into U.A. we can always hang out with each other.”

Hitoshi was enrolled in public school, while I was homeschooled by a private teacher, so the only time I saw Hitoshi was when I left the house.

Hitoshi plopped down on the bed beside me, grinning.“Then we won’t only see each other when I’m kicking your ass in everything at the arcade.” He teased while nudging me with his elbow playfully.

I softly giggled; curling up into his soft bed. “I can’t wait for us to become pro heros honestly.” I stared up at the celine as the last bit of sadness exited my body. “You could quite literally tell my dad to fuck himself and get away with it” I mused; running my hand through his soft hair. He rolled over, so that we were now facing each other, faces inches apart.

“What should our hero names be?” Hitoshi asked softly; his lavender eyes lighting up with wonder.

“Hmm...I'm thinking Insomnia and fire-woman,” I stated confidently; pumping my fists into the air.

“That's so stupid...Y/N...” Hitoshi deadpanned, causing me to ruffle his hair.

“Shut up bedhead...That's it, bedhead should be your hero name....” I teased; yelping as Hitoshi began to tickle my sides.

We both playfully fought and giggled together for a few minutes before we ended up settling down into a peaceful silence. Even though I was curled up in Hitoshi’s arms, my body was still cold. I only felt warmth in my hands as I drifted off to sleep.


“Y/N are you okay?”

“Here let me help you up.”


“MOM, DAD!!!”


I jolted awake trembling. This startled Hitoshi, causing him to follow suit.

“Y/N what’s happening are you okay?” He asked frantically looking around with half-lidded eyes.

I just stared at my gloved hands. My bare hands were covered as usual, but I could still feel the warmth of the flames that they created.

“I can’t sleep,” I admitted. “I just want to sleep without seeing her face.” I choked out, causing Hitoshi to pull me into his arms.

“May I,” Hitoshi asked softly as he stroked my H/C hair. I looked up into his violet eyes and smiled softly.

“Yeah, thank yo-” I fell into a daze, but I knew why.

“Go to sleep.” That was the last thing I heard before I got the best sleep I have had in years.

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