This is a one-shot series consisting of the Chanlix ship. Before reading it is advised that you take into account the fact that this book has extremely mature content. Most of the mature content may cause triggers. These warnings include, Swearing, graphic depictions of violence, non-consensual acts, verbal abuse, physical abuse, mentions of cannibalism, incest, mental illnesses and gore. If you can't handle any of this, it is greatly appreciated if you could ignore the book altogether and not leave any negative comments.

Erotica / Horror
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S̴͕̰͆̀t̶͖̜͐o̸̧̰̅r̴̥̣̋͗y̴̫̌ ̸̘̈́̄o̴̙̽͝n̶͓̈́̓ė̴̩̝ ̵̙̰̾- ❶

Warning: Mentions of swearing and non-consensual acts.

Lee Felix.

He’s the kind of guy that is seen to be perfect at almost everything. Perfect looks. Perfect voice. Perfect grades. Perfect personality...the list just goes on. He has got all the girls chasing him almost every day, and the guys crowd around him to get him to join in on their talks and games. If he is this amazing...then why is almost everything an ALMOST for him?
Two words

Bang Chan.

The guy who is always one step ahead of Felix at everything, and is a complete opposite to Felix’s cute looks...he is more of an ‘everyone-has-the-hots-for-him’ kind of guy. Felix absolutely despises that guy, and to make things worse, Bang Chan is Felix’s older brother. Not step-brother, but his biological older brother. His real name is Christopher Lee, but to add a little more flare to fit his personality, he insisted on being called Bang Chan. However, Felix always calls him Chris just for the pleasure of watching the boy furrow his eyebrows, and scrunch his nose in annoyance.

Everyone thinks that the Lee brothers get along just great, earning the title of the most good-looking siblings to ever exist in their high school. In reality, it was all just a façade, so that both these boys can maintain their reputations and be seen as respectable people, well somewhat in Chan’s case because of how he rejects almost everyone that asks him out.

Only both of these boy’s closest friends know how much they hate each other with burning passion when no one is around.

“God, look at that dumb fucker. He is acting like an asshat” Felix grumbled to his friends, Jisung, Jeongin, and Seungmin.
“Felix he is literally standing and breathing” Jisung stated.
“Exactly! Can’t wait till the loser damages his ‘oh so HANDSOME’ face. Freaking narcissist” Felix said out a little too loud and was immediately met with Chan’s piercing glare. The moment people started arriving both of them forced a smile as Chan walked up to him and gave him a ‘bro’ hug.
This fucker is crushing me’ Felix thought.
“Hey, Lixie !” Chan tried not to hurl.
“Hey CHRIS" Felix emphasized and smirked in victory as Chan’s face morphed into that of a pissed-off one.
“I’m warning you, Felix. Call me that one more time, and I’ll really fuck you up" Chan whispered in his ear, making Felix shiver.
“Whatever, dipshit” Felix hissed back, and lightly shoved Chan back and smiled.
“See ya later CHRIS” Felix turned around and ran off to his friends, as he giggled at his success in getting under Chan’s skin.

“Were you guys talking about killing each other again?” Seungmin asked.
“Nah! I just riled him up by calling him Chris, and he swore to ‘fuck me up’” Felix laughed out as if it was the funniest thing on the planet.
“One day, one of y’all will actually die and I won’t be surprised if the cause was either of you” Jeongin sighed.
“What can I say? I hate the fucker’s guts” Felix said as a matter-of-fact.

-Time skip-
Finally, school was over and Felix could walk back home. Knowing full well that Chan was going to hang out with his friends and break more hearts, Felix took his cool time going home to chill.
“All the time, dumbasses stay quiet~” Felix was humming out loud, ignoring the looks people gave him because of the song he chose to sing.
( y’all are the real deal if you what song these translated lyrics are from)
After what felt like so long, because he couldn’t feel his legs, Felix was relieved when he saw his doorstep. Usually, at this time his mom is off to work, so, the keys are under the carpet for him to grab. Unusually enough, he saw them on the doorknob.
Maybe she was in a hurry...typical mom’ Felix shook his head at his mom’s attitude, a slight smile gracing his features as he opened the door.
“Having a fucking jolly good time aren’t ya mate?”
‘Well fuck’ Felix didn’t try to lift his head too soon, hoping that it was his imagination, but, the moment he did he was thrown against the wall, a yelp almost escaping his mouth, but, he wasn’t ready to back down. He tried to meet his eyes, but, Chan immediately shoved his face at him, head butting him hard, foreheads touching, enough for Felix to have the bitch breathing in his personal bubble.
“What the actual fuck Chr-”
“I DARE you to fucking say that name you fucktard” Chan bellowed at him, maintaining an eye to eye contact with a fierce look on his face. Felix would be lying if he said he wasn’t terrified. His words were stuck in his throat as he tried to form at least a word.
“Looks like I have a pussy for a brother over here” Chan cackled at him.

That was enough for Felix to take his chance to step on Chan’s foot...hard. Chan made a face as he held onto his foot, while Felix took this opportunity to run up the stairs while yelling,

He swiftly shut the door and locked it. He decided to take a nap, but before he was out cold he heard Chan say,
“Wait till I see your shit face again. I’m going to beat your fucking ass”

Tch. Fuck you too’ .

-Time skip-


“Ugh...fuck...I'm UP SO GET LOST BROTHER” Felix spat out, and avoided calling the boy Chris mainly because their mom was at home, while their dad was on a trip, but, facing their mom’s wrath was nowhere near pretty.
Felix groaned as he threw his legs to the side and got up, wobbling his way towards the door. Slowly he cracked it open, making sure Chan wasn’t still standing. To his luck, the guy was gone, so he made his way downstairs to eat dinner.

“Hello sweetie. Looks like you were quite tired today weren’t you” his mom smiled fondly at him as she fixed his hair for him.
“Haha yeah mom...thanks for the food by the way” he smiled his typical sweet smile which was only for her...but his dumb brother was always there to see it annoyingly enough.
“Here I kept your plate right next to Chan’s since you guys seem to love hanging around each other these days” Felix looked to see Chan and rolled his eyes at him, trying not to show how irritated he was. He trudged his way towards the table and sat next to Chan, not even bothering to spare a glance at the time.
“I’m honestly proud of you two. It makes me happy to see you guys bonding again and becoming more close” this made Felix feel guilty for always fighting with Chan when she’s not around, but, he couldn’t help the fact that he was being such an asshole to him.

After finishing his food fast, Felix excused himself and made his way upstairs to sleep off his guilty that was trying to eat him alive when he was sat next to Chan.

So sleeping was what he did, hoping for a better start in the morning.

However...the morning was not the best for him. He woke up with excruciating pain on his thighs, it made him whine. His eyes weren’t adjusted to the morning light, so, he tried making his way to the mirror. It ached so badly that he had to limp his way to the mirror. That’s when his eyes almost popped off his sockets.



Honestly, at this point I literally do feel like Chan who always spoils the stays with continuous comebacks, but, in this case, I quickly finished together forever and made the Chanlix one shot today itself to cheer you guys up in case y’all were disappointed by the ending chapter of together forever. Anyways see y’all later~


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