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Desires Granted (Sweet Home | Hyun Cha X Reader)


If Hyun Cha is a social recluse, then Y/N Park is a bright and cheery girl with a troublesome backstory. However, when things took a drastic change, both must bond together to win over what they must win. "Don't breake your promise, idiot." "Sorry...just this time..." Sacrifices. Vote. Him. Her. Them. Monsters. Souls. Desires. "Hey.." "Would you live with me if we manage to win?" "That depends..." •°•°•○•°•°• ⚠️ATTENTION! SOME THINGS WILL BE ALTERED FOR THE SAKE OF THIS STORY!!⚠️ ⚠️I DO NOT OWN SWEET HOME. ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK, EXCEPT FOR THOSE THAT AREN'T MENTIONED IN THE ORIGINAL STORY, BELONGS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER⚠️ ⚠️TRIGGER WARNING! THIS STORY WILL HINT OR MENTION SELF-HARMING, VIOLENCE AND BLOOD! IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THESE, PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!⚠️

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Prologue (1)

Shut up! Just shut your damn mouth, Sue!"


"Why would I?! You didn't return for weeks!! And when you do, you acted like nothing happened!! What's gotten into your mind, Min??!!"


The scribbling of words kept going. As if she doesn't hear anything. She ignored it. All the swearing. All the foul sentences leaving the old couples' mouth.

"Big sis.."

Someone tugged at the sleeve of her shirt. She looked over to her side.

"Ji-Hoon. Why aren't you asleep?? It's getting late."

"I can't sleep. Mom and Dad...they keep bickering..it's sickening to hear.."


She places her pen down on the table, and walked to the door, only to hear a loud sound of glass shattering on the floor. Fear and anxiety got the best of her, so she decided to just tuck her brother in with her in the small bed.

"Ji-Hoon, let's just go to sleep, alright?"

The boy just nod, and walked to the bed, being guided by his sister, relying fully on her as he is blind.


She woke up around 3 in the morning. Thirsty. Slowly placing one foot on the floor, she opened her bedroom door and walked outside to the living room.

'Mmh, Dad must've left again.' She thought as she took a glass and pressed the button at the water dispenser. Suddenly. Something caught her eye. It's like a figure. She could see it from the reflection of the glass when she lifted it near her lips. Slowly, she placed the glass down, and looked behind.

And what she saw...

Is an image she will never forget in her life.


Her shriek could wake up almost everyone sleeping in the neighbourhood. A moment later, a click was heard, and poor little Ji-Hoon walked outside, his teddybear clutched tight to his chest.

"Big sis..what's wrong??" He wobbily walked, one arm stretched out, to catch any touch of his sister.


"Big sis??"

"Ji-Hoon...Mom's gone..."

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