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Desires Granted (Sweet Home | Hyun Cha X Reader)

Prologue (2)

Sobs and hics were heard in the room. Two figures cried on the floor. Ji-Hoon's tiny nose turned red by the moment.

"Big sis...why did Mom left us??"

Y/N had no answer for that. She knew the reason, but she does not wants to tell him. He'd definetely feel guilty. But her small heart had one word for an answer.


She knew that it is all because of money. Dad worked his ass off for money. Mom got sick because of money, and now, she gotta work for money to gain susbility to their lives.

"Don't worry, Ji-Hoon. We'll move somewhere far. Somewhere where you can play around everyday." She patted his head; trying to comfort him.

"But, I wanna stay here."

"Well, if we moved somewhere with a better environment, maybe we can both start a new life. Wouldn't you like that?? Everyday I'll bring you to eat ice cream, we can go play at the park, then do sports..don't you want it??" She coaxed.

A few moments later a smile shot up from Ji-Hoon's face. The 10-year-old boy's expression shined at her sister's remarks.

"Are we really gonna eat ice cream every day???" He asked eagerly, desperate to know the truth.

"Not everyday, but still, we could probably eat them every month."


A while later, a figure still had not show up to the funeral. Not at all.

"Y/N". She turned around from the door of the room. Her neighbour stood there.

"Um, your father's not here yet??" She asked awkwardly.

"Mmh. I don't think he'd even bother to come." She shrugged, and walked away, leaving the middle aged woman to stand there alone.

'What a poor soul..' The woman thought.



Y/N dropped her bag on the floor of the apartment. It's a cheap one, but it's good enough. It's only for two sad souls to live in, though. She didn't even inform her dad that she's moving. Far away from the previous house.

"Big sis, does the view look good here??" Ji-Hoon turned to the direction he presumed his sister was, while pointing to the open window in front of him. Y/N smiled, and slowly stood up and walked beside him.

"Well??" Ji-Hoon piped.

"Hm, not much you know, I can see tall buildings." She shrugged.

"Oh.." Ji-Hoon nodded. She patted his head.

"Come on. It's nearly night, let's get you a bath."


After the both of them took turned to bathe, Y/N walked to the small kitchen to cook.

"Big sis, what are you going to cook??"

"Mmm, how about some soft tofu stew?? It's your favourite, right??" She grinned. So does Ji-Hoon.

"Yeay!! We're eating soft tofu tonight!" He jumped up and down. Then, his stomach grumbled. Y/N just smiled and let out a low chuckle. She walked to the fridge and took some of the ingredients when her eye caught the sight of an orange juice bottle.

"Hm? Oh right, the security guard gave us a bottle of orange juice as a welcoming gift, Ji-Hoon. You can have it."

"Oh alright."

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