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How could I have been to mean to the girl I love the most

Hanging out with other friends?

"I woke up at 7:47 am for the first time in forever, I get up and get dressed in some comfy clothes because I’m hanging out with Corey today he said he wants me to me some of his friends since I’ve lived in LA for at lest a year now,

well hopefully this looks good to meet people today I have only ever really hung with Corey since I have moved here other than some people I’ve worked with but not often I don’t really drink either so I don’t go to bars often or like ever.

I here my phone ring and I pick up

Lillian- “hey Corey”

Corey- “Hey Lillian am almost at your apartment”

Lillian- “ok Ill be down in front waiting for ya”

I hang up first and grab my purse and lock my door and start walking out to the front of the complex and see Corey

Lillian- “hey Corey”

Corey- “how ya doing Lillian”

Lillian- “I’m doing good”

Corey- “that’s good so today I’m going to let you meet some of my friends because your lonely af and I think we both know you need some more friends”

Lillian- ” oh your going to let me meet your friends”

I say in a very sarcastic tone of voice.

Corey- “yes yes I am”

it took like 40 minutes to get to this house and not going to lie I’m kind of scared to meet these people.

he parks the car and we both step out do this house it looked like a big house

Lillian- “are these people rich?”

Corey- “no not really lol”

we walk up to the door and Corey knocks on the door,

at tall guy opens the door he has bleach blonde hair and I knew exactly who he was when he said his name,

Sam- “hey I’m Sam!”

Corey- “what’s up bro! this is my friend Lillian”

Sam- “Lillian?”

Lillian- “yes that’s my name”

he gives me an odd look like he felt bad, I know exactly who he was and he knew exactly who I was.

a few other guys were on the couch and I knew them all I felt like I was going to faint I could feel my face getting lighter but I tried to hide it.

one of them speaks up and it was the one I wanted to talk to the lest Colby..

Colby- “hey Corey whos this pretty lady you bright to hang out with us”

Lillian- “my name is Lillian nice to meet you colby”

I could see on his face you knew exactly who I was.

Corey- “why does it feel you guys have met before its like hella awkward in here”

Lillian- “because we have, we actually went to high school together”

Corey- “well then you all must know each other and we can all be friends again right!”

Lillian- “depends”

Corey- “what do you mean depends?”

Colby- “well Corey uh I feel like an asshole saying this but we more like I specifically wasn’t very nice to Lillian back in the day no matter all the excise I make up for it its not ok so I want to say.”

he got up and walked over to me, I stepped back a little bit.

Colby- “I’m really sorry and I would like to put this in the past”

he puts his hand out to shake mine.

Lillian- “we will see but for now lets just watch this movie”

I shake his hand damn he’s hot LILLIAN STOP he’s an ass he would never date you anyway.

I walk over to the couch and sit in between Corey and Colby, I saw same cuddling up to a blue haired girl she looks so pretty maybe I can befriend her they were a cute couple and to be far Sam never was mean to me but he still never tried to tell Colby to be nice that I know of at lest.

so if Colby and Sam live here Jake has to Aswell.

the movie finished and I got up to use the bathroom

Lillian- “ill be right back were is the bathroom?”

Sam- “its just down the hall”

Lillian- “ok thank you”

I started walking down the hallway and find the bathroom I kinda fix my hair into a messy bun

I walk back out to the living room to see Corey was gone I’m sure he will come back soon just then I saw the door open it was Jake and like I said about Sam he was never really mean to me but still he came in with a girl she looked really nice.

Colby walked out of the kitchen with a white monster energy drink

Colby- “hey Jake look who Corey brought to us”

Jake- “Lillian?”

Lillian- “yup that’s me”

it was kind of awkward for a few minutes

Tara- “hey! I’m Tara nice to meet you”

Lillian- “hey! your so pretty”

Tara- “so how do you know these weirdos”

Lillian- “long story I rather no say right now but here’s my number we can talk and maybe hang out sometime you seem so cool!”

Tara- “yessss ok sounds good! well me and Jake are going to go hang out have a nice night!”

they leave and Colby turns to me its only us in the room.

Colby- “hey Lillian can we talk please..”

Lillian- “Whets there to talk about”

Colby- “Lila am so sorry”

Lillian- "for what"

Colby- "everything"

Lillian- "why"

Colby- "because I want us to be friends"

Lillian- "you didnt think that when we went to high school together"

just then Corey walked in,

Corey- "ok Lillian want me to drive you home?"

Lillian- "yes please"

I walk out to the car and sit down

Corey- "tell me what happened"

so I told him the story on the way home

Corey- "I'm so sorry they did that Lillian I mean it"
Lillian- "its ok its in the past"
Corey- "you don't have to hangout with them if you don't want to"
Lillian- "no its ok I wanna see how this goes see if Colby is really sorry for the hell he put me thought"
I get out of the car and walk up to my apartment.
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