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If I'm free, it'll be because of you.

Second year at shiratorizawa starts

(Y/N)'s POV
"Ne! Ne-San wake up, I'm hungry and you're gonna be late." Shooooooot, I'm gonna be late, why did my alarm didn't go off. I jumó of my bed and start running towards the kitchen I quickly make a sandwich for (B/N), "ne, ne-San, it's not late yet I was just hungry." Huh?!? "You woke me up just for me too cook for you?! You're gonna pay." I start chasing him around the house until I manage to grab hold of him. "Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Put me down!" You start to tickle him and he starts too laugh. "I made you a sandwich (B/N)-Chan, now go eat." He laughs and runs towards the kitchen.

~§~timeskip brought us to shiratorizawa~§~ (I like how those look so they'll mean time skips)

I hear the bell fring and head to my class, "good morning, I'll be your English teacher, my name is (name of your English teacher cause I don't have ideas for names), hope to get along with all of you."
Mmmmm classes already ended, I'm gonna go to the music room while I wait for one of the volleyball teams to finish, so I can practice a bit for fun just like when I was in middle school.

Author note
Hello there! (General kenobi ñihihi)
It is me your dear author, so... I wanted to say that you/(y/n) used to play volleyball and in your first year you stayed after classes in your classroom or in the music room and played the flute (I only know to play the flute and I wanted to base (y/n) on me just a bit not all of her, sorry if you're not a her^^) while you waited for one of the gyms to be empty so you could play a bit (of volleyball), in middle school you actually played volleyball not just practice by yourself for fun.
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