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Cutie Bear


Hell originally this story is on wattpad but I switched it on this app and I will put the storyline here later on.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one

Author's pov.

Taehyun woke up to his alarm going off to get ready for school. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower and change.

After showering

Taehyun got out the shower and put on a baby pink oversized hoodie with Jean short shorts that exposed his long legs paired with pink converse. After he was done changing he saw his brother making him lunch for school.

"Morning hyun" Taehyung said showing his famous boxy smile.

"Morning hyung" taehyun said eating some of the strawberries his brother bought.

While Taehyung was preparing his brothers lunch he remembered something that he needed to tell him.

"Oh yeah taehyun our cousin mingi with his friends our picking us up for school since were attending his school" Taehyung said smiling.

Taehyun nodded happily eating his breakfast excited to see his cousin and his friends for school.

After breakfast

Taehyun and Taehyung were putting there dishes in the sink when the heard a knock on the door so Taehyun went to the door and opened it.

When he saw who it is he squealed and jumped on him making the person catch him before he falls.

"Mingi!" Taehyun said smiling.

"Hey hyunnie" Mingi said staring at his little cousin.

"Okay come on we have school you too" taehyung said coming out with his and his brothers backpacks and lunches.

After that he locked the door and headed to the car following his cousin and brother.

Time skip school

Once they arrived at school they got out the car only to hear a voice that made taehyun happy.

"Taehyun!"beomgyu said running full speed to his best friend crashing into him making them both fall.

"Beomgyu hyung!" Taehyun said looking at his bestie.

While they were talking they didn't notice a two boys sneak behind them till it was too late. They were both picked up from the ground one being Mingi holding taehyun and the other being san. They both helped in surprise before noticing who it is.

"Put me down san/ Mingi!" They both said at the same time.

The others complied and put them down only for them to run in the school to the office making taehyung and mingo with his friends run after them.

"Taehyun, Beomgyu come back!" Mingi said running after them.

They stopped in the middle of the hallway only for the hall to go quiet and people stop and whisper about them.

Soon Mingi, his friends, and taehyung catch up to them only to find them giggling at them. After they all walk to the office only to be stared at by students who were talking abou the three new students.

They boy students were admiring taehyun's and beomgyu's exposed legs from the short shorts and taehyung's waist because of his crop top.

(Taehyung is wearing a black crop top and black skinny jeans and white Van's. Beomgyu is wearing black short shorts and a baby blue sweater with regular high top vans)

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