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Cutie Bear

Chapter Two

Author pov.

They all made there way to the office to get there schedules till three boys came out looking furious. When one of the three boys saw taehyung he stopped for a second to look at him till Mingi pulled him behind him with the other two and walked in the office while the rest of Mingi's friends went to class.

Soon the boy was snapped out of it by one of his friends.

"Jungkook come on were gonna be late for class" the tall bunny looking boy said.

"Shut up soobin like you weren't looking at the chestnut hair" jungkook said.

"Guys enough were already late so shut it" the blue haired one said angrily making the two shut it.

"Yes yeonjun" both of them said walking behind yeonjun.


Mingi opened the door for his cousin's and their friend while he waited outside. Beomgyu knocked on the door to the principal's office and walked in with the two brothers following behind when they heard a faint 'come in'.

They walked in the office and greeted the principal mr. King. (yes I picked mr. king if you don't like fight me ) they talked to mr. King and got there schedules and went to there first class.

Mingi walked beomgyu and taehyun to there class since the have it together while taehyung went with Mingi to there class together.

Taehyun and beomgyu went inside the class only for beomgyu to bump into a tall person's back and land on the ground.

The while class went silent while the tall boy turned around to yell at him but soon softened his gaze when he saw who it was

"Are you okay there little one" the boy said helping him up while the whole class had their mouth open in shock.

"Yes sorry for bumping into you" beomgyu said looking up to the taller.

The other nodded and went to sit down with his friend while the class was shook ( jungshook ok I'll stop ) because the Choi soobin helped the new kid what the hel-

"Ok class these are the new students choi beomgyu and kim taehyun (yes I changed his surname)" the teacher said making the class nod.

"Ok beomgyu you will sit next to soobin and taehyun you will sit next to... yeonjun, both of you raise your hand" the teacher said.

They both raised their hand and taehyun and beomgyu walked toward their seat and sat down.

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