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Darkness | Draco Malfoy.


after the murder of her mother and a series of unfortunate events due to an illness, Faelan Sayre, a sixteen year old troubled witch with extraordinary magic transfers to Hogwarts from Ilvermorny, where she re meets Draco Malfoy... but soon the darkness of her past would catch up with her. --------------------------------------------------- Warning this story does contain some dark and mature themes.

Romance / Other
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darkness / trailer.

The link is in my bio or search ' Darkness | Draco Malfoy Fanfiction Trailer' on youtube by RoseeWriter. There is two trailers now!!

《the contents of the first trailer are not in exact chronological order as to how they will happen in the story but the second trailer is in chronological order!》

Insight into Darkness.

~ enemies to lovers.
~ starts in 5th year.
~ will have a second book post war.
~ soft/broken Draco.
~ american transfer student, showing insight into American magic.
~ flash backs.
~ dark past of main character.
~ slight insight into Albus Dumbledores sister Ariana.
~ deals with a rare type of illness.
~ mature language, mature themes.
~ i advise readers be 16+.

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