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Damaged Love- Draco X Reader


Draco's never really been one for love. He's arrogant, stuck up and full off himself, but when he does something heart breaking to a person he thought he hated. Will that hatred last forever ? Or will y/n be able to turn the toxic boy into someone loving? He may seem arrogant and self centred on the outside but y/n doesn't see that side. She knows that when you get to know him he's a much better person. However that doesn't stop the relationship from being complicated, because Draco still is a complicated person. But will they be able to get through it together ? (WARNING: Contains smut, eating disorders and other topics some people may find triggering )

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It was the beginning of fifth year. I had no idea why everyone still had such a strong hatred for me.

When I started my journey in Hogwarts I befriended, the ‘Golden trio’. Harry potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. As a Slytherin they weren’t the typical people you’d choose to be friends with. No Pureblood wanted to be friends with a mudblood or the chosen one. When everyone in the Slytherin house started avoiding me and starting rumours I decided to ditch them. I thought people would stop hating me. I was wrong. Four years later and I’m still alone because they never forgave me.

There always was one thing me and the Golden trio had in common though, and that was our hatred towards the Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. Ever since we started Hogwarts he’s always had something against me. I never knew why or what. I didn’t really care. Malfoy hated everyone. He didn’t need a reason. He was just a git towards everyone.

I sat in the train compartment alone per usual. I didn’t mind it at all though. It was quiet and I enjoyed the peace. I read through an old potions book seen as I had nothing else to do. I started to drift off while reading when I heard the door open and someone walk in. They could have at least bloody knocked. That’s when I realised who it was. I could smell the intoxicating cologne. Why out of every compartment he picks this one ?
“Hello y/n don’t you look... different”

He was right, for once. I did look different. I had changed a lot over the summer and I looked a lot better than I did last year.
“Not really sure if that’s a compliment, but with you nothing you say is nice”
If there was one thing I was good at, it was dealing with Malfoy and his pathetic comments. I love to tease him back, it clearly gets under his skin, and after all it’s funny.

He smirks.
“Well I wasn’t being rude, but seen as you said that you look terrible y/n, even worse than last year”
I laugh at that and he just glares.
“what’s so funny ?” He sneers.
“Well you aren’t looking to great yourself Malfoy” I sneer back.
Normally I wouldn’t stoop to his level. I’d just come up with some other comment to piss him off. However over the summer I found it hard to deal with my body. I struggled to say the least. It took me ages to gain weight back and now this git was making comments. Wanker.

I stood up and grabbed my things,
“I’ll see you around Malfoy” I say, still glaring at him. With that the train comes to a stop and I walk towards the platform alone once again, but this time happy to be alone.

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