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The Guess Monster and the Kitten (Satori Tendou)


Rize Kotomine, or more Rize Kamimura an Ex-Volleyball player, is new to Shiratorizawa Academy. She's only been there a couple weeks and has heard that the once power school lost to what they called once "wingless" crows. While Rize loves volley ball and plays it, that wasn't why she came to Shiratorizawa Academy. Expression is her passion. Weather it be with photography, or drawing, dance, or singing, she enjoys it so much. One day on a morning so lovely, the former star Volleyball player from Nekoma, takes pictures of the rainy sky and meets a certain Satori Tendou. After taking his photo things happen, and they soon become aquatinted with each other. But what will happen when she becomes the only girl who wants to be around him? And what will happen when she here's the rumors about him? The Guess Monster. (FROM WATTPAD)

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: A Lovely Red


Satori is kinda gonna be the submissive partner for some of the story, but will then turn into a
Switch x switch

Rize's Kamimura POV

I stood on the roof in my black raincoat covering my uniform. I held the camera close to me as I looked threw the lense. I took pictures of the trees covered in rain, and the sky clearing up a bit with rays of sunshine showing threw.

I took a step back and looked at my photos. I smiled and moved my short messy black hair a bit, not that it would help or anything. Putting my hood up, I walked closer to the edge with the camera close to my eye as I searched for something new. I've only ever taken pictures of things around me, rather then people. I do have some here and there, of my mother who's in the hospital. They are usually of her surrounded by flowers I give her every week, or my dad who's blind who regardless loves to garden with the help of my little sister.

I looked around and landed on a group of boys. They were the volleyball players. I think 2 of them are in a class next to mine. The really tall intimidating one, the captain I think, as well as another dude who I can't make out from here other than his red hair...

He looked so pretty. Especially his color of red. I took a picture of him as a close up and smiled at the result. I then turned again and took another of the whole team.

I panicked as I realized the flash was on this time and it was so bright. I must have moved something. I looked down and saw them looking up. I moved from the edge and wasn't visible anymore. I sighed in relief and looked at the photo. It was actually really nice.

I smiled and pulled my mouth cover on. Im not sick but you can never be too safe. I listened to piano music and took my phone out, changing the music to something different. My ears were filled with beautiful music. It was Turning Page by Sleeping at last.

I listened and got closer aiming at the back of the school capturing a beautiful image of the sun rising since school was still barely starting. "I've waited a hundred years I'd wait a million more for you." I sang softly as I turned slowly looking for something new. I then stopped on the entrance of the roof. I saw a group of people. The camera focused and it was the volleyball players.

I quickly turned and bolted for the other exit. I may be slightly short, 5'3" but I'm fast. I slammed the door open and busted threw running. I heard them follow down the stairs as I hid in a bathroom on the first floor I entered. I sighed in relief as I heard them pass. I looked out making sure the coast was clear. I then hurried down the hall to my classroom. As soon as I entered I removed my coat putting it on the back of my chair, removing my headphones and putting them away, then lastly removing my mask and putting that with my camera in my backpack.

I was left in my uniform with my white school coat over. I fixed my hair and turned around heading out into the hall outside my class. "Rize." Someone called. I turned and saw my friend. "Oh, hey Yukio." I said a bit spooked. "You were on the roof again, werent you..." She said her hands on her hips. "What?!?!? No of course not I was in the classroom...I just got here.." I said as I smiled trying to play it off. "Liar...I saw you running with people behind you." She said as she gritted her teeth.

Her expression changed as she looked behind me. She looked a bit scared and intimidated. "We don't want any problems.." She said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me a bit. I was confused and slowly turned to look at the person. Red.....

It was the red haired dude from earlier. He had an intimidating smirk as he looked down at us with cold eyes. His height was impressive. "It was you wasn't it..." he sang as guys walked up behind him. The whole volleyball team.

I acted dumb and confused. "What?" I asked as I felt Yukio trying to pull me away. "Hmmmm..." he asked as he bent done a bit getting at eye level with me, trying to intimidating me. "Kami..." My friend said as she hid being me.

"Kami...it was you...even if you had your mouth covered, and your eyes were behind the camera...." he said then he reached and touched my hair on my side beside my cheek.

"Your hair gives you away Kami..." He said chuckling like he was trying to scare me. I in the blink of an eye grabbed his hand with mine. "Do you want the photo back?" I asked tilting my head as I held him tightly.

Satori's POV

We were just walking, all of us heading into the school. We talked and I wasn't in such a good mood. Before I joined up with the team, I had bumped into people we kept calling me and making me feel like a monster.

Then we walked into school and I saw a flash go off. We all stopped and saw someone on the rooftops with a camera. They moved and I couldn't see them anymore.

It's happened before, someone taking a photo of me as a joke for later. This time I ran full speed followed by the guys.

"Tendō!!" Some shouted as they tried to follow me. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but my morning was horrible and I'm just mad in general.

Wakatoshi was there when that photo joke was made, so he is on my side running next to me. We made it to the roof to see someone taking photos of the sun rising.

Then they turned looking for something new and stopped on us. It was a girl...her eyes were behind the camera, and her mouth covered by a black surgon mask for flu's that had a kitty mouth. The only thing visible was her short almost curly hair.

"A girl?" The guys whispered. Then she bolted to the exit behind her. We followed running but lost her. The guys kept running, but I had a good guess she was still on the top floor.

I was walking the halls as the guys followed with my guess. "What about her?" Wakatoshi asked. "Hm?" I asked as I looked and saw a girl in uniform with her back to us. Her hair short and had almost curls.

-minutes later-

"Kami...it was you...even if you had your mouth covered, and your eyes were behind the camera...." I said as I then reached and touched her hair by her cheek.

"Your hair gives you away Kami..." I said chuckling knowing this might scare her enough to not mess with me anymore. But suddenly she grabbed my hand. "Do you want the photo back?" She asked tilting her head as I felt her grip tighten.

"No we demand it....you're gonna do something to make fun of Tendō aren't you?" Wakatoshi said as he stood beside me giving a stern look.

Rizes POV

"What?" I asked letting his hand go. "Wait...why did you take a photo of us?" Asked a guy with really light coffee brown hair and bangs.

"I'm a photographer. I was taking photos of the scenery. The sky was really pretty this morning." I said smiling as I blushed with my hands behind my back.

The team blushed a bit except the tall intimidating dude and the red head who looked confused. "Then why take a photo of us?" He asked taking a step closer to me.

"I was looking for something new, and well I couldn't find it in the scenery. So I looked around and the bonds sports teams make made me want to capture that moment. I forgot the flash was on..." I said rubbing my neck.

"Then why run??" A guy with black hair and a bowl cut asked peaking from behind the tall wall of a guy. "Well I got in trouble a while ago for taking photos of people who didn't consent. Plus you guys scared me." I said as I chuckled awkwardly.

"What do you do with the photos?" Asked the red haired dude who stood up tall. "I display them on my wall, or show my mother. But usually they are just precious treasures." I said clasping my hands.

"Let me see it..." He asked crossing his hands. This is weird. I swear I saw him the other day, and he wasn't acting like this. He seams to be in a bad mood.

"Ok." I said as I turned to see Yukio who was shaking with her spirit leaving her body. "Hey, Denki should be here already. Go meet up with him." I said assuring her with a closed eyed smile.

She seemed scared for me. "It's ok..calm down. I'll be fine." I said as I opened my eyes. She nodded then left in a hurry.

I turned and headed into the classroom. I heard footsteps and saw the team behind me as I grabbed my camera. I turned and looked threw the snaps finding the one I took of the whole team.

I got closer to them and showed them. It was an adorable photo of them smiling. Even the red head was smiling even though he seamed in a bad mood while walking. But when I took the photo he had a small one.

"Hey thats not bad." The bowl cute dude said as he got closer. The others made nice comments and I smiled.

"Look Wakatoshi you smiled a little." Bowl cut dude added. The red head took the camera and examined it. He then clicked a button and looked shocked.

"Then how do you explain this." He said teasing as he showed the individual photo of him, causing them all looked at me. "Oh that's embarrassing..." I said chuckling as I blushed. "Red is my favorito color, and well, yeah...its embarrassing but I captured you first, then decided to take one of all of you.." I said chuckling as I took my camera back. "I took the picture because, I think your beautiful." I added as I turned the camera off and set it down.

He looked baffled as the others snickering. "Well Satori?" The tall wall asked as he glanced at the red head. He sighed and rolled his head back then quickly looked back forward.

"I can tell she's not lying....this is annoying...keep it. I don't care.." He said as he groaned. I then payed attention more and concentrated his eyes were also red. I blushed as I got supper close to him.

Quickly got on my tippy toes as I grabbed his face. "Hey!!!! Can I take a picture of your eyes?!" I asked smiling wide. He looked at me as he noticed our faces were super close, and he blushed a bit.

I let him go and went to get my camera.

Satori's POV

She let go of my face. And suddenly some of the guys grabbed me and huddled me a bit away so she couldn't hear.

"Ok, so she wasn't trying to play a prank on you or anything. Maybe this girl actually likes you..." Goshiki said as he whispered. "Plus she's cute, and she's the first girl to actually talk to you without being scared of your mug.." Shirabu added as he chuckled.

He's kinda right. She hadn't shown any sign of fear. "It's probably cause he's in such a bad mood today." Wakatoshi added as he walked out.

"We'll see you later. Oh, and if you don't get her, call me and I'll sweep her off her feet." Shirabu said as he winked and walked out with the other guys.

I turned and saw the girl fiddling with her camera. She then turned and noticed the others gone.

"So why do you want a picture of my eyes?" I asked sweating. To be honest I don't really talk to girls, they call me names and don't really take a second glance.

"I didn't see them earlier but now taking a closer look they are...how do you say it...um..welcoming, or lovely..." She said as she sat down on her desk. I thought for a second and then walked over scratching my head as I sat down across from her on someone else's desk.

"I'm Tendō Satori." I said as I looked at her bored. "Nice to meet you...question..are you upset today?" She asked as she set her camera up.

"Why do you ask?" I questioned. How does she even know? "Well I think I saw you yesterday...you looked lively...more happy and excited..like a puppy who's master comes home after a long day. But right now, you look anything but that." She said as she looked at me genuinely concern.

"Just a bad day..." I said as I looked at her eyes. They were big and golden...kinda cat like. At the moment they looked like they almost glowed with curiosity. "What do I get in return for the photo." I asked smirking.

"What would you like?" She asked not fazed by my smile. "I'll think about it." I said giving a closed eyed smile. "Hey, you look better when you smile." She said as she stood ready for the photo.

I looked at her baffled. "You know, you're the first to ever say that." I said as I posed stupidly. She laughed....not at me...but at what I was doing.

"LI hope your girlfriend doesn't get mad at you for doing this with me." She said as she stopped laughing and looked through the lenses. "I don't have one". I added as I blinked once more then kept my eyes open. There wasn't a flash but a click

"Oh really, I imaged a skilled athlete like you gets a lot of ladies." She said looking at the photo. "Nope....So, you've seen me play." I asked as I examined her.

"Yeah a while ago..." She answered as she put her camera away. "Maybe you want to come by the gym after school and watch us play, I've improved." I said as I stood goofing around with a dumb smile. She smiled and laughed a bit.

"Sure. Plus, I've always wanted to capture images of players in the zone." She said as she sat down. "See you then Kami." I said as I got off the desk smiling waking out.

"Actually it's Rize Kamimura." I heard her say. I turned and gave her a closed eyed smiled. "Well see you later Kamimura." I added as I waved then headed out.

I walked to class as the bell ring. I sang my little song, then saw some of the guys who asked if I got her number and I face palmed myself...
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