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The Guess Monster and the Kitten (Satori Tendou)

Chapter 2: Apology and Question

Rize's POV

I was in the gym. The girls volleyball team finished playing but I was still practicing. It was lunch right now and the girls only practice for half of it. I'm not on the team, but I play with them sometimes.

I stopped practicing and walked to my backpack and looked for my water bottle. I had dressed in black gym shorts for volleyball, as well as a black shirt. I also had knee pads and my volleyball shoes.

I then got back up and picked the ball up. I walked over to the basket of volleyball which was right where I did jump serves.

I then threw the ball up, and did a jump serve manipulating it to hit right before it was out of bounds still counting.

I grabbed another ball and this time I got closer to the net and set the ball going high up. I then ran to get a running start then ran to where the ball would be and jumped to spike it to do a strait but it was blocked.

I was now down and had my hands on my knees breathing hard. Ever since the girls left I've been playing a game by myself doing all the parts.

"That was one hard spike, to bad it didn't make it." The person said. I looked up and saw the red head. "Tendō." I said out of breath. "Yup. I'm here, did you miss me?" He teased as he hugged himself and smiled.

"You know, I kinda did. I missed this you, not that grumpy you from earlier." I said smiling as I stood up right catching my breath. "Aww I knew it Kamimura!!" He shouted as he went under the net to get another ball.

"Hey, you wanna play a game with me? I'll call the guys if you want more players." He said as he threw the ball up watch it over and over.

"No two is fine." I said as I walked over to my gym bag. "Yay!! I'll go get dress!! Be right back!!" He shouted running to the exit with his backpack that was next to the door.

I drank water and controlled my breathing then I gathered all the balls. I then felt a sting. I looked at my fingers and saw they were red. I went to my bag and took the bandages out, I wrapped my hands a bit then stood up.

"I'm back!!!" I heard a cheery voice sing. I looked smiling and saw Tendō jogging to me. "Hey, are you at all scared of me?" He asked out of the blue as he stopped in front of me, no more then 4 feet. My smile slowly faded.

"Pardon?" I asked as I thought I just didn't hear him right. "Do I scare you in any way?" He asked walking closer his smile still on his face, but his eyes looked intimidating. Not enough to scare me or anything, but still.

"Of course not, why would you ask that?" I asked concerned. "You know, I haven't actually ever had this long of a conversation with any girl who wasn't tying to make fun of me..." He said as he looked down at me. "Make fu-." I was about to ask, but remembered the rumors I heard the girls in class try to bring me into.

Im not interested in drama, so I didn't indulge but now that I think about it, they were talking about him. They called him a monster because he finds satisfaction in the expression people get when they get blocked. That's why Yukio was scared earlier, she probably heard the rumors.

"You think I'm trying to make fun of you...?" I asked as my hair covered my face. "I've starred fear in the eyes...so many times. What you think is scary, isn't for me....if you're joking...it's not funny." I said as I turned and walked to my bag. I picked it up and walked out of the gym. "Kami..." I heard him say as the door closed.

Tendō's POV

"Kami..." I said as I realized I was being mean again. When I was walking here after changing these guys called me freak, and these girls made jokes and threw fake snakes at me...it got to me again...I messed up...

I was gonna go after her but I couldn't move....I liked making her smile, but seeing her unhappy...it gives me a horrible feeling in my stomach.

Rize's POV

After classes were done for the day, I walked to the dorms. I live on the highest floor of the 4 story dorm so I took the elevator up.

When the ride was over, I left the elevator along with other students and made my way down the hall to my room.

My rain coat still had droplets. It had rained right after class but I brought an umbrella and my coat so I was prepared.

I took my key out and unlocked the door. "Hey!!! Kami!!!" Someone called. I glanced behind me and saw the red head.

"What do you want Tendō?" I asked with a sigh as I opened the door. "Can I come in?? I wanna talk to you~." He sang as he leaned beside my door. He was smiling, I read him like a book, it was fake...

"If you're here to make me try and confess I'm making fun of you when I'm not, you can go." I said as I hung my keys beside the door on the key holder inside and removed my coat putting on a hanger also next to the door.

"No...I came to apologize." He said, his voice sounding a bit concerned. I glanced and saw him looking gloomy and rubbing his neck as he slouched looking at the ground.

"Ok fine, take your shoes and coat off. It was raining just now, and by the looks of it...you didn't bring an umbrella or anything." I said as I removed my shoes and put them on the shoe rack. I then stepped to the side welcoming him in.

"Yeah, it didn't cross my mind this morning..." he said as he stepped in. I closed the door and turned the lights on.

He removed his shoes and put them on the rack then looked at me. I was examining his clothes. "Wait here for a minute..." I said as I walked to the back of the fairly decent sized dorm apartment and went to a small hallway.

I set my bag down then went into my room and pulled a box from my closet. I may have some of my uncles clothes...goodness knows I forgot boxes and grabbed the wrong ones.

I took out some black PJ pants, socks, and a red t-shirt. These might work.. I walked back and saw him trying to fix his damp wet hair by the mirrored window next to the door.

I went and got a towel setting it out in the bathroom with the clothes. "Come here.." I said as I motioned. "I'm kinda wet, I hate to get the floors dirty..." he said as he motioned to his damn clothes.

"You're gonna catch a cold. Go take a warm bath. I set some clothes in there. They were my uncles, they should fit you. When you're done I'll put your clothes to wash..." I said as I walked back to the door and grabbed my school bag.

"Are you sure?" He asked. "I'm not gonna let you say anything to me unless you're bathed and in those clothes.." I said my hands on my hips.

"Ok ok." He said chuckling as he walked to me then stopped for a second. He then went to the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

I went to my room and went to the vanity setting the blow dryer up. I then went around the dorm and turned the lights on. I went around the place cleaning and then started cooking some food.

Nothing fancy, just rice, some meat, and lastly some tamagoyaki. I smiled and finished as I heard the shower stop. I put the lid on the meat and the rice was still in the cooker. I left the tamagoyaki in the pan and put a lid over it.

The door opened and steam came out as well as him. I cleaned my hands and removed the apron I used, I then walked over and saw him exit with a towel on his head.

"That felt nice.." he said as he took the towel off his hair. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room. I sat him down at my chair and turned the dryer on.
He just sat there watching me dry his hair. After a bit it was dry and he played with it. I turned the dryer off and set it down unplugging it.

I smiled and ruffled his hair. "It's soft." I said smiling. He then got up and I remembered he was super tall. I then walked out of the room and went to the kitchen. I checked the food and the rice was almost done.

I saw Tendō who approached the kitchen and sat at a stool by the table he looked to the side. "So..I just wanted to say I'm sorry. When I left to dress to play volleyball with you...I ran into people..they made me feel like an outcast, It got to me again...I thought, just for a second, you were just being nice to me cause you were afraid." He said as he scratched his head.

"Again, I've never really had much experience with girls...much less been in a girls apartment...so you kinda caught me by surprise when you talked to me, like I wasn't..a monster." He said as he played with the bottom of his shirt.

"You know, you aren't a monster. Only humans can feel real emotion. Only humans can feel sad the way you do when they are cruel to you. Besides what's wrong with being a monster?" I said as I walked over and stood in front of him.

"Humans can be the real monsters sometimes." I said as I grabbed him and hugged him. "Plus, monsters can be fun to be around." I said as I pulled back and smiled at him.

He just stared at me for a second then got up jumping at me. He embraced me and was on his knees. "Thank you.." I heard him say quietly.

"You're welcome I guess.." I said as I rubbed his head. He then let go and stood up whipping his eyes. He was crying a bit. "Wait here a second." I said as I walked off to my room.

I closed the door and stripped my clothes. I then changed into fluffy socks, black sweats, a white t-shirt, and a big sweatshirt.

I walked out and saw him sitting there waiting for me patiently like a puppy with a smile. I walked over and passed him going to the kitchen. "Would you like some?" I asked motioned to the food. "Ohh!! I'd be honored too!!" He said as he looked like he was jumping excited.

I nodded then saw the rice was done. I turned it off and served two plates with the food I made. "So when does your roommate get home?" He asked. I glanced back and saw him looking around.

"I don't have one. I came to this school a couple weeks ago, and by then everyone had one, so I didn't get anyone. I kinda like it like this." I said as I set a plate in front of him.

I then grabbed him a drink from the fridge and one for me. Then I sat beside him as we ate. "This is fantastic!!! You could be a chef!!" He shouted as he spun around on the chair.

"Thank you." I said as I got up and put my plate in the sink while I put the rest of the food in containers we didn't eat and will probably eat them tomorrow or later.

"So what are you gonna do for the rest of the day?" He asked me as he went to the sink and began to wash our dishes. "Oh, I can do that later." I said trying to stop him.

"You let me have a warm bath, dried my hair, and gave me food, it's the least I can do." He said as he smiled. "Oh ok...Later? Well I think I'm just gonna stay home read maybe, watch movies, and relax. It's Friday, so I'm just gonna chill here." I said as I walked to the couch and laid on it. It was a fairly big couch.

It had 4 cushions with an extended chaise. I laid on the chase and took a blanket that was next to the couch in a basket. I smiled as I wrapped it around myself and put a movie on. It was an action movie based off a shone jump character.

I heard the water turn off and Satori come over sitting besides me. He was however on the opposite side of the couch. "Why are you so far away?" I asked him.

"I wouldn't want your boyfriend to randomly walk in and make an assumption." He said chuckling a bit at the end. "Oh thats fine, I don't have one." I said as I then smiled and turned looking at the TV.

"Really, but you're so beautiful, it's hard to believe you don't have a boyfriend or a room of guys who would just love for a chance with you." He said a he tilted his head looking at me.

I blushed at his comment as I looked at him. "If there's a room of guys who cared for me in that way, they should have tried, then again...no guy here has tried to pursue anything with me. So it hasn't really been on my mind. Besides, I don't think I'm beautiful, much less pretty. You're funny Tendō." I said chuckling maybe thinking it was a joke as I looked at the movie. Then it was paused.

"I wasn't joking. I think you're beautiful." He said. I looked at him and saw him giving a closed eyed smile with some blush. I blushed a bit too.

"Well I think you're handsome." I said as I sat up ran my fingers threw my hair smiling at him. He blushed furiously and began to sweat.

"Oh shit!!" I shouted remembering what I was gonna do later. I bolted up and ran to my room. I put in my piercings in hoping the holes don't close cause I usually put them in as soon as I get home.

I put two lip piercings on which were twin black rings. Snake bites. I then put my tongue piercing on, which was just a barbell at the center. All black.

I sighed in relief as I got up. "Did I say something?" I heard Tendo asked he he got off the couch scratching his head then he turned and saw me walking in.

He blushed red again. "Sorry, as soon as I came to Shiratorizawa they were strict about my piercings, so I had to take them off every time I was at school. I've had them for 3 years so the holes don't close luckily." I said as I jumped over the couch and sat down.

"Oh damn..." I heard him say. I glanced at him as I smiled. "What do those feel like?" He asked getting closer as he grabbed my chin and looked at my lips.

"Normal for me I guess." I said as I looked at his eyes. They were mesmerizing. "How pretty.." I said as I grabbed his face and got closer looked at his eyes.

He blushed so bad his face was completely red and he was basically steaming. "Sorry, personal space...I have a problem with that." I said as I sat back down laying with my hands up.

"I don't mind.." he said as he sat facing forward still blushing. "Oh yeah, your clothes." I said as I stood up and walked to bathroom. "No hurry, we got all weekend, and I got spares." He said as he saw me exit the bathroom with a bag which was in the laundry basket.

I put them in the washer and walked to the living room to see Tendo talking to himself. "You ok?"

Tendō's POV

"Jesus Christ....what do I do? I can't just waste this. She's amazing....she cooks, cleans, is caring, she's not like everyone else....damn." I whispered quickly as I was holding my head freaking out. What do I do??

Should I ask her on a date!???!?? I don't know!!! "You ok?" She asked. "Date!!!" I yelled standing up. I turned and saw her looking at me confused. "Would you...ever consider, going on a..d-date with me?" I asked as I played with my fingers looked down.

"I know we just met, but I want to go on a date with you..." I said as I looked to the side nervous of getting turned down. "When?" I heard her say. I looked up confused to her walking closer to me.

"When and where?" She asked holding her hands intertwined behind her. "Wherever you want!" I shouted with my hands up surprised not sure what to say.

She smiled and looked to the side. "What about...a movie, and we go from there." She said as she looked at me.

"Perfect." I said as I calmed down a bit seeing her blush.

Rize's POV

I smiled at his response and walked over to the fridge. I took out chocolate ice cream and showed him. "OHH!! MY FAVORITE!!!" He shouted as he jumped up and down.

I smiled as he began to act like he usually does. Goofy and happy. I put some in two bowls and sat down on the couch beside him. "I hope it wasn't to sudden. I mean I just met you a couple hours ago." He suddenly said as we were watching a horror movie.

"Id be lying if I said it wasn't sudden, but I actually like this company you have given me. I don't really do stuff like this with anyone anymore. I mean I have Yukio but we don't hang out much other then school since she has a boyfriend." I said as I got up taking our empty bowls to the sink.

I got back and sat beside him. This time he was sitting on the longer part of the couch and I was beside him leaning a bit. He didn't mind and I didnt either. We watched movies for a bit until I noticed he feel asleep.

I didn't want to wake him so I got up slowly and grabbed a blanket. I put it on him and even managed to put a pillow behind his head.

I smiled as I watched him sleep for a bit. So adorable.... I then got ready for bed and went to sleep in my room.
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