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The Guess Monster and the Kitten (Satori Tendou)

Chapter 3: Date, and Shiro...

Rize's POV

I woke up and stretched. I saw my phone that I had put to charge then noticed the time. It was only 8 in the morning. I got up and went to the restroom doing my routine, then I exited putting a bra, my black joggers, white t-shirt and a black hoodie.

I walked out and saw Tendō still on the couch. I smiled and went to the kitchen. I ate the left overs which wasn't much and made him a fresh breakfast.

Just some fried eggs, octopus hot dogs, rice from the other day, as well as vegetables. I set up the chopsticks and saw him moving a bit. I walked over and saw him yawning then cuddle with the blanket.

How do I wake him up..??? I went around and sat to the side. Then I smirked evilly. I may not look it, (luckily he didn't see them in my room, they were behind a curtain after all in the closet on a bookshelf) I have been indulged in some serious erotica for quite some time. It's an art form really, so beautiful.

So even though I may look like an innocent little girl, Im very dirty minded. I even have some piercings in other areas...my nipples, bellybutton, and lastly my "sensitive" area. All black and very sensitive.

I sat on his lap and straddled him. I then put my arms around him and got closer, blowing hot air on his neck. His eyes shot open and he freaked out standing.

I fell on the couch and laughed my ass off falling on the floor. I was rolling around laughing. "Jesus!!! You're so easy!!" I said as I got up and whipped my tears away.

He was red and not sure what to say. "Come on, I made breakfast for you. I didn't want to wake you cause you looked so peaceful yesterday. Sorry for the sudden wake up call." I said chuckling as I got up walking to the kitchen.

He didn't answer and shaking folded the blanket. I then went to my room cause I heard my phone ring. I opened it and answered.

"Hello?" I said as I sat down across of Tendō's breakfast. He sat down and said thank you then began to eat. "Hey Rizeeee~." The voice sang.

"What do you want Shiro?" I asked as I got up and went to my room. I grabbed a black bat and walked back sitting down again.

Tendō noticed the bat and swallowed his food unsure. "I just wanted to call to see how my kittens doing~." He said as he purred into the phone.

"Don't call me that. Don't call me at all. If you're outside my door, I'm gonna break your legs." I said as I got up and walked to the door. I stood in front of it and held the bat with one hand.

"Hey what's wrong?" Tendō asked behind me. "Calm down, I'm not outside your door this time. I'm in the neighborhood visiting my aunt, so I wanted to see if you want to hang out. You know what you saw wasn't what it looked like. She was just a friend who wanted to get some dinner." He said to me over the phone.

"No. Nope. Not gonna happen. If you call again, show up, even get close to me, I'm gonna break every bone in your body and dismember you...it's easier to get rid of a body when it's cut up." I said as I hung up. I then put the bat beside the door and turned to see Tendō confused.

"Sorry if I scared you or anything." I said as I gave a fake smile and put my hands up. "No, uh are you ok?" He asked as he approached. I was about to cry as I fell to my knees and covered my eyes bursting into tears.

I then heard him move and I was hugged. I moved and put my arms around him. I was crying silently I felt him pick me up bridal style. He then sat down on the couch and I was covered in a blanket.

"If you don't wanna talk about it..thats fine. But sometimes it's important to express your emotions." I heard him say as he rubbed my back.

I whipped my tears with my sleeves and took a death breath. "Um, I used to go to Nekoma, and I dated a guy named Shiro. He was charming and swept me off my feet, but on our 4 month we scheduled a date night...and I was early. I saw him with a girl from his classroom, I've seen her before talking to him after lunch a couple times, but they were laughing and she was hugging him. I followed them and they went to eat dinner. He ignored my calls and put me on silent as I stood outside the restaurant. They kissed and he left with her...We broke up and I moved not long after here..he still hasn't got it threw his thick head that we are over. He's shown up once outside my door to try and get me back, but I refused. He just won't leave me alone." I said as I laid on his chest and closed my eyes.

"He said he's in town visiting his aunt and he wants to hang out, but I don't want to be anywhere near him..." I said as I took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry that happened to you...if you don't want to go out today thats fine.." he said as he rubbed my back.

"No, I want to go out and just ignore this all. I doubt we would run into him." I said as I got up and rubbed my neck.

"Ok." He said as tucked the hair by my faces to my ear. I looked at him and blushed a bit. "Did you finish your breakfast?" I asked as I cuddled the blanket. He smiled and nodded getting up and taking his stuff to the kitchen.

I smiled and walked towards him trying to brush off this whole thing. I washed the dishes with him drying them beside me. This is nice, just some nice time.

We finished and I went my room and dressed into some clothes as he sat down on the couch for a bit. I put on black tight jeans, a red t-shirt that was tucked in and held in place with a belt. I also put on red combat boats that were cute, as well as my black raincoat.

I fixed my hair a bit and did some eyeliner, just a cute cat eye, mascara, and some lip balm. I smiled and got up walking out. I saw Tendō glance then go red.

"Oh!!! Um!!!! I live, like on the floor bellow!!! I'll just be right back!!!" He shouted as he panicked and left. I chuckled and went to the washing machine, I put his clothes in the dryer and after it was done I folded it.

I finished and grabbed my phone siting on the couch. I also packed a small backpack that was red, with my wallet, phone, just small necessities. Soon after I heard a nock.

I walked over and saw Tendō at the door. His hair was spiked up and he had a white t-shirt with a really dark red button up over, that was open. He had black jeans with black shoes.

He smiled and held his hand out to me. I smiled and took the keys as I shut the door taking his hand. We walked and I didn't let his hand go. Which it seamed he didn't mind.

"What about we walk around for a bit? The movies don't really start till later." He said as we left the school campus and walked the streets. "Ok." I said as I began to swing our hands back and forth. He smiled and followed my actions.

We walked and went to the park. Like children we were on the swings, then the slides and just played around. Then we walked to the stores. We talked a lot and just asked each other questions about ourselves.

I made him try on some stuff which I liked cause he pretended to model. I even took photos with my phone. Then after a bit we got crepes and ate happily. We even stopped by an arcade and I owned him in every game we played, but he won pac-man. We even ate lunch at a ramen shop. Most of the time I took pictures of us, with him doing some of them cause he had longer arms.

Soon it was time for the movie, we walked holding hands. "Kitten..?" I heard a voice. I stopped and turned to see Shiro. He saw me and then looked to my side to see Satori. He then saw our hands.

"You can't be serous?? You blow me off to hang with some weird ass freak?" Shiro asked as he laughed. My blood was boiling at the point and I could tell Tendō felt it.

"Come on. You're gonna choose him over me?" He asked as he got closer and pulled me away from Tendō. I saw Tendō as he was about to say something but I in return twisted Shiro's wrist and he fell to his knees with me above him.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up." I said as I put more force. "What? Is he your little boyfriend? Why isn't he doing this to me? Huh?!!! Or is he scared?" Shiro shouted.

"Why are you acting like nothing ever happened? Why are you acting like you did nothing wrong? I'm not one of your little toys that you brain wash into thinking I need you, I'm not stupid I heard the stories after I moved here. She was an ex, that was acknowledging she didn't want to text you to get back together. And you couldn't have that, could you? You have to keep everyone, even if it's just a little bit under your control..." I said as I let his hand go.

"You're disgusting....you didn't make our date, or answered my calls cause you knew it would take longer for me to feel like I needed you...guess what? I don't, and I will never...so stop..just stop trying to be anything to me..." I said as I then felt someone grabbed my hand. I turned to see Tendō. He looked worried and upset.

"You know what? Keep that piece of shit, I don't need her." Shiro said standing up. I was about to say something but Tendō came from behind me and punched Shiro across the face.

"Go to sleep you sick fuck." Tendō said as Shiro groaned and covered his nose. Then Tendō turned and took my hand taking me away. We walked and I stayed quite. Then we cut into a store. Tendō made me wait at the door and went to the counter.

When he finally came out he held a bouquet of sunflowers and was scratching his head not looking at me. "Listen, I know this was a total failure, I'm sorry." He said as he looked at me finally.

I took the flower and smiled. "Even if that...just happened. I really enjoyed this. It makes me happy, someone would even care enough." I said not taking my eyes off the flowers.

Suddenly he took my hand and we walked. It was silent, then we made it back to dorms and I opened the door. He set me down on the couch then smiled kissing my forehead. I blushed and smiled a bit.

"I'll be right back gorgeous." He said as he then left. I felt kinda sad being alone. I got up and put the flowers in a vase. I then went to my room and took my stuff off.

I went to the bathroom taking my makeup off, and stripped my clothes. Then I jumped into the shower. When I was done I went to my room and dressed into comfy Pjs.

It was some plaid loose pj pants with a sweatshirt. I finished by drying my hair then going to the living room and laying down with my phone.

There was a knock and the door opened. I saw Tendō with bags. "Sorry it took so long~." He said as he set stuff on the couch. He had microwave popcorn, a bunch of candies, a variety of movies, and he was in PJs.

"Oh Satori.." I said as I picked up a movie. I then dropped it looking at him blushing. "OH SORRY!!! Boundaries again..." I said as I blushed too. "No it's fine, you can call me Satori. I don't mind. I like it." He said as he sat down beside me smiling tilting his head slightly.

"Oh, ok. Then you can call me Rize." I said as I looked threw the movies only for him to grab my hand. "I truly am sorry for that whole mess earlier..." he said as he put his forehead to our hands.

"It's fine." I said as I put my hand to his cheek and made him look at me. "It's not your fault, if not for you I would have done the same thing." I said as I caressed his cheeks.

"Jesus, what are you doing?" He asked as he took my hand that I had on him and hold it with both. "Pardon?" I asked unsure if I did anything.

"Ever since you forgave me and let me into your dorm, your life....I've felt something...like your doing something to me..." He said as he put my hand on his chest.

His heart was beating fast. This made mine do the same. We sat there for a bit. "Anyways, since that whole...thing...I brought the theater to us. Pick a movie, I'll make popcorn, we can have blankets out, and eat candy!!" He said excited as he pointed to all the stuff with goofy expressions.

I smiled and nodded at him. He smiled and he set everything up. I was siting on the couch and he was by the extended part. I was next to him and we shared a big comfy blanket. The popcorn was in front of us on a coffee table, and so was the candy's.

We watched The Ring, and Satori even said he thought the actress was cute. I was confused cause she was creepy, but he showed me the beauty of her, and now I think she is cute.

After a while I felt him put his arms around me. I glanced and he was sleeping. He pulled me closer and cuddled my neck as I sat on his lap. I blushed and was able to reach the remote.

I turned the TV off and got comfy, drifting to sleep in his arms as I hugged him back.
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