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Dreaming.... Or Not.....


Gulf has a dream while he rests on the set of his latest drama with Mew. Or was it a dream? #Purplepigsproject

Humor / Drama
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Have you ever been reading a story and seen a comment from another reader where the reader has slammed the author about the storyline or ridiculed the author about his/her writing?

Or as an author, have you ever received either a comment within your story or message (either on your board or a DM) from a reader that was rude about your story? The comment could be about the storyline that the reader didn’t like or thought that the storyline should go a different way.

It is due to the rising number of these situations that the #Purplepigsproject was born.

The purple pig is a metaphor stating that the author can write the story in any manner that the author desires. If that means that the author wants to put purple pigs in the story, the author can do it. The author is the only one that controls the storyline.

I am supporting the #Purplepigsproject with this one-shot of Mew and Gulf.

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