The Blood Dance


Moondance Cabral has never lived peacefully. Her mother was a Red servant. Her father a silver who had abused her mother. Escaping to The Stilts, her mother gives birth to a Silver baby. That baby is unlike any before her. Moondance manifests nightmares and shadows. She then calls to her victims like a siren, luring them into her trap. When her life tangles with two royal boys, a servant, and an old friend, Moondance's world crumbles. What will happen to the kingdom built apon the blood of Reds and ruled by Silvers? Will Moondance risk it all for the cause, or choose darkness? *There will be some more mature themes such as swearing, some sexual content, and battles involving injury. If you don't like these things please don't report, just skip. I will try to put warnings on the chapters* *I do not own Red Queen or those characters. All rights to Victoria Aveyard! I only own my plot and my original characters.*

Action / Adventure
Mare Barrow
Age Rating:


Heyo lovelies! This is a Red Queen fanfic. Mare will still be important, but wont be the main character and will not end up with the same person. If you dont it like then please dont read and leave hate. As always I have a board on my pintrest, lordofshadows52, to show outfits and etc. Careful of spoilers though! Anywho, on to the cast. I'm not doing everyone, but maybe I'll add some as I write.

Moondance Cabral

Fleur Parker

Tiberius (Cal) Calore

Maven Calore

Mare Barrow

Evangeline Samos

Elara (Merandus) Calore

Diana Farley

Kilorn Warren

Tiberius Calore the 6th

Gisa Barrow

Others may be added as I write, but for now this is it. Please dont try to complain about what face claims I used. Song of the book is Castle- Halsy. I hope you all enjoy! ~Mare💙

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