Behind His Back | Tom Riddle


“Stop going behind my back Kat! I love you.” “Stop saying you loved me because if you did then you wouldn’t have cheated on me!” - All characters belong to J.K Rowling expect for Katherine Carter, Roxanne Zabini, Malakai Granger, and Marcus Riddle. Contains ; mature and upsetting scenes, along with foul language

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c a s t

Maggie Lindemann as Katherine Carter

Christian Coulson as Tom Riddle

Zendaya Coleman as Roxanne Zabini

Tom Felton Draco Malfoy

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Malakai Granger

Keith Powers or Louis Cordice as Blaise Zabini

Dylan O’Brien as Marcus Riddle

Extra stuff to know ;

Every one else as themselves

Kat and Tom have been dating since the middle of year 5, so they've been together for half a year.

They're all in year 6 expect Adam and Blaise they're in year 7, and Mar was supposed to be gone but got held back so he's redoing year 7.

I know you can't get held back in Harry Potter but it's my book.. so they can be held back

Doesn't follow timeline, some scenes may be from the other movies but it takes place in year 6 aka halfblood prince

If your sensitive to eating disorder, death, underage drugs like weed or acid and alcohol abuse, bullying, sexual scenes, blood, etc..then might as well click off now

The grammar is not perfect

And please don't continue from this point bc I've seen possessive, sl*t, manacled and many more have all be reported and deleted bc of people being too sensitive even though they all put TW and warned you from the beginning.

Tom and Voldemort are different in this, Voldemort is Tom and Marcus' dad, Let's say that Voldemort still looked like Tom when he was younger

For Amara Quinn you can imagine Madeleine petsch as her, and for Adam Kingston you can imagine Matthew Daddario, they don't have major parts in this book anyway so there's no point in adding them.
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