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Felix Fluffshots

That Day

Waking up in the morning to a terrible pain in your lower stomach, you despised the idea of getting up. Despite the pain, you still managed to do so, and made your way to the bathroom. It was that time of month. You were on that day.

You groaned not just at how painful it was, but also how annoyed you were with it. After rummaging through the bathroom’s drawers, you soon realized that you had ran out of pads. You silently cursed under your breath, running your hands through your hair.

Hearing the sound of your phone ringing, you made your way back to your bedroom to where it sat on the nightstand. Seeing the caller ID, you see it’s your boyfriend, and pick it up.

“Hey there princess!” He chimed.

“Hey Felix, what’s up?” You replied, smiling at the sound of his voice and trying not to wince at the sharp pain in your lower abdomen.

“I sent you a few texts but you weren’t replying, so I got worried. Is everything all right? You don’t sound too well either,” He asked, concern lacing his deep voice.

“Y-yeah! Everything’s perfectly fine! I just woke up haha...” You say sounding a bit too cheerful.

Felix knew you too well and could see right through you.

“Muffin, I know you’re lying. Please tell me what’s wrong, or I’ll be really worried” He said in a soothing voice, which still held a tone of worry.

You sighed and knew you couldn’t lie, even if your life depended on it. You hesitated before speaking again.

“it’s girl problems...”

“Girl problems? What do you mea— oh...”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before you hear Felix ask, “Does it hurt a lot?”

You hesitated for a second. “A little...” and since Felix knows you so well, he knew you were only saying that to make him not worry, and that it did hurt a lot.

“Do you want me to come over? I can make you some chocolate brownies, and then we can cuddle together on the couch and watch a movie?”

You smiled. “Thanks, I would really like that”

“Alright, I’ll be over in ten minutes”

Then your sudden, painful cramp reminded you that you needed pads. “Wait!” You quickly exclaimed before he had the chance to hang up.

“Yes, muffin?”

“Um, could you... could you get me some pads..? You ask, feeling a little awkward.

“Of course, princess. Which brand or type do you need?” He asked with his soft voice that always calmed you. You told him which ones you needed.

“Okay, do you need anything else?”

“Um, no that’s it” You reply.

“Alright, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Love you~”

You smile, “I love you too” and hung up the phone.

You went into the small living room of your apartment and decided to look for a movie you both might like to watch. You started remembering your cramps again as they started to hurt again.

You pulled your knees up against your chest and curled up into a ball squeezing you eyes shut.

“Felix...” You whimper his name, wanting to be in his warm comforting arms. Suddenly you felt like crying, and you really didn’t know why.

“Fricken mood swings!” You scream out loud as a tear escapes your eye. You didn’t know why, but you always got really emotional and sensitive during this time.

You got up to go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and comb your hair a bit. It distracted you from the pain a little but still it hurt a lot.

After you finish brushing your hair, you hear a knock on the door and you rush towards it quickly open it.

You’re eyes meets his soft golden-brown, shaped as small crescents. Your gaze wanders to his cheeks which are sprinkled with beautiful freckles which reminded you of stars. You look at his lips as they were turned upwards into the most beautiful and adorable smile you’ve ever seen along with his cute little scrunched up nose. Your heart melted.

All of a sudden you felt your eyes fill with tears as they threatened to escape. Felix saw and his smile quickly disappeared and his features filled with worry.

“Cupcake, what’s wrong?” He said gently cupping your face as tears began to roll down your cheeks. He brushed his thumbs over your cheeks, wiping the tears from your face.

Your boyfriend then walks into your appartement and sets the plastic bag he was holding aside, closing the door behind him. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.

You quickly wrap your arms around his waist, crying into his chest. Felix moves his right hand up to your head, gently stroking your hair.

“Shh, hey it’s okay. I’m so sorry for taking so long,” He quietly whispered in your ear, which caused you to calm down a little. “I’m here now,”

You two stood there in each other’s embrace for a few minutes. You felt yourself calming down and relaxing. You move your head and look up at his face and he gives you a soft smile causing your heart to melt. He gently brushed your hair away from your face and wipes your remaining tears.

He leans in gives you a peck on your cheek. Your heart started to flutter and felt your cheeks heat up. He giggled at your cuteness and you turn your head away, feeling embarrassed.

Felix grabs the plastic bag he set aside earlier and hands it to you. “I also got you three of your favourite chocolates”

You smile at how sweet he is and turn towards the bathroom. You come out of the bathroom to have Felix no where in sight.

“Lixie?” You call out.

“I’m in the kitchen”

You walk to the kitchen and see him looking through the fridge and pulling out some eggs. “You didn’t have breakfast yet, right?”

That’s when your stomach growled. You totally forgot about food.

“How did you know?” You asked him.

“I came here to wash my hands but then noticed there weren’t any dishes in the sink. You always leave the dishes in the sink after eating and wash them later, so I knew you haven’t ate yet”

You just look at him and then look at the other ingredients he’s put into the counter. He notices you looking, “I’m making pancakes for you. So why don’t you sit down at the table and I’ll serve you, princess.” He says giving you an adorable wink.

You smiled and sat at the table. Pulling out your phone, you sneakily take some pictures of your boyfriend.

When Felix was mixing the batter, you felt a painful cramp, the worst you’ve felt so far. You hunched down wrapping your arms around you stomach and wince in pain. Felix quickly turns around and sees you hunched down with your eyes shut. He quickly runs over to you whilst taking his apron off.

“Baby, you okay?” You shake your head, still curled up in a ball. Felix puts his arms around you and gently rubs your back.

He takes off his hoodie and hand it to you. “Wear this, princess. It’ll keep you warm and help.” You take it and pulled the navy blue hoodie over your head, taking in his scent you loved so much.

Felix then carefully picked you up, bridal style, and carried you to the living room. He gently set you down on the couch and went to go get a blanket. Coming back with you favourite fluffy blanket, he drapes it over you.

He sits down next to you and pulls you in close, wrapping his arms around your waist. Your head lays against his chest and you could hear his steady heart beat, causing you to relax.

He then started rubbing your stomach a trying to help ease the cramps. Felix rests his head on top of yours, and starts to softly singing your favourite song. He sometimes would change some of the lyrics to make them about you.

Your eyelids start feeling heavy and you slowly start drifting off to sleep. Felix noticed and smiled at how cute you were snuggled next to him. He pulled the blanket up making sure it was covering you, and gave you a kiss on your forehead.

“Sweet dreams my little princess~”

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