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Daddy Issues


⚠️This story contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and other mature themes.⚠️ "I'm so sorry I did it ,but I have Daddy Issues" "This isn't a fucking excuse , I love you and I always will", Draco said and starts to cry . A Story about a girl falling in love and dealing with her Daddy Issues ... Draco Malofoy Fanfiction Smut Drug consume strong lenguage I'm the owner of the characters Ethan Parkinson and Katherina Slughorne. All the other character and Harry Potter belong to J.K.Rowling .

Fantasy / Erotica
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Author Notes

This y/n Story is going to be a little bit different then the usual y/n stories , y/n Grindelwald is a powerfull women with daddy issues , but she is a hoe that can't controll herself . This is the point where she do impulsiv decisions and mistake .

I'm sorry if I make gramtik mistakes but english isn's my main lanuage .

This story will contain smut,drug consume and strong language , if you aren't into this then please don't read my stroy.

If you have any sugestion , ideas or thougts about this story just leave a coment and don't forgett to vote.

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